AIO GAMES may offer referral programs (“Referral Program”) on the Platform to allow all its Users to receive certain rewards in the form of AIO GAMES Cash Bonus or Cash (“Rewards”) for each User that they refer to play on Our Platform.

Only the referrals which are 'successful referrals' will be taken into consideration and the rewards will be made available. A successful referral occurs only when a new User registers on the Platform and completes the registration process by clicking on the referrer's referral link or entering the referrer's unique referral code. Only the downloads done through the referrer’s referral link will be considered for rewards

All Users active on the Platform are qualified for participating in the Referral Program, except in situations where the User’s Account has been terminated or AIO GAMES has otherwise declined to participate in the Referral Program in compliance with the provisions of the Terms of Use.

Condition to use the rewards

As Permitted by AIO GAMES for time to time, the User will be able to utilise only a stipulated percentage out of the cumulative Rewards available in the User’s account to enter any of the upcoming tournaments.

Additional terms

The links for the referral will be generated from each User’s Account on the Platform. The new user using the referrer’s referral link should not be prior registered User of the Platform.

The nature and value of Rewards to be credited will be based on the Referral Program offered by AIO GAMES at any given point in time to an individual User.

AIO GAMES reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without any prior notice. Rewards and their types are subject to modification at AIO GAMES’s sole discretion without notice to the Users.

Users found to have been committing fraud will be blocked from the AIO GAMES platform. Appropriate action (including leal action for damages) may be taken against the User committing such fraud or any other activity illegal prohibited by law.

The reward amount/type is based on the applicable reward on the day a user’s referral signs up and completes the registration on the platform.

There is no limit on a user in terms of the number of friends one can refer.


Users will not receive credit for referring themselves by creating multiple Accounts. User’s found with multiple accounts on the Platform shall be suspended and the Reward credited in such multiple accounts of the User will be revoked.

Users will not offer incentives to others who register new accounts using the referral links. Users must not induce, threaten, or force the new Users to register.

AIO GAMES reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or disqualify an Account from the Referral Program or nullify the referral Rewards.

Taxes applicable

The Users are responsible for paying any and all taxes or commissions related to the Rewards earned by them through the Referral Programs on the Platform. AIO GAMES reserve the right to withhold taxes as appropriate and as required under the Applicable Laws.

Please contact Our 24x7 Customer Support at in case of any further queries.