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Refer and Earn on AIO Games

Refer and earn are a great way to make extra cash. All it takes to start making money with the apps is to recommend them to friends or relatives. Additionally, you don't need to exert any effort.

What does the AIO Games referral reward program provide?

Every customer can refer a friend or a family member and earn through AIO Games’ referral reward program.

After using your referral code to sign up, your friends instantly receive Rs. 100 in their AIO Games wallet. You also receive Rs.100. This sum can be used to play games on the platform.

AIO Games app lets you earn money by referring friends, family, or acquaintances through their "refer and earn" programs.

You can get paid a commission or referral incentive for each person who joins or makes a purchase using your special referral link, which you can share with others. Discounts or exclusive deals are also given to the individuals you recommend.

This is a fantastic way to make money while assisting others in discovering top-notch goods or services.

How to Refer and Earn on AIO Gaming App?

Case 1: Registered User

Case 2: New User

Why should you refer AIO Games to your friends and family?

You can play skill-based and real money earning games on AIO Games, which is one of India's platforms with one of the fastest-growing user bases.

Real-money games have the advantage of offering enormous payouts and providing players with the highest level of enjoyment.

It is easy to see why AIO Games has picked us as their primary platform for? skill cash games as so many fans in India are steadily hopping on board.

AIO Games provides active customer assistance and an intuitive user interface. Deposits and withdrawals are both simple and speedy. We are among the top in the real money gaming industry because of our features that protect the player’s identity and banking information.

About AIO Games Referral Program

You may play rummy, poker, fantasy cricket games, and Online Ludo with this great fantasy sports app. If you follow sports fantasy, you are probably already familiar with this referral reward program. The AIO Games app immediately credits your account with Rs.100.

AIO Games is a better program than other fantasy gaming apps that only give incentives on referrals because it lets you withdraw money whenever you want from your bank account.

FAQs on Refer and Earn

Who is a Referrer?

A customer of AIO Games is the referrer when he/she recommends one of his friends to register an account with AIO Games and play games on it.

The acquaintance who creates an AIO Games account using the referrer's referral link is known as the referee.

Customers of AIO Games who refer their friends and loved ones to AIO Games are rewarded through the Refer & Earn program. The referrer receives Rs.100 as a referral bonus for each friend they refer who creates an account on AIO Games. Even the acquaintance receives a bonus of Rs.100 by the referral code as well as Rs.100 as a welcome bonus.

The Refer & Earn program at AIO Games is incredibly easy to use. In the 'Refer & Earn' part of the AIO Games app or web portal, the referrer must either share the referral link or enter the data of their buddy.

The referee will then use this referral link to open an account (after receiving it via email and SMS).

An instant bonus of 100 will be credited to the referrer's account as soon as the referee establishes the account, and the referee receives a bonus of Rs.100 by the referral code as well as Rs.100 as a welcome bonus.

Both the referrer and the referee's AIO Games accounts are automatically awarded the referral prize. After the referee has finished opening an account, the referrer will earn a bonus of Rs. 100 within 24 hours.

Once the referral bonus has been applied to your account, you (the referrer) will get an email and SMS update.

You must already be the user of AIO Games in order to be eligible for Refer and Earn benefits, and the Referee must sign up for an account with AIO Games using your referral link.

Yes, you can.