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All About Full House in Poker

Poker is the best card game because it thrives on excitement, thrill, and the fear of uncertainty among its players. Its hand rankings decide the fate of the people sitting at the table. Whether you are playing Omaha or Texas Hold 'em, the rules are uncomplicated, but the stakes are often high.

This is how the poker hand rankings in Poker appear from the strongest to the weakest – Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pairs, Pair, and High Card.

Here, you will learn everything there is to know about Full House in Poker. Simply put, a Full House hand combines Three-of-a-Kind and a Pair.

If by the end of the game, you have three cards of the same value and two remaining cards of the same value but different from the other three cards, you have a Full House.

A Full House can be beaten by three combinations – Four-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

What is a Full House in Poker?

The main objective of Poker is to produce the best 5-card hand. When you play Texas Hold 'em, the most played Poker variant in the world, you are dealt two cards (hole cards). As the game progresses, the dealer will unveil five more cards, aka the community cards, using which you must make the best possible hand.

Now, Full House is one of the hand possibilities, and as stated, only three other combinations can beat the Full House hand.

If you are new to this card game, you may wonder what a Full House in Poker is? Well, this hand comprises three cards belonging to the same rank, and two remaining cards of the same rank, but dissimilar from the previous three cards. Once you achieve this meld, you have a Full House.

Where Does Full House Stand in Poker Rankings?

Landing a Full House in Poker can benefit a player, as it is considered one of the strongest hands. In the list of Poker rankings, it stands at fourth position and can beat six other combinations in the card game.

Only a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, and Four-of-a-Kind hand trumps it. You get a Full House when you have three cards of the same rank paired with two different cards of the same rank.

More than one player can form this meld. In such a scenario, the individual with the best Three-of-a-Kind will be declared the winner. For example, the combination AD-AC-AS-6C-6D will always beat a KH-KD-KC-7S-7C.

Other names for Full House are 'Full Boat' or simply 'Boat'.

What are the Full House Poker Rules?

In Poker, there is a possibility of getting 10 versions of a hand, one of them being Full House. Despite being fourth on the list of hands, a Full House is considered a strong hand and you should be an optimist if you get this meld, especially in Poker tournaments where the probability of landing it is rare.

So, what exactly are the Full House rules? Your objective in the game is to produce the best 5-card hand superior to other players' cards. To achieve a Full House, your cards should be a combination of Three-of-a-Kind and Pair hands.

You may also wonder whether there exists an unbeatable hand. Yes, there is, and it is called 'Aces Full of Kings'. To achieve this combination with the least probability, you should be targeting Aces and Kings. A-A-A-K-K is known as Aces full of Kings.

Full House Hand Examples in Poker

Highlighted here are a few examples to help you to comprehend how Full House Hand works.

Example 1:

In a game of Texas Hold 'em, the highest card you can get is A-A-A-K-K, and no other hand can beat it. It is called Ace full of Kings.

If you have the Ace full of Kings hand and your opponent has Q-Q-Q-A-A or Queens Full, you will be declared as the winner.

Example 2:

In Poker, the face value of cards often plays a determining factor in choosing a winner. On instances, more than one player will end up with a Full House. So, by considering the face value of cards, the winner is decided.

In tiebreaker situations, the Three-of-a-Kind aspect of the meld is considered, unless they are of the same value as showcased above. Here, that will be overlooked and instead, the value of Pair will be the deciding factor. So, Player 2 will have beaten Player 1 in the abovementioned example.

Poker Hands That Beat Full House

It cannot be stated enough how mighty a Full House hand is in Poker. Nevertheless, three other combinations can thump it. So, what beats Full House in Poker? The hands Four-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush do.

Below is the description of what these three hands are –


A Four-of-a-Kind hand comprises four cards of the same value, but different suits and one random card. For example, KH-KD-KS-KC-7H

Straight Flush:

You earn a Straight Flush when all five of your cards belong to the same suit and are sequentially arranged. For example, 7H-8H-9H-10H-JH

Royal Flush:

When you have 10-J-Q-K-A that belong to the same suit sequentially arranged, the hand is called Royal Flush. Royal Flush is the highest hand in Poker and cannot be beaten

What Hands Are Beaten by a Full House?

As stated, Full House is really good hand to have in Poker. It is strong and beats six other hands that are inferior in comparison.

Below are these hands listed from strongest to the weakest –

Full House Hand Probability

Using a set of 5 cards, you can form 156 distinct Full House hands. However, the probability of getting a Full House in Poker is 0.1441%.

Tiebreaker in a Full House Situation

There is a possibility in Poker that two players or more will end with a Full House. Poker has rules set in place to address a tiebreaker scenario and declare the winner.

Strategies to Play Full House in Texas Holdem

In Texas Hold'em, you are required to form the best 5-card hand using 2 'hole' cards and the community cards.

Strategies to Play Full House in Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is different compared to Texas Hold 'em regarding one rule, as in this Poker variant, players are dealt four 'hole' cards instead of two. You can only use two of these cards to make the best 5-card hand with help from the community cards.

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