This Game involves financial risk and can be habit-forming. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply*

100% secured and legal
100% secured and legal
24/7 customer support
24/7 customer support
Massive real cash winnings
Massive real cash winnings
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Referring a friend is rewarding
Referring a friend is rewarding
Multiple games
Multiple games

Withdraw your winnings like a pro

Quick and safe transfer your winnings in your bank account via multiple modes.

Play Poker Game Online and Win Real Cash

Online Poker is one of the most celebrated games in India. It is a sheer skill-based card game and people enjoy the variants too. At AIO, we offer amazing gaming experience with high standard user interface to our players.

It hardly matters, who you are, a pro or a beginner, everybody has got their type of pots and winnings. India’s leading online gaming platform offers multiple advantages to players for the world class experience.

There are so many real money online Poker games are available at AIO Games. Poker is a sheer skill-based card game where multiple players play at a single table and compete with each other.

This game has the potential to make you win big. You just need to show some Poker skills and the winnings will follow you.

What is Poker Game Online?

Poker is a skill-based card game that can be played online in India too. Even many Poker players have liked the online Poker concept to win real money.

India is a country where card or tash games are appreciated in families or groups. Online poker game is a celebrated card game, and many Poker players are enjoying huge winnings as well.

At AIO Games, you can play multiple Poker tournaments to win real cash. You just need to download the app to play Poker cash contests. Even every player has got a chance to play different types of online poker to win huge rewards.

AIO Games platform has an intelligent user interface that attracts customers and promotes ease in playing. Even the withdrawals are super easy and quick.

There are so many real money online poker games are available at AIO Games. Poker is a sheer skill-based card game where multiple players play at a single table and compete with each other.

All-In-One Games has got many deposits offers, bonuses for its users that promotes them to play big and win even bigger.

It is evident that AIO Games is the real money poker app in India and the user base is very high because of the trust and other variables of the application.

Online Poker is an art that makes you win real money by just flaunting your skills and that even can lead you to become one of the biggest Poker players in the country.

How to play Poker Game Online?

Read about Poker Hands and Sequence


AIO Games Rake Structure

Rake is a fee collected from hands according to the rake chart.

What is considered as a Rake Hand?

A hand in which rake was taking out from the pot is considered as a rake hand. A player is considered to play a rake hand if a hand has generated at least 0.01 in rake for that player when cards were dealt.

When Rake is being calculated?

If the pot size is more than or equal to preset one for such type of game and number of players.

Example. Several players made Blind. One made a Raise. If remaining players fold the cards, the player who made bet gets the whole amount without deducting the rake, even the amount is more than or equal to the amount from which rake is taken.

Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP
0.5/1 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 5.02% 19
1/2 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.01% 13 5.02% 17
2/5 4.90% 29 4.90% 59 4.90% 29 4.90% 59 4.01% 34 5.02% 50
5/10 4.50% 59 4.50% 99 4.50% 59 4.50% 99 4.01% 84 5.02% 105
10/25 4.50% 119 4.50% 159 4.50% 119 4.50% 159 4.01% 84 5.02% 105
25/50 4.50% 200 4.50% 229 4.50% 149 4.50% 229 3.54% 209 4.72% 299
50/100 3.90% 275 3.90% 350 3.90% 249 3.90% 299 3.19% 267 3.93% 343
100/200 3.50% 350 3.50% 450 3.50% 299 3.50% 399 3.19% 382 3.61% 457
200/400 3.50% 525 3.50% 645 3.50% 399 3.50% 549 3.19% 452 3.61% 557
250/500 3.10% 550 3.10% 675 2.90% 399 2.90% 499 2.80% 572 3.37% 687
300/600 2.90% 599 2.90% 699 2.50% 549 2.50% 699 - - - -
400/800 2.80% 650 2.80% 800 2.50% 549 2.50% 699 - - - -
500/1000 2.75% 725 2.75% 999 2.50% 649 2.50% 949 2.60% 762 2.80% 1067
1000/2000 2.50% 725 2.50% 1049 2.50% 699 2.50% 999 2.44% 851 2.71% 1158
2000/4000 2.50% 725 2.50% 1099 2.70% 1000 3.00% 1150 - - - -
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  • Select a Game
    Choose from a lobby of popular game and start playing.

  • Join a Tournament or 1 vs 1 battle
    You can play a LIVE tournament and a battle full day.

  • Compete & Win Real Cash
    Set a new score every time you play. Get your winnings instantly to your wallet at the end of the tournament or battle.

  • Withdraw Cash instantly
    Withdraw your winning cash to your Bank Account Instantly.

Why Play Poker Game Online at AIO Games?

There are multiple reasons why online apps have built a big user base. Every user who is playing poker online games should feel a strong reason to be stuck with the same app and here we will give you many more reasons to be a part of India’s leading online gaming app.


We have a team of professionals who are continuously working to make the user experience better. Trust is a shape that is important for any to run and hence AIO Games is doing an amazing job at the same end.

Multiple cash contests

Here at our platform, each player can join multiple cash contests and can get a chance to flaunt their skills. There is no limit to talent and here is your chance to make justice with this. Play online poker cash games and stand a chance to win huge rewards.

Easy withdrawals

Making money through playing poker games online is not just the only thing but one should withdraw that hard-earned money easily. AIO Games have ensured smooth software for easy and super quick withdrawals so that nothing should go in vain.

Amazing offers

To attract an honest and high userbase, AIO Games have much to offer. There are deposit offers, refer a friend and many on-site too. It is a box that has gifts on a regular base and that is one of the biggest reasons to spread smiles.

Poker is a tash game that needs a bit of skill. Yes, it is totally a skill-based card game by which one can win real money online.

In this game, multiple players sit on a table with a dealer and try to win the game with their skills and brain. This game does not depend on luck on the calls made by each player. Only the skill is the real king in Poker.

Play Real money Poker at AIO Games

Poker players be ready to experience the all-new world of Poker with AIO Games where games never end. We have set a platform where each one of you can play different types of Poker to win real cash instantly.

These different variants have their own magic and cash structure. In short, we can say that day by day Poker is getting bigger in India and we are taking it to you with utmost professionalism.

AIO Games is one of the best real money poker app, and you just need to download it by its apk file. Install the app, join the contest and flaunt your Poker skills to win daily.

There are multiple reasons for our success. We are honest in nature and have got different Poker variants so that one can sit in their comfort to win big.


Is it easy to learn Poker?

Playing Poker is not difficult as this can be learnt easily. It is a skill-based game, and it has all the ways to polish it.

Yes, one can win real money by playing poker on the authentic applications.

Yes, it is 100% legal to play online Poker in India. It has got real money deposits and withdrawals.

Steps to Install


Tap ‘OK’ to complete the download,
The AIO app is 100% safe and legal.

Step 1 - Tap ‘OK’ to complete the download

Wait for the download
to finish.

Step 2 - Wait for the download to finish.

Open settings and turn on the unknown
sources to install the AIO games app.

Step 3 - Allow installing the app


Won ₹15 Lakhs
Clint Saddler, Delhi

I won ₹15 Lakhs thanks to AIO Games. Thanks to the passion for the game, I could manoeuvre strategies and win huge cash prizes.

Clint Saddler, Delhi
Won ₹10 Lakhs
Mehul Sankhe, Mumbai

I heard about AIO Games over the internet and I was instantly attached to it. I love cricket and I feel my strategy in the game made me a winner. Surely, I'll use the money for better use in my family.

Mehul Sankhe, Mumbai
Won ₹6 Lakhs
Rakesh Rangnekar, Chennai

I'm from Chennai and I wasn't so sure about entering into this first but I tried my luck and the rest is history. I'm very happy that I won this huge cash prize!

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