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Play Texas Holdem Poker and Win Real Money

Playing Texas Hold’em Poker card games is fun and a great source of making real money online. A simple search on the Internet will produce results showcasing the games that you can play in your free time, and in these results, you will see Poker.

But this search will also leave you spoilt for choice, as Poker has numerous variants. Let us help you cut down that process and recommend Texas Holdem Poker. Casinos across the United States and many other countries are known for hosting this poker variant, which is considered the best variation.

If you have never played this card game, you should know that it comprises a number of winning strategies that only a few games can match. TV show episodes or scenes in movies often depict actors playing Texas Holdem, and thanks to that, it has received widespread notoriety in pop culture, too.

Although the exact origin of Texas Hold em remains foggy, the most popular theory claims that it originated in Texas, hence its name, in the early 1900s. It practically went unseen in its initial years, but became a crowd-pleaser post-1967 as an official poker category.

The year 1969 saw the game receive true recognition when the Dune casino officially announced a Texas Hold’em tournament. There was no looking back, as the Poker variant had finally made its mark among the world-renowned card games.

What is Texas Hold’em Poker?

As mentioned, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular Poker variant, as a result of which you can find it in many casinos as well as on online portals.

When it comes to online Poker, you will normally experience the game being played under traditional rules, but with a few adjustments for entertainment reasons.

Regardless, here are some of the basic rules you will notice -

Texas Holdem Gameplay and Rules

How to play Texas Holdem, is arguably the first question when you think of playing this card game. Let us look at the how to play Texas Holdem step by step guideline to understand the rules and gradually master its skills –

There are certain in-game terminologies you should be aware of in order to understand how the card game is played.

We start with the dealer in what is called the Preflop Round. A dealer can be any of the players playing the game and their responsibility is dealing the cards and managing the gameplay at the table.

Let’s call the dealer Player 1. To the left of the dealer, you have Player 2 and Player 3, who post Small Blind and Big Blind, respectively, which is mandatory, and whose purpose is to kickoff the betting process by putting money or chips in the pot even before they get to see the cards.

This is also called straddle, in case you have wondered what does straddle mean in Texas Hold'em.

The dealer then deals 2 cards to each player, face down, which they can look to determine what kind of hand they can play. Now, the player to the left of the Big Blind, Player 4, plays their turn. As betting ensues, every player has three moves they can make – Call, Raise or Fold.

Call refers to a player putting in the same amount of money or chips as the previous player.

Raise, as the name suggests, means the player can put the amount of money or chips higher than the previous player. Fold suggests that the player gives up concluding their participation in the ongoing round.

Call ends the round of betting and all the amount currently in play goes into the pot.

The next roundis the Flop Round begins with the dealer placing three cards on the table, face up.

The first active player next to the dealer makes the first bet. Active player, in this scenario refers to the first person to the left of the dealer who folded in the first round.

Now, this player can either place their own bet, fold or wait and watch what other players do, which is called Checking. Checking is relevant only when no one has placed a bet prior to that player.

If a player decides to Check, the betting continues among other participants before eventually circling back to them, after which they should decide whether to Call, Raise or Fold. All the money or chips collected in this round gets added to the pot.

Now, this player can either place their own bet, fold or wait and watch what other players do, which is called Checking. Checking is relevant only when no one has placed a bet prior to that player.

If a player decides to Check, the betting continues among other participants before eventually circling back to them, after which they should decide whether to Call, Raise or Fold. All the money or chips collected in this round gets added to the pot.

After the final round of betting ends, it is time for Showdown. All the players flip their cards over to see who has the best five-card hand. Since each player only has two cards for themselves, they need to combine them with the five cards laying face up and try to create the best hand possible.

The player, who has the best hand, wins the entire pot.

It is important for you to know that the dealer changes every game, meaning the player to the left of the initial dealer now becomes the dealer, whereas the two players on the left to the new dealer become the Small Blind and the Big Blind.

The game continues following the same rules.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Games Online?

A number of websites and mobile applications host Texas Hold’em games for their members.

You can register and earn yourself a registration bonus to help you get started.

Make sure that you go through the game’s rules, for they can be amended to focus on the entertainment factor. Regardless, the basic rules, more or less, will follow the traditional guidelines.

If you are a beginner, make sure that you play in rooms that charge minimal entry fee, so as to not lose a higher sum should you lose against your opponent/s. The more you practice, the better you can take the challenges head on.

You can be rest assured when it comes to the safety of your investment and winnings. The portals affiliate with the best security firms to put their members’ worries at ease, so that their only focus can be on enjoying the game.

Texas Hold’em Poker Hand Ranking

In Poker, there are strong hands as well as weak hands and they have their own sets of benefits and consequences. Since we want you to thrive at something that you love doing, we will make our way up from the weakest to the strongest hands that you should know about.

Here is the Texas Hold’em Poker hand raking from the weakest to the strongest

1. High Card: It may not sound like the lowest ranking card going by its name. Nevertheless, that’s where it deceives you. High Card contains the King of Spades, which is considered the lowest-ranked card in the game.

2. Pair: A Pair includes a combination of two cards belonging to the same suit, whereas the remaining 3 cards are from three different suits.

3. Two Pairs: Two Pairs contains two cards belonging to the same rank with the highest card completing the hand.

4. Three of a Kind: A Three of a Kind hand contains 3 cards of the same rank, but varying suits with the 2 remaining cards completing the hand.

5. Straight: A Straight hand has five sequentially ranked cards belonging to more than one suit. In a Straight, an Ace can be used as higher above than the King or lower than 2, how the player deems it fit to complete the hand.

6. Flush: A Flush is when a player gets all their cards representing the same suit, regardless of the rank. In the case of two players getting Flush hands, the player holding a card of the highest value wins the hand.

7. Full House: A player gets Full House when their 5 cards include a Three of a Kind and 2 same rank cards from different suits. In the case of more than one player getting Full House, the one holding high value Three of a Kind wins.

8. Four of a Kind: Four of a Kind is formed when a player has four cards of the same value representing different suits.

9. Straight Flush: A Straight Flush is when a player forms a hand containing five sequential cards belonging to the same suit. Straight Flush can only be beaten by Royal Flush.

10. Royal Flush: Royal Flush contains cards belonging to the same suit valued from 10 through Ace. It is the highest-valued hand in Texas Hold’em.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy to Win your game

With 2-10 individuals playing at the same table, emerging as a victor can be special. Moreover, the stakes at Holdem are often high and can be life-altering for the winner.

When you are a beginner, it is important to constantly practice the card game to get a hang of different viable maneuvers that can help you trump others. Achieving perfection is a destination, which can be achieved only by looking for ways to improve.

Once you reach professional status and have a better understanding of the game, you start looking for strategies that might set you apart from your adversaries.

Remember, tactics are not the same as strategies, as they are often short-term ideas, whereas a good Texas Holdem strategy sets the base for the ultimate win.

Let us look at some key approaches that can help you at Texas hold 'em resulting in victories –

Know when to fold: Texas Hold'em Poker games can be tricky at times and you can only get away so many times through Bluffing. Once you get caught in the Bluffing racket, it always seems to appear like a safe option, but consider Folding as an alternative.

If you have a weak hand or you are unsure whether your hand will bring you a certain win, Folding may be the best option.

Take advantage of your Big Blind position: Finding yourself in the Big Blind position can actually be great if you capitalise on this opportunity. Since you are already involved in the betting at the beginning, take advantage of the position by observing what moves the other players make. This can help you to determine certain patterns through which you can force your opponents to play your game.

Do away with limping: Limping is considered as one of the weakest strategies in Texas Holdem, and as a result, you should do your best to avoid it. Limping occurs when the Small Blind calls the Big Blind as opposed to raising.

Basically, Limping is when a player bets a minimum amount of money or chip to prevent from being ousted from the game. Alternatively, experts advise that you Fold instead, as it can help you save money, too.

Focus on the weak players: Not that you should discourage being focused in your hand, but that should not come at the cost of you ignoring what your opponents are doing. Whether you are playing a physical game or online, you will notice a lot of players Checking constantly or Limping.

You will also see them playing it safe and not raising higher stakes. Focus on these players and by pressing them, you will gain an advantage over other strong players.

Be attentive as to where you stand: In Poker Texas Holdem, one of the best places to be in is to have the button, meaning when you are the dealer. In three out of the four rounds, you are the last player to play their turn, which practically gives you the entire control of the game, as you have monitored others.

Arguably, the worst place to find yourself is being Small Blind because that means you act first after the Flop, the Turn, and the River. It is also essential that you keep an eye on the number of players at the table; the fewer the players, the more you will be required to bet.

Games Types in Texas Holdem Poker Games

There are 5 types of Texas Holdem Poker Games –

Limit Texas Hold’em:

The Limit variant basically is all about the draws, as the betting amount is limited. Thanks to the betting restrictions, it paves way for the players to be more creative than any other variant.

Pot Limit Texas Hold’em:

In Pot Limit, the focus, while betting, is on the pot amount, as the players must only bet the same amount that is equal to the pot.

No Limit Texas Hold’em:

Arguably, the most popular Texas Hold’em version, No Limit allows players to place bets or raise money or chips the value of which is more than the minimum amount placed by another player at the table.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em:

This unique variant of Texas Hold’em requires players to play against the dealer as opposed to playing versus each other.


Like Ultimate Texas, Mini-Tex requires its players to compete against the dealer with the objective being having a better three-card hand than the dealer using their own two cards and three community cards.

Rounds of Betting in Texas Holdem Poker

In Texas Holdem Poker, there are different stages of betting viz., Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, River, and Showdown.

Pre-flop: Pre-flop is the initial stage in Poker where the dealer deals two cards each among the player, for their own eyes. After looking at the cards, the players can decide whether they should Call, Raise or Fold.

Flop: Flop is when the dealer burns the cards and introduces the community cards, face up, for the players to form hands. It also kicks off the second round of betting.

Turn: Turn is the penultimate betting round where the fourth community card is introduced by the dealer.

River: The final betting round in Poker is called River. The dealer reveals the final community card.

Showdown: Showdown refers to that stage in Poker when all the players reveal their hands. The player with the winning hand is the winner of the pot whatever may be the amount.

Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit and Mixed Texas Hold’em

Limit Holde’em is a poker variant in which the players can add only a limited amount to the pot as bet and for that exact reason Limit Holdem mainly revolves around the player draws.

This rule is the one you should keep close to your chest regardless of whether you are drawing the card or your opponent. Also, due to the limited money involved for betting, players tend to get accurate pot odds more often, and as a result, a card combination like pocket aces does not hold much power in the game.

No Limit Poker is often opted by professionals and experts of the game as opposed to beginners since the betting amount has no limits.

As a beginner, you do not necessarily possess the best card reading skills or the ability to read your opponents, which is why it is best advised to not enter No Limit competitions. Additionally, one of the major advantages in this variant is the position that a player holds, as it allows them to have a dominant command over the game.

Like Limit Holdem, Pot Limit has the same betting structure, the only difference being when players raise, they have to match the amount equal to the size of the pot that is in play.

Mixed Texas Hold’em allows for the game to switch between Limit Poker and No Limit Poker during different rounds, which makes way for steadiness in the average amount of the pot.

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