This Game involves financial risk and can be habit-forming. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply*

100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Massive real cash winnings

Massive real cash winnings

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Referring a friend is rewarding

Referring a friend is rewarding

Multiple games

Multiple games

Play Real Money Poker Games on AIO Games

One of the most followed games online, Real Money Poker has become a frenzy amongst most of the Indians.

There's no shortage of poker players in India but with the advent of technology, Poker's become an online activity. Players/users can now get use to their favourite activity online!

Real Money poker offers swift gaming experience, fast withdrawals, quick transactions and also become a pro by going head-to-head against some of the best in the world.

AIO Games' real money poker app has some of the best tables for every player's bankroll and objectives.

Is Playing Real Money Poker Games Legal In India?

AIO Games makes sure our users get the best poker game experience. The platform is 100% legal.

As per the Honourable Supreme Court of India, "Such competitions, where Success depends on quite a substantial degree of skill, are not necessarily "gambling." And that is why most online poker sites/apps including AIO Games are legally valid & have no connections to betting whatsoever.

However, some Indian state governments in states like Gujarat, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana have regularized laws that prohibit players from playing Poker and other fantasy related games & that's why it falls under the illegal category.

So, if you are citizen of the state/s, you cannot participate in online poker games for real money.

Different types of Real Money Poker Games

Ask any pro poker players, online poker real money can be played in many ways. Over the years, real money games in India have evolved simultaneously and there are multiple versions that are played across the world.

AIO Games offers a range of Poker variants that one can enjoy and win real money too! Whilst playing real poker game and its variants, one can enjoy playing the real cash game as well as the freeroll chips.

No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker Game (Cash):

This variant of real poker money game is quite popular and one of the oldest one as well. In this variant, there are about 2-10 players are involved on the table.

At the start, 2-hole cards are dished out to each player in hand, with four betting rounds involved - Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn & River.

In this variant of poker cash game, players get the option to raise, call on bets, re-raise and check their hand. In the end, the player takes the pot. If there's a tie involved between 2 or more players, the cash pot is split equally.

Pot Limit Omaha:

When it comes to Omaha poker, players here use hole, community cards and also blinds. Each player receives 4-hole cards & they must use the 2-hole cards & community cards to create a best of five-card poker hand.

Pot Limit Omaha is one of the most popular Indian poker real money variant.

Whilst playing Pot Limit Omaha, the poker players have to use 2-hole cards to get the best poker hand and in turn allows players to use any combos of hole and community cards that lead to a best poker hand.

Stud Poker

When real money poker game players want a bit of 'different' to Texas Hold'em and Omaha, Stud Poker game is the ideal game for them.

Stud Poker is very different to the former community card games. Whilst playing Stud Poker, real poker game players receive their own deck of cards in which some are faced-up and down. Here the faced-up card is also termed as a door card.

Razz Poker

Razz is a real money poker game that has a lowest possible hand. When playing Razz, poker players have only one goal in their minds - get the lowest possible hand.

In Razz, the ace works as the lowest possible hand card and does not work as a high card as compared to its variants. Furthermore, straights and flushes are not permitted in Razz.

Why AIO Games is the best poker real money app?

At the moment, there are hundreds of real money poker apps in India. But with AIO Games at the helm, poker has really taken a massive raise.

Following we share a list of reasons as to why AIO Games is the ideal destination for real money poker -

Made for India: AIO Games is an Indian brand that has been made with LOVE by the selfless Indians. Here you can connect with thousands of poker players across the country and play to win real cash money.

Poker app real money have a niche market and that's why AIO Games gives you the ideal poker playing experience.

Ultimate game experience: AIO Games delivers a seamless gaming experience that will leave the poker players wanting for more. The UI has been specifically built to give you a poker table-esque like feel and whilst playing, you will not find the game being stuck or lagged.

Furthermore, as the game builds on, your valuable feedback/suggestions could help us improve the game even further.

Get to know the Game's play: If you're starting new to real money poker game, then there's no need to be worried.

AIO Games has got it all covered with its up-to-date Poker content/blogs that provide you with the ideal information right from 'How to Play Real Money Poker' to 'The Best Poker Games' etc.

Safety guaranteed: At AIO Games, we take security & information classification very seriously. Right from the bank details to your credit/debit card details, your details remain safe.

AIO Games' Real Money Poker games give you the ideal platform to play and enjoy poker to the maximum.

Various Payment options: At AIO Games, we have made available multiple payment modes for your instant withdrawals and deposits.

24x7 Customer Support: If there's any trouble around withdrawals, KYC, registrations or game related query, we have made available 24x7 Customer support for our users that can solve the query on the go!

How to Download Real Money Poker App on your android mobile?

With technology seamlessly available on the palm of your hands, real money poker players can now play their favourite poker game on various apps.

However, you might feel stuck as to which app could be the ideal destination to play poker for real money? Your answer - AIO Games! Just visit AIO Games real money poker app, enter your mobile number and get the link to download the apk file for your android phone.

What's more, you can also download the app via Android & iOS as well! Download NOW & Enjoy your favourite real money poker game!

Steps to download the AIO Games app on your Android Phone

Real Money Poker game formats on AIO Games

With so many apps offering their own version on real money poker games, AIO Games brings you a seamless poker playing experience that you will have never played before.

Below we list the types that can be played on the AIO Games app -

Cash Game:

When playing the cash game format, players enter the table with a buy-in rake, which can minimum or maximum or even in between.

Here the players have the option to leave the table at any given time as only 2-10 players can be brought to the table.

Poker tables have a 6-player capacity & our players can play between No-Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit or 5 Card Omaha. So, enjoy your favourite real money poker variant & stand a chance to win real cash!

Real Money Poker tournaments:

Poker tournaments are a good opportunity for real money poker players to earn huge winnings.

Here, there's a fixed buy-in and every player gets an equal stack amount. The prized cash amount is equally distributed as per the rules and whoever survives on the poker table.

For tournament rules and prize structures, you can view them in the tourney lobby itself.