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Seep Card Game - Rules and How to play?

Seep is a popular point-based partnership card game that is played in India (north) as well as in Pakistan. This game has multiple variations wherein they can be played for 100 points or 30 points, with the former being the most preferred option.

You can notice similarities between the Seep card game and another card game that goes by the game of Casino, which is said to have originated in Italy.

Some of the other names of Seep include Sweep, Sip, Siv or Shiv, depending on which region you belong to. The game uses a complete deck of 52 cards and is fun to play.

An Insight into Seep Card Game

Seep has different variations and is usually played in partnerships between 4 players. However, you can also play it as a 2-player game with both competing players sitting opposite one another.

The game involves accumulation of points, and it ends when one of the teams earns a 100-point lead over the other pair. This is called baazi, which the two teams can decide beforehand as to how many baazis they want to play.

Cards belonging to the Spades Suit, Aces and 10 of Diamonds have points allotted to them.

As for the remaining 35 cards, they do not carry any value and do not play an invaluable role in this card game. The objective of Seep card game is to bag valued cards in order to win points. There is a total of 100 points on the deck.

You should also be familiar with the term ‘Sweep’ which ensues when a player or a team captures all the cards on the table. Sweep is worth 50 points.

There is a possibility of Sweep occurring in the first play, in which case a player or a team earns 25 points. A Sweep does not carry any points if it takes place in the last play.

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Playing the Seep Card Game

The first dealer to deal cards in Seep card game is randomly selected. From the subsequent rounds, a player belonging to the team that is trailing in points deals the cards. After the dealer shuffles the cards, the player sitting to their right cuts the deck.

The dealer then distributes 4 cards to the player sitting to their right and places 4 cards on the floor, face down. That player can then look at their cards and determine whether or not to bid for a ‘house’.

A ‘house’ is when there is a group of two or more cards on the table that can only be won as a unit. The bid can contain a number only between 9 and 13.

If they have cards of value that is not more than 8, they can show the cards and throw them on the table. The entire process of dealing and cutting the card takes place again.

Here’s an example –

The player now has the option to make one of the below three moves –

Once done, the dealer’s job is to distribute the remaining cards among all players. So, every player receives 12 cards each, except the player to their right, who now has 11 cards.

After the player to the dealer has done their bid, it is the turn of the dealer’s partner to take the centre stage. The game then proceeds counterclockwise, wherein a player plays one card from their hand.

The play continues until every player has taken 12 turns and all the cards have been played out. The game reaches completion when one of the teams has a 100-point lead over the other.

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Seep Card Game Rules

Rules are what make a game fun to play, as they test a player’s mental strength by pitting them against the odds. Below are a few rules that you must take into account while playing the Seep card game –

What is the Objective of Seep Card Game?

In Seep card game, there are several cards carrying points, namely cards belonging to the Spades suit – each card carries its face value, the 10 of Diamonds and the three remaining aces representing different suits.

So, the objective of this card game is to capture the cards with values against them and accumulate points. The game concludes when one team has gathered 100 or more points lead against the opposition team.

The rounds in the game are also called baazi, so, the players must decide beforehand how many baazis they need to play for the game to end.

What is the Role of Houses in Seep Card Game?

‘Houses’ or ‘Ghar’ is a team that you will often hear while playing the Seep card game. It is an important element in the game, making it essential for the players to know what it means.

Basically, ‘houses’ are a group of 2 or more cards laid on the floor that can be won, but only as a unit. When it comes to the biggest capture value of ‘houses’, you can earn 13 points at one go; conversely, the smallest capture amount is 9 points.

Aside from capturing houses, you can also construct one. The two options you have hear are to construct a standard house or an indestructible (pukka) house. Now, you must also remember that the cards you use can either help you to build a new house or construct on an existing one.

So, what is the difference between a pukka house and a standard house in seep game?

In the former case, the pile has one or more cards that are the same as the capture value. For example, a cemented house built with Q can be matched with the following –

A standard house is a group of cards equivalent to the capture value of the house when put together.

Indestructible houses cannot be broken. Standard ones, however, can be broken if the player has added to the pile enhancing the capture value, however, it can be done only by acquiring a card from the player’s hand instead of one from the floor.

How to Keep Scores in Seep Card Game?

Remember that in order to capture cards, you need to play cards from your hand instead of the ones on the floor. Make sure that you target a pile whose capture value is equivalent to the card that you have played. Keep winning cards and build them into ‘houses’.

When it comes to the points associated with cards, here’s what you should know – all Aces, irrespective of their suit, carry one point each; cards 2-10 belonging to the Spades suit carry their face value as points; Jack of Spades is worth 11 points, Queen of Spades has 12 points and King of Spades carries 13 points. Finally, 10 of Diamonds has 6 points against itself.

So, only 17 cards in total carry points, whereas the reaming 35 cards have no value. For all the cards in a deck, the total points, as per Seep card game rules, reaches 100 points.

The players have the option to capture all the cards, known as sweep, in the first attempt itself.

Normally, sweeps are worth 50 points, but when it occurs in the very first round, it has only 25 points. Also, note that a sweep performed in the last play carries 0 points.

What are the Different Variations of Seep Card Game?

Seep card game has a few variations that you can play with your friends and family. Though the basic rules remain similar to the four-player game, the surrounding factors may vary depending on the number of players involved and other conditions within the game –

Two-play Seep card game:

As the name suggests, this variation of the card game is played between two individuals. Similar to the four-player game, the players are dealt 4 cards and 4 cards are laid out face down till a time comes to flip them over.

The game proceeds as per the traditional rules and the competitors can play the allotted 12 cards. A variation is seen in the second part of the game, as the remaining loose cards on the floor are not picked up right away.

Instead, each individual takes one card at a time from that setup and uses them to further their progress in the game. Players are highly vulnerable to sweeps in this variant

Limited houses variation:

In some games, the players keep a pre-decided limit on the number of houses that can be built at a time, often it is two.This limits the option for the opposition player to take advantage of the situation wherein they can choose which house to target.

As a result, if a player decides not to play a card in either house, they must throw a card and pick one, or as a third option, leave it as a loose card

Seep card game with 30 points:

In this variation, the total value of the cards is 30 points as opposed to 100 points. Here’s how the cards are valued – 10 of Diamonds is worth 12 points, 9 of Spades has 9 points, 2 of Spades carries 1 point, whereas each carries 1 point. The player that manages to capture more cards is awarded 4 additional points, bringing the total to 30.

Tips and Tricks to Win at Seep Card Game

The rules of Seep card game are simple to understand, although initially you may find it difficult to get a grasp over them. However, with a few tricks, you can become a better player and eventually emerge as a victor. Read through to know more –

What are the Different Seep Card Game Alternatives?

By now, you must have understood that Seep card game is full of fun and offers an adventure like few games do.

Regardless, if you ever feel like momentarily stepping away from this card game, there are a few alternatives that you can try your hands at. Here they are –

Call Break

Trick taking game is an interesting genre among card games and one of the most popular options available is Call Break. The main objective of this game is to win as many hands or more, if possible, matching the bid you make at the beginning of a game.

The game has negative scoring if a player fails to match their number of hands to the bid they made

Rummy Game:

Rummy is arguably the most popular card game played in the Indian subcontinent. This card game can be played between multiple individuals with the goal of building melds in the form of sets and sequences using three or more cards.

In order to win, a player must successfully make melds and call ‘rummy’ once done, after which their cards are checked for validation

Poker Game:

Many people consider poker to be the best card game ever invented. The game is so popular that it has numerous variations associated with it, the most popular being Texas Hold'em.

Regardless of whether you are playing poker in a land casino or an online casino, the objective is to win the pot, which contains money put in by all the players at the table.

There are two ways to win the pot – first, by making a bet that is unique and not made by any other player and second, making the highest-ranking 5-card hand

Solitaire Game:

Solitaire is one of the oldest card games in the world. Though it was exclusively available in Microsoft computers initially, you can play it online today.

The objective remains the same, which is to discard all the cards on the table by arranging them in a sequence and suit ranging from Ace through King. You play the game against time and there are points for every move that you make, including recalls

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