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The UNO Game Unfolded

UNO is a card game unlike any other that you play with your family members and friends. It does not use the traditional deck of playing cards, but customized ones.

The deck comprises 108 cards with some of them split into four color groups. Additionally, they contain action cards and wild cards that can completely turn a game on its head.

UNO is fast-paced and super exciting. Today, you can access online UNO too, as a large number of portals host it for their members to play.

Apart from the traditional UNO game, you can also try out its variants, which include the likes of UNO Attack, Spicy UNO, UNO Hearts, UNO Bingo, and UNO Flash.

Setting up UNO is easy and equally easy are its rules. Once you understand the rules, you will see how enjoyable the game is and you will want to play it at every chance you get.

UNO Card Game – Basics You Should Know

The first thing about UNO that you should know is that it is a shedding-type card game. To win, you need to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Many individuals prefer the scoring method, so, the only way you can score points here is by getting rid of all your cards before the other players.

Rules dictate that the players play only those cards that either match the number or the color of the card that sits on top of the discard pile.

In case it is not possible, wild cards come into play and they bring ramifications – for your opponents or you – and that just elevates the intensity of the game.

History of UNO Game

Despite being a popular and fun game to play, not many people invest time in learning about UNO’s origins. Well, if you are one of the individuals who care and are keen to know about the history of the UNO card game, read through.

Merle Robbins from Ohio, USA, is credited with creating UNO in the year 1971. The story goes that Merle, an avid card game lover, got into a disagreement with his son while playing a game of Crazy Eights.

To resolve the disagreement, Merle created a simpler version of the game which showed that he had the potential to create new games. That is how the idea for UNO came to pass.

As the game began gaining popularity, it caught the attention of Bob Tezak, Bill Apple, and Ed Ackeman, who expressed their desire to officially buy the game from Merle.

Post a few discussions and exchange of ideas, Merle finally sold the game to Bill Tezak and his partners in 1972.

With the game witnessing further acceptance domestically as well as globally, it caught the eye of Mattel Inc., who made an offer to purchase UNO. The offer was accepted by Tezak in 1992. Mattel Inc. owns UNO to this day.

What Are the UNO Card Game Rules?

Being a fast-paced game, the more players you have to play the UNO card game, the better. However, you can play with the involvement of a minimum of two players.

All players at the table receive 7 cards each. The remaining cards are placed face down as part of the draw pile. The top card is then revealed by the dealer. Now, the game can proceed in one of the below highlighted ways –

The UNO card game rules state that the card to be thrown must resemble the one sitting on the top of the discard pile in terms of color or number. If the player does not meet the criteria, they can either use the Wild card or Wild Draw 4 card or pick a card from the draw pile.

The game carries on with every player at the table trying to get rid of all their cards. Once one of the players throws in their second-last card, they need to call out “UNO” or else they are penalized in the form of receiving four additional cards from the draw pile.

The game can end with any relevant card thrown into the discard pile. If the last card thrown is either a +2 or a +4 card, the person next in line must draw that many cards which will be taken into account during points calculation.


UNO card game has two objectives.

The player who accumulates 500 points first over the course of different rounds wins.

How to Setup the UNO Game

Before a round commences, it is important to determine the dealer. To do so, all the players pick one card from the deck. The one with the high-value numerical card becomes the dealer. Symbol cards, on the other hand, count as zero.

The dealer deals 7 cards to each player, for their eyes only, with the leftover cards placed as a stack at the center of the table face down. This stack of cards is known as the draw pile.

The top card is then revealed and placed on the table face up, thus, forming the discard pile. If the top card is a Wild or a Wild Draw 4, it is returned, and another card is picked for the discard pile.

How to Play UNO Card Game

Now that the setup is completed, it is time to play the UNO card / tash game. With the first card now discarded and forming a pile, the game commences from the first player to the left of the dealer.

This player must either throw a card belonging to the same color or of the same value as the card sitting at the top of the discard pile. If they do not have either of the cards, they can play a symbol card.

Should they not hold a symbol card either, they must pick one card from the face-down stack/draw pile. In case the new card meets the category, it can be discarded; if not, then the player must keep the card in their hand and the next player plays their turn.

Things to Consider during UNO Gameplay

UNO may appear straightforward at first glance and might give the impression that winning is easy. However, you can pile misery upon yourself if you lack care and attention.

A lot of strategizing goes into the online UNO game and any wrong decision can hurt. There are several strategies that you can adopt for seamless gameplay.

Below are a few that can help you sail through the toughest waters –

Keep a close watch on opponents:

In a game like UNO online multiplayer game, focusing on just getting rid of your cards can backfire. If you do not know what your opponent is plotting, you can find yourself cornered with no room to escape.

It is advisable that you keep an eye on the moves of your opponents, how many cards they have remaining, whether they are frequently playing one color, etc.

Maintain low score:

It is vital that you do away with high-value cards, that is however excluding the special cards. This way, if someone else finishes the round before you, you are left with fewer points.

Know when to play +2 and +4:

You know the value of having +2 and +4 cards when your eyes light up upon seeing them, which is why it is crucial that you understand the importance of when to play these cards.

Sure, you can use them to ensure that your opponents have more cards than you, but only that being your reason to play these cards is reckless. +2 and +4 cards serve their purpose the best when one of your opponents has fewer cards and could leave the game at any point.

Be smart when using action cards

Like +2 and +4 cards, action cards like Reverse and Skip have their place in the game. However, stocking on them is not advisable, as they carry 20 points each and you do not want to be left holding a bunch of them when someone else wins a round of UNO. Be mindful of your opponents and carefully use the action cards.

Form alliances with opponents:

This strategy especially comes in handy when one or more players are playing better than the rest, including yourself. By allying with another player, you can derail the progress of the player/s in form while building your path to glory.

How Many Cards Do the Players Receive?

The UNO deck consists of 108 cards. During the game, all players at the table receive 7 cards each, with the remaining cards forming the draw pile.

List of UNO Special Cards

In a traditional UNO game cards deck, you will find 5 special cards. These are as follows –

+2/Draw 2 Card: When a player throws the +2/Draw 2 Card, the next player to play must draw 2 cards from the draw pile. They must also forfeit their turn to play

Skip Card: The player next in line loses their chance when the Skip Card is played

Reverse Card:The direction of play changes from clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa when the Reverse Card is played

Wild Card:A handy option, Wild Card is used when a player requires the color of the cards in play to be changed from the existing one to another

+4/Wild Draw 4 Card: By using the +4/Draw 4 Card, a player forces a change in the color of the card while also forcing the next player to draw 4 cards from the draw pile

How Are Points Calculated in UNO?

As per the UNO Card Game rules, the player who accumulates 500 points first is declared the winner. So, you may now wonder how points are calculated.

Below is the rundown of the value against all cards in play. Remember, you only get points for the cards that your opponents are left holding at the end of each round.

UNO Card Game Variations You Should Know

In addition to Classic UNO, Internet gives you access to a variety of variations of UNO online card games. Though most games stick to the basic rules, you can witness a few modifications making them stand out from the rest.

Face Up UNO: All the rules of Face Up UNO are similar to the classic version, however, the twist comes in the way the cards are dealt to the players. As opposed to dealing the cards face down, here, the cards are dealt face up, hence the name.

Pirate UNO:

Pirate UNO can be a mindboggling card game if you have been playing the classic version for too long. Barring a few basic rules, you will find the game entirely new with unprecedented rules.

For instance, a player can play more than one +2 cards at a given time, resulting in the next player drawing 4 cards from the draw pile.

Another rule states that when a player plays the 7 cards, they have the option of switching their hand with any of the other players’ hands. If you are in for a crazy game of UNO, try Pirate UNO!

Deadly UNO:

For the most part, Deadly UNO sticks to the classic rules. One of the major changes, however, is when a player is unable to play a card, they are eliminated from the round.

Also, the cards left in their hand go as points amassed against their score.

UNO Bingo:

Based on the traditional Bingo game, UNO Bingo is a refreshing addition to the list of UNO variants. It can be played between 2-4 players to form tiles before the opponents and call “Bingo UNO”.

Spicy UNO:

More or less, Spicy UNO sticks to the traditional UNO rules with the objective being getting rid of all the cards before your opponents. 5-10 players can participate in the game at a given time.

In the online UNO game, there are said to be over 500 variations developed. With these many options to choose from, you may find yourself spoilt for choice.

Handy Tips for Playing UNO Games Online

With plenty of options to play with, selecting the right UNO online game is imperative in reaping associated benefits. Once you have found that game, follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your gaming experience –

Change colors frequently:

Not changing colors more often will result in draws and a game played for frequent draws is not something to pride upon. In UNO multiplayer games, you have the choice to change colors.

Since you are dealt multi-colored cards, make the most out of it and you will see more options to play with, and more wins than losses and draws will come your way.

Lose the action cards:

Holding on to action cards to play in the later stages of the game is unwise. Instead by playing the action cards earlier in the game, you successfully build pressure on your opponents.

Moreover, if you lose a game and are left holding a lot of action cards, you will have unnecessary points penalized against you.

Compete against players in events:

Events like special tournaments give you the chance to compete against players of varied skill sets. It is also a great way to socialize and make new friends. You can call upon these friends while playing team competitions and use their skills to your benefit.

Don’t give up easily:

One can be dejected to lose a game while holding a lot of cards, including action cards. Nevertheless, it is never over until it is over. A loss in one game is no reason to feel sorry for yourself. Improvise in the upcoming games by making fewer mistakes.

Do not misuse the Draw 4 Card:

It is important to realize that the Draw 4 Card can only be played in particular scenarios. For legally using the card, you must not have a card of the color that is in play or of the same value.

Online UNO games also allow you to bluff with the Draw 4 Card where you can pretend to not have a particular color card. However, if you are caught bluffing, repercussions can be heavy.

How UNO Multiplayer Games Benefit Players

Playing UNO has numerous benefits, one of them being that it is ideal for people of all ages and sets up perfectly as a source that brings people closer.

If you have ever wondered what benefits the UNO multiplayer card games bring, read through to know more –

Improves classifying among kids:

For young children, adapting to colors and numbers can be a challenge. By playing UNO, they learn to match colors and numbers, as their visual discrimination improves.

Facilitates social interaction:

UNO’s popularity is far-reaching and has reached all across the globe. You can hardly find people of any nationality who are unfamiliar with UNO. Playing online UNO allows you to interact with numerous people, thus, adding to your social circle.

Promotes strategic thinking:

One of the ways to win at UNO online multiplayer games is to manipulate the progress of other players and that requires strategic thinking. By thinking on your feet, you can come up with unique ways to trump your opponents.

Promotes time management:

Online UNO games are time-bound, and if you fail to play your turns within the allotted time, you may miss out on an opportunity to do something spectacular.

Having limited time on hand forces you to appreciate the opportunity, in turn teaching you better time management, not just while playing the game, but in life.

Teaches humility:

To progress in life, it is important to appreciate the good and bad events. You do not always win in games, just as in life, and it teaches you humility when you take things in your stride. Consequently, you make better decisions going forward.

Games That Are Similar to UNO

It’s no secret that card games are fun and the variety available in them presents you options to switch as and when you desire. Below shared are a few other games that have a similarity or two to the UNO Card game, which you can play online as well as offline.

Poker Game

Poker is arguably the most popular card game around the world with land casinos hosting the game for avid gamers. Its popularity also resulted in the game being made accessible online enabling people enjoy the same experience, if not more, from the convenience of their homes.

Poker, like UNO, is strategic and requires you to be always on your toes. Additionally, its variants such as Texas Hold'em, and Omaha poker, to name a few, can keep you occupied for hours on a less busy day.

You can play real money poker games with your friends or compete with strangers online and win outlandish rewards.

Rummy Game

Another card game that you can try your hands at is Rummy. It is largely renowned in the Indian subcontinent and is one of the go-to games during festivals as well as casual gatherings.

You can see a few similarities between Rummy and UNO, as both games involve strategy with a dash of luck involved. One of the UNO variants is also called UNO Rummy-up, which, again, involves strategies and can be played online.


Despite being a trick-taking game, Callbreak can be compared to UNO in regards to its gameplay. A betting game, you can play Callbreak with your friends as well as anonymous individuals on the Internet.

With the Spade suit being the most dominant one in the game, a lot of strategizing goes into how to play Spade cards and when to play them.

Another similarity between both games is that their rules are easy to brush up on when you are a new player of the games. Once you learn the call break rules and become a master at strategizing, stopping you from winning will be next to impossible.

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