* The game has an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

100% secured and legal
100% secured and legal
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
Massive real cash winnings
Massive real cash winnings
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Referring a friend is rewarding
Referring a friend is rewarding
Multiple games
Multiple games

Withdraw your winnings like a pro

Quick and safe transfer your winnings in your bank account via multiple modes.

Play Online Rummy Game and Win Cash

Rummy is a traditional card game in India, and it has been played for years. Today, technology has got its back to the young traditional times and that is how AIO games have evolved their structure. Online Rummy by AIO games is one of the most intriguing and popular skill-based card games that has the potential of winning real money.

Be it day or night, one can enjoy online Rummy at one of the trusted platforms anytime anywhere.

For your seamless and glorifying experience, we have made our user interface easy, reliable, and quick. Let your CHAAL do the trick and you be a champion.

AIO Games which is home to many skill-based games, have also introduced online Rummy game for its Rummy enthusiasts. The game of Rummy, which is liked by many Indians, is now available online and moreover, one can also earn money and win exciting rewards.

Online Rummy game can be played with a small group of friends to a larger group which includes your friends and family. It can be played and enjoyed from any corner of the planet and all that one requires is a bit of skill and Rummy playing artistry, to win real cash.

At AIO Games, we value our gamers' integrity and make sure that their account information and other minute details are secured. We make sure every gamer has a smooth experience whilst playing Online Rummy game and a hassle-free experience during withdrawals and deposits.

How to play Rummy Game Online?

Online Rummy is easy and entertaining and hence it is one of the most popular card games in India. There are some hidden questions in players’ minds: what are the Rummy Rules, how to play Rummy game or how to play Rummy online? Here are the answers to all your questions and you will find out the rules to play Rummy online.

Rummy Card Game Rules:

Here are some of the rules & key information one will need to remember whilst playing Rummy online -

  • Install the App
    Sign-up with Mobile Number and get Rs.100 instantly in your Game Wallet

  • Select a Game
    Choose from a lobby of popular game and start playing.

  • Join a Tournament or 1 vs 1 battle
    You can play a LIVE tournament and a battle full day.

  • Compete & Win Real Cash
    Set a new score every time you play. Get your winnings instantly to your wallet at the end of the tournament or battle.

  • Withdraw Cash instantly
    Withdraw your winning cash to your Bank Account Instantly.

Is Playing Rummy Game in India Legal?

The game of Rummy has been one of the most popular games amongst Indians in the last few years. Indians have taken a liking towards the card game not only because of its skill level but also it is very fun to play as well.

Seeing it’s soaring success, many fantasy apps have now made the game online and moreover, people can now even earn real cash if he/she is lucky to win amongst their peers.

But with the legal laws being even stricter in India, the question begs to differ is that is Rummy legal to play? Can Indians play online rummy and earn real money? What’s the legal process behind it?

Well as per the Honourable Supreme Court of India, a skill based online game such as Rummy is 100% legal and can be played by one and all.

India has barred its citizens from gambling and in no way does Online rummy falls into that category. Online rummy is a game of skill and high intellect and that is the reason why it is legally applicable in India.

Let’s find out as to why Online Rummy game is legitimate in India and why the country’s Apex Court order won’t have an undesirable influence on it -

Online Rummy is a strategic game built to Win

If you have been familiar with the game of Rummy, he/she would know that there is no chance involved as one would have to make a strategic valid hand to form sets and sequences.

One must manoeuvre his/her skill sets by analysing the game & side-by-side keeping a close eye on their opponent's next move.

One miss moves and all the strategies and planning could go down the drain & you could end up losing the game as well as some real cash. So, therefore Rummy has been dubbed a game of chance!

Online Rummy validates for cash play

If you are hardcore fan of online rummy, then keep this in mind too that Online Rummy is 100% legal and there is no harm in playing it. Also, the involvement of cash play too isn't a crime.

Swift & assured transactions

Whilst playing online real money games, the one major roadblock for a gamer would be the withdrawals. One plays online Rummy game to win real cash and if there’s a major stumbling block, he/she would be disappointed.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that one must play responsibly and deposit/withdraw money from a reassured unit.

Avail Exciting Offers and Rewards

One thing about Rummy Online is that it paves way for something exciting. Indian gamers can look forward to some nice rewards and offers once they login into the game and play along.

Gamers play Rummy online to win big cash and if they win the tournaments, they stand a chance to win some decent rewards. So, Rummy online is a nice way to brighten up your mood in case it's a bit down!


Is it legal to play online Rummy in India?

Yes, It is 100% legal to play online Rummy in India with real cash.

Yes, one can play Rummy anywhere anytime with real cash.

Yes, Rummy is a multiplayer game.

Different Variants of Rummy Cash Game

When a gamer gets across to play Online Rummy game on the AIO Games application, our main objective is to give them a memorable experience that comprises of gameplay and also some cash rewards.

There's no shortage of excitement whenever you are on the application playing various forms of Rummy. We have 4 variants to choose from - Points, Deals, 101 & 201.

So, if you're in a mood to play some terrific Rummy online, you know where to head to!

Here is some brief about the Rummy variants we have to offer -

Points Rummy

If you are looking for a quick and high entertainment value, then Points Rummy is the game for you. In Points Rummy, players are allowed to play with 13 cards as there are points available with pre-decided rupee value.

A winner is decided if he/she puts forward a valid declaration & with 0 points.

Deals Rummy

In Deals Rummy, chips get allocated to players at the pre-set of the game. A winner is declared if he/she can land the maximum number of chips.

101 Rummy

101 Rummy is a part of Pool Rummy wherein a player reaches 101 points and in turn gets eliminated from the game itself.

201 Rummy

Another format of Pool Rummy, 201 Rummy's rules remain the same as 101 albeit the player gets eliminated if he/she scores 201 points.

Rummy Instant Cash Withdrawal on AIO Games App

AIO Games ensures that our Rummy players' security is safe and gives it the utmost importance.

Thus, whilst playing Online Rummy on AIO Games, one can expect a high level of security and major following of rules and guidelines. Here are some of the points that we cover in ensuring our players get the right type of security they demand of -

24x7 Support: Imagine you're playing a game of Online Rummy at 10 PM and you get stuck? Who do you call? Our Customer Support, of course! Whatever your queries and doubts about the game or the table, dial in to our support team and they're ready to help.

Fair Policy in place: AIO Games make sure that our players get a crack at playing online rummy and have equal opportunities to win real cash awards. We are not a biased platform and avoid any type of fraud or theft.

Responsible Gamer: We at AIO Games ensure that every gamer plays responsibly and just for fun than become an addict.

Strict Guidelines: We adhere to strict KYC guidelines and make sure that every gamer that plays on our platform is 18 above. We undertake only valid documents and once verified by our team, it is deemed legal.

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