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Play Solitaire Card Game

You don't often hear 'single-player' and 'card games' used in the same sentence, but Solitaire meets that brief. Also known as patience, its objective is to arrange cards sequentially based on their rank and suit within the allotted timeframe. The game is played using a single deck of well-shuffled cards.

The origin of Solitaire Card game is hazy, with historians offering multiple narratives; where some state that the game was birthed in Germany and France in the 19th century, other stories speak of the origin somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Solitaire is not really the game's name, but it has several variants Klondike arguably being the most popular among them. It is said to have been played first during the end of the 19th century in Canada.

Klondike also normally came pre-installed on Microsoft computers. Some of the other variants of Solitaire game that you can play include Pyramid, Spider, FreeCell, Tripeaks, and Yukon, to name a few.

Depending on the source that you choose to play with, you may find multiplayer variations of the games to compete against other players.

Solitaire demands a high skill level from its players, as the game becomes complicated and competitive with advanced levels. Some websites use more than one deck of cards – up to four decks – presenting various difficulty levels to their players.

While playing the different games, you will notice some common gameplay styles, and that is because these games were designed to be played by not more than one player. Conversely, you will also come across slight differences that give each game its own identity.

Microsoft contributed significantly to making Solitaire a popular choice among offline games. Today, you can find these games online, allowing you to play them even on the go. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to experience the same emotions that you felt while playing the games back in the day.

Cards and craze for card games in India has been loved from years. To cherish the craze and excitement, AIO Games leveraged the opportunity and brought your favourite game Solitaire Delights on board. Now Indians can play Solitaire game and earn real money online.

AIO Games revolutionized the online card gaming industry by using utmost user interface and multiple cash contests.

What is Solitaire Game?

Solitaire is a one-player tabletop game that can be played using cards and dominoes. The game is also referred to as cable or patience and in regards to cards, its objective is to arrange them in sequence according to their suit.

The arranging of cards needs to be in the order of Ace through King for every suit. A player wins the game when they successfully arrange the entire pack of cards in the sequence mentioned above.

If you are familiar with card games and the structure of sequences, playing Solitaire will come quickly to you. Numerous online sources have been established for card game enthusiasts to play games from the convenience of their location.

Depending on your chosen source, you could also play solitaire and win money. Solitaire Game is highly strategic, making the game more challenging for its players. If you can strategise as per the demands of the situation, you can win numerous games of Solitaire and make money while doing so.

If you are new to the game, you could follow certain strategies such as maintaining focus on the King cards, not losing sight of the stockpile and time, etc.

With Solitaire card game offering multiple variations, you can feel at ease knowing that you won't have to revisit the same game and scenario every time. With easy online access, you can play any variant that you like and switch to another one when you feel like it.

A Guideline to Play Solitaire Game Online

Solitaire has the tendency to strengthen not only the player's mind but also stimulate emotions like very few games do. The reason why you may want to play Solitaire online could be because of your desire to relive the experience of gaming from the not-too-recent past.

Solitaire has the ability to invoke those emotions. Another reason why people play online Solitaire is to win cash rewards associated with them. Yes, if you haven't thought about the money-making aspect of this card game, you are missing out.

This way, you can not only rekindle your love for the game but also make money on the side while doing what you love.

Regardless of the source, you opt to play with, the online game rules more or less stick to the traditional guidelines. Solitaire has time limits within which you need to accomplish the task of arranging the cards in ascending order, i.e., from Ace to King, for all suits.

If you retrace your memories back to Microsoft gaming days and think how easy winning at Solitaire is, you are in for a surprise with present-day online gaming.

Not only will you benefit in regards to high-quality UI, but also a few revised rules to make the game more challenging. When you start anticipating the upcoming cards, your brain remains active, all the while providing unprecedented entertainment.

Moving cards and unveiling new ones are fairly simple and can be accomplished in a few easy clicks. Remember that Solitaire is a highly strategic card game, and any kind of compromise will diminish your chances of winning.

The game ends when all the cards are sequentially arranged, and there are no moves left to make on your part. There is a point system while competing against opponents, meaning if you score more points than them, you are declared the winner.

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How Cards Are Ranked in Solitaire

In Solitaire, cards are ranked as follows, from the highest to the lowest – King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. King is the highest valued card, whereas Aces is considered the lowest ranked card in Solitaire.

Solitaire Card Game Rules

As previously established, the Solitaire card game is played using a deck of 52 cards, and its objective is to position the cards sequentially, building up all the foundations from Ace through King until there are no cards remaining.

Only by building the whole pack of cards into the foundations can you win at Solitaire.

Before understanding the solitaire game rules, it is essential to comprehend Solitaire's different types of piles. These piles are The Tableau, The Foundations, The Stock Pile, and the Waste Pile.

Like any card game, Solitaire starts with the dealing of cards. The intention is to form 7 piles. The first card is dealt face up, whereas the remaining cards are placed face down. Then, 6 piles are formed starting from the right of the initial face-up card.

Here, too, the first card is placed face up and the remaining 5 cards are placed face down. This dealing process is followed until all 7 piles have one face-up card at the top.

A Foundation is then set up using all the Ace cards of each suit. All cards will gradually be transferred to the Ace suits. This foundation is established above the 7 piles formed before.

The game starts by flipping open each face-down card and forming a sequence representing each suit. Once all the cards are arranged in sequence with no cards remaining, the Solitaire game is won.

During gameplay, cards move around in different ways. This movement of cards, however, has its own rules. The card can only be moved if it is one number lower than the pile it is being moved on to and is of a different colour.

For example, you can move a black 7 of either Spades or Clubs and place it under a red 8 of Diamonds or Hearts. Under black 7, you can only place a red 6 and so on.

The final way in which the cards move is from the remaining deck, also known as the Stock Pile. The Stock Pile, by default, contains 24 cards and reveals only one card at a time.

To reiterate the rules, a card can be placed on another card only if it belongs to a different colour and is of the next lower number in comparison.

Only the King card replaces an empty slot when one of the 7 initial piles is gone. Per rules, one of the top cards of the Foundation can be moved to one of the 7 piles if it matches the sequence and is of a different colour. The game is lost if no more moves are possible.

What are Some of the Solitaire Game Variations?

Online Solitaire has numerous variations and listing all of them could take up a lifetime. Below is the list of some of the most well-known variants of the Solitaire game.

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is arguably the most popular online Solitaire game. Your objective in this game is to build four piles by discarding cards in an ascending order.

You can use cards from the Foundation pile to form the sequences. Once you clear the tableau, you win the game. Conversely, the game is lost when there are no more moves left

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid uses an entire deck of 52 cards that is staked in the shape of a pyramid with each card slightly overlapping the row above it. The goal of the game is to build foundations by uncovering cards.

FreeCell Solitaire

Like Klondike, FreeCell is a popular Solitaire variant that comes pre-installed in Microsoft computers. In this game, all cards are dealt face up.

As part of the gameplay, cards are moved into a tableau so that another card is unveiled which you might require and add to the Foundation.

Other Variants

Being the most popular variants, Klondike, Pyramid, and FreeCell are largely played around the world. Some of the other variations that you might find online include Amazon, Clock Solitaire, Deuces, Streets, Octave, Yukon, and Wasp.

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Solitaire Card Game Hacks That Can Help You Win

Solitaire was invented with one objective in mind and that is to get people acclimated to the usage of mouse and dragging and dropping items on the computer.

Though its objective was not to make people fall in love with the game, it certainly gained popularity and today, it is available in large numbers online.

Gamers love Solitaire for its strategic aspect and the number of variations it offers. Though Solitaire is easy to learn, you might face your own challenges to overcome. However, with the help of these few hacks, you can master the game easily.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Solitaire Card Game?

It is understandable that you want to play Solitaire for real money. However, there are several psychological benefits associated with it that you should be aware of.

Solitaire offers personal space:

When you think of most card games and how many people join at the table, it can be overwhelming. There may be occasions when you seek solace and at the same time be entertained. This is where Solitaire comes in. A single-player game, Solitaire paves the way for personal space, allowing you to be at peace.

Solitaire makes you strategic

Like many card games, Solitaire can end in two ways – you either win or lose. In order to prevent the latter scenario, it is important for you to think of creative ways to get out of a spot of bother.

Solitaire is not a game that can be won through sheer luck, instead, it requires you to be tactful and keeps you on your toes at all times. As the game progresses, you will find yourself strategising and thinking of ways to finish the game quickly.

Solitaire teaches you about Patience:

Patience is one of the qualities that the best gamers possess. When you are a beginner feeling out a new game, it is understandable that you are impatient and want to move quickly to reveal the cards in different piles.

However, it is a problem when you are an experienced gamer. Out of all the strategies, the best one you can build is that of patience. As a result, you can make calculated approaches in the game.

Playing Solitaire rids you of boredom:

Boredom can make you feel tired, resulting in leaving you inactive for stretched hours. A game like Solitaire can help keep boredom at bay thanks to its intriguing nature. Online Solitaire can go on for lengthy hours and, as a result, can help you escape boredom for that duration.

Solitaire puts the mind at ease:

Online Solitaire Game demands concentration, and when you are concentrated, you find yourself in a meditative state. If you are someone who suffers from bouts of anxiety and stress, this card game can put your mind at ease and alleviate any related symptoms. Consequently, you will experience less stressful days due to good sleep at night.

Solitaire Game tips and tricks to become better in the game

Wins and losses are both part of games, and in the latter scenario, it is important not to feel dejected. Some Solitaire games require more skills on the part of their players, and when you are not prepared, wins are tough to come by.

Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of winning Online Solitaire by adopting various strategies –

Understand the rules:

Not understanding the rules is normally a problem among newer players. Knowing the rules of a game is pivotal, without which winning will not come easy. With tactical games like Solitaire, studying the rules becomes more important as they can help you take calculated risks, improving your chances of winning.

Getting the hang of aspects like how the cards should be moved and the importance of placing them sequentially is crucial.

Go after the larger stacks:

By going after, the larger stacks in the Solitaire cash game, you stand the chance of exposing more cards and useful ones while at it.

Empty a spot only if you have King

Unless you have a King, it is advisable not to empty a spot. Blank spots can only be replaced with a King card, and when you do not meet that necessary requirement, it results in an unnecessarily blocked column until you are lucky enough to find a King.

Do not ignore the colours:

Colours have a significant part playing in Solitaire online card game. You ought to be mindful of whether you want to play the red King first or the black King. The best way to decide is to see which colour of Queen and Jack you have in hand. Accordingly, you can set up a King that can work well in your favour.

Move cards with intent:

Every card that you move in Solitaire should have a reason behind it. If not, then you are only setting yourself up for a loss. Not having a purpose behind moving a certain card means you end up blocking other valuable cards that would have a better chance of helping you cross the line.

Always play Aces and Twos:

Any time you reveal an Ace or a Two card, play it. Experts call it the best strategy in the game. As soon as you land an Ace card, add it to the Foundation pile.

The deuces will subsequently follow, allowing you to make your sequences faster.

Signup and Win Real Cash by Playing Solitaire Online Card Game

Cash games are a great resource if you want to make extra money, and Solitaire online game falls into that bracket, too. With many portals assisting in this area, you must choose a trustworthy source.

Once you do that, download and install their mobile application on your phone, and register with them, which will instantly grant you a welcome bonus to get you started.

Make sure that you go through the rules before playing in cash rooms, as you can lose money as quickly as you earn it. Depending on the source, you may also have access to free rooms.

Try them out, as they give you the chance to practice against skilled opponents, thus, facilitating strategic thinking and gameplay. You can also participate in tournaments that often have grand, life-altering rewards at stake.

In order to win the biggest prize, you have to be prolific in your skills.

The developers of these apps guarantee a seamless gaming experience. They also have a round-the-clock support team should you need any assistance with technical issues.

Now it is understandable if you worry about the security of your money in your wallet, but rest assured that these portals associate with the best security providers. Therefore, all the money that you put into these applications is secure. You are also guaranteed easy transactions and withdrawals.

So, if online Solitaire is where you have your eyes set and making money is your intent, sign up and find your way onto an exquisite online gaming journey.

How Do Solitaire Games Fare against Callbreak?

When you play multiple card games, comparisons are imminent. So, how do Solitaire variants fare against Callbreak?

As you know by now, Solitaire has several variations, with all of them following their own set of rules. Solitaire has been around for decades, whereas Callbreak is finding its way into the card games fraternity.

Other differences between the two include Callbreak being a trick-taking game and allowing more than one player to compete against one another as opposed to Solitaire, a one-player game.

Being a trick-taking game, the objective of Callbreak is to make as many tricks as the players think they can. The game involves different stages of betting, too.

On the other hand, Solitaire is vastly strategic and involves forming sequences and suits by flipping around the cards. The objective is to form these sequences in the quickest time possible.

Though both, Solitaire and Callbreak, are different in their rules and gameplay, they have their own place in the world of online gaming as well as a loyal fanbase.

How Different is Solitaire from Rummy?

When you think of classic card games, Solitaire and Rummy come to mind. If you have played both games, you know how different they are from each other. Where Solitaire is a single-player game, Rummy game can be played between 2 to 6 players.

Rummy also uses two decks of cards as opposed to Solitaire, which uses one standard deck of 52 cards. Even the ranking of cards in both games is dissimilar.

In Solitaire, cards are ranked K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-A from high to low, whereas in Rummy, the ranking from high to low is A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

Both games involve creating sequences, but in Solitaire, colours play a factor as the cards need sorting, alternatively representing the same colour. The one similarity that you will find between Solitaire and Rummy is that both games are highly strategic and require analytical thinking in order to win.

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What are the Main Differences between Solitaire and Poker?

Poker Game is another classic card game and is quite different from Solitaire. They are two of the best games to play when looking for a pleasurable activity. Both games require you to strategise and follow the right approach to win.

In comparison, Poker is much more complex than Solitaire and requires prior knowledge and skills related to arithmetic. It is also played between multiple players.

Poker is also fast-paced and, as a result, does not leave much breathing room when the tension in the room is high. Solitaire, on the other hand, requires patience and concentration.

Poker, like Rummy, involves betting, which is not the case with Solitaire.

Solitaire is considered a beginner-friendly card game, whereas Poker follows an amateur level of gaming. Despite their differences, both Solitaire and Poker manage to captivate and challenge the players just the right amount.

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When it comes to the best of the best in regards to playing card games for money, AIO Games is definitely at the top of the list. The platform is highly secure, and you can download its application on your mobile device to kickstart your gaming journey.

This multi-gaming platform is host to some of the best skill-based card games available today. Upon registration, you can access quality card games such as Rummy, Callbreak, Poker, and Solitaire Delights.

You can compete against the most skilled players and build on your skillsets at your preferred pace.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of AIO Games is its amazing cash rewards. Their offering to winners is unprecedented and one of the best in the mobile gaming industry. The occasional competitions and tournaments organised by them are said to be life-altering.

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