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Spider Solitaire Card Game

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world. A single-player card game, it usually uses a single deck of cards. However, it has multiple variations wherein, as per rules, some use 3 or 4 decks and even one.

Regardless of how many decks a game uses, the basic rules remain the same with changes seen in surrounding guidelines.

You can play this game with actual cards or spider solitaire online, too. In the latter scenario, you will more often than not play the game that uses two decks of cards wherein the first deck contains 54 cards whereas the second one has 50 cards.

In the online version, you can set the difficulty level as per your liking, which ranges from easy to hard. If you are a newbie, starting from the easy level and then making your way up is advisable. Furthermore, the more games you win, the higher the difficulty level, posing stern challenges and making the game even more interesting.

The Spider Solitaire game rules are simple and can be executed easily once you understand them. All you are required to do is arrange the cards in the sequences needed into the Foundations. You win the game when there are no cards left on the tableau.

An Insight into Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a classic card game. Usually, it came pre-installed with Microsoft computers, but with change in time, you can play it online today.

A lot of gaming websites dedicated to Solitaire can be found on the Internet, and you can choose the one which is appealing to your eyes and complements your style of play.

So, where does this card game get its name from? Well, Solitaire contains 8 foundations resembling a spider's eight legs. Hence, the name Spider Solitaire.

It is a common belief that Solitaire came into the limelight only after being included in Microsoft computers. Though that may be true, its existence dates back to the year 1947.

Yes, since Microsoft started installing the game into its software, it has gained popularity. Out of all its available variations, Klondike is the most common one. Some of the in-game terminologies that you should be aware of include Tableau, Stock Pile, Foundations and Piles or Columns.

As you know, you can play Spider Solitaire game using actual cards, too. Moving around cards can be tricky and tedious if you are new to the game. In order to prevent all related hassles, you can always opt to play the game online.

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Playing the Spider Solitaire Game

Spider Solitaire is one of the greatest card games ever invented, using two standard card decks. You can play it physically as well as online, but regardless, are guaranteed to enjoy every second of it.

Before learning about how to play this card game, it is important to understand its objective. The main objective of Spider Solitaire online is to get rid of all the cards by assembling them in an ascending sequence starting with the King at the top and Ace at the bottom.

Players have the option of gathering the cards as per their respective suit or just by their value. However, assembling them based on their suit helps discard those cards while giving extra points. The game ends when there are no more cards to play with.

The game starts by distribution of the cards. The cards are arranged in ten columns containing 5 cards each with only the topmost card set face up whereas the remaining 4 cards beneath it are set face down.

To move the cards, you must drag either face up cards and place it on top of another face up card while ensuring that it is in a sequential pattern. Moving cards accurately will open up the second card from that column.

Remember that the King belonging to either suit can be moved only into a blank space. Conversely, empty spaces can be replaced with any card.

You must also keep in mind that usually you play against time. So, make sure that you are tactical and are arranging cards in relatable suits in order to discard them altogether. Once all the suits are played out, you win the game.

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Rules to Follow While Playing Spider Solitaire

The objective of Spider Solitaire online game can be divided into three parts –

Solitaire is a card game that is commonly played using two decks of cards. Other variants of the game exist, too, wherein 1, 3 or even 4 decks of cards come into play. Nevertheless, in a game where two decks are used, in the beginning, the player receives 54 cards placed in ten separate piles.

Except for the topmost card, which is placed face up, all other cards will be kept face down. As part of arranging the cards, you must ensure that you assemble the piles according to their rank, from the highest to the lowest.

Most of the game takes place within the Tableau and Foundations does not have much of a role to play that that time. You can start by moving one of the face up cards from one end of the tableau to the other as you deem it suitable to form a sequence.

The quickest way of arranging cards is to arrange them in alternate colours, but in a numerical sequence. So, under a red suit, you can place a card belonging to the black suit only, and vice versa.

But it is even more beneficial if you assemble the cards of the same suit from the ascending to descending order because once you achieve it, all these cards will automatically be transferred to one of the foundations. Make sure that you utilise the empty tableau to set up another sequence.

Apart from moving cards individually, you can also move a group of cards by dragging the topmost card to whichever tableau you see fit. For example, if you have 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 assembled in one tableau and a 10 sitting exposed in another tableau, you can drag the group of cards under 10 to enhance your card sequencing.

Online Scoring System of Spider Solitaire

The scoring system of Spider Solitaire online is different as compared to its Microsoft version. Read through to know more –

Solitaire Scoring System in Microsoft Version

Arguably, most people were introduced to Solitaire first when they purchased a Microsoft desktop computer. The game used to come pre-installed and absolutely free to play.

Like the nature of other games, Spider Solitaire game, too, had a scoring system in place. Basically, players would start at 500 points and with every move they made, the points would decline.

In case of a victory, the point would get multiplied by a hundred. You could play the game multiple times trying to break the previous record. Below is the breakdown of the points system in the Microsoft version –

What are the Different Variations of Spider Solitaire?

A game that has multiple variants tends to have loyal followers for many years. Spider Solitaire has managed to do the same, thanks to it offering different variations of its classic version.

Below are a few that you can try your hands at –

1-Suit Spider:

1-suit Spider Solitaire is arguably the easiest version available today. In this variation, you can choose one of the four suits for the entirety of the game.

For instance, you can choose the Hearts suit and follow the same rules as any other variant. Forming a sequence such as KH, QH, JH, 10H, 9H is much simpler than forming a sequence comprising different colours and suits

2-Suit Spider:

As the name suggests, the Spider Solitaire 2 suits game uses two suits, preferably Spades and Hearts

4-Suit Spider:

Following the basic rules of the game, Spider Solitaire 4 suits makes use of all four suits – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades – present in a deck of cards

A Few Tips for Spider Solitaire Online Game

Spider Solitaire game uses skills as well as a hint of luck. Even though the probability of winning is 1:3, you can improve the odds by applying a few of the below mentioned tricks –

Expose more cards:

The more cards you expose the better become your chances to find a pathway to victory. When you are able to see all the cards planning sequences and making movements accordingly becomes easy

Utlise the empty spaces:

It is important that you do not ignore the empty spaces on the tableau, as they can be used by moving any card there, which can further help you to arrange sequences and suits

Plan moves with a purpose:

It can be tempting to capitalise on an easy opportunity just because it is readily available. However, not all such moves serve towards the end purpose. See to it that your moves are purposeful and targeted towards earning a win

Think about subsequent moves:

As you make the current move, think about what you want to do next. This will prevent you from getting stuck during the most challenging phases within the game

Get the bonus points:

In order to get the bonus points, try to build sequences using the cards from the same suit

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