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100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

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24/7 customer support

Massive real cash winnings

Massive real cash winnings

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Instant deposits and withdrawals

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Referring a friend is rewarding

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Multiple games

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Play Poker Game Online and Win Real Cash

Online Poker is one of the most celebrated games in India. It is a sheer skill-based card game and people enjoy the variants too. At AIO, we offer amazing gaming experience with high standard user interface to our players.

It hardly matters, who you are, a pro or a beginner, everybody has got their type of pots and winnings. India’s leading online gaming platform offers multiple advantages to players for the world class experience.

There are so many real cash Poker games available at AIO Games. Poker is a sheer skill-based card game where multiple players play at a single table and compete with each other.

This game has the potential to make you win big. You just need to show some Poker skills and the winnings will follow you. Online Poker is an art that makes you win real money by just flaunting your skills and that even can lead you to become one of the biggest Poker players in the country.

What is Poker Game?

Regardless of whether you are new to card games or an aficionado, Poker is one name that you have surely heard of. In the former scenario, you might wonder what poker is.

Poker is one of the most popular card games and is played around the world. You can find casinos hosting a variety of poker tables containing poker variations, giving individuals the option to play their favourite variant.

Thanks to technology, you can find poker games being hosted online, too. There are dedicated websites and mobile applications that you can visit to play your preferred poker game.

In the United States, poker is considered the national card game, as its gameplay and terminologies resonate with the local culture. A game involving betting, poker’s main objective is to win the pot by having the best possible 5-card hand among the competing players.

There are various combinations, also known as the ranking of hands, that can win you the matches. As stated, the rules of poker are easy to understand and if the game generates a bit of curiosity in you, read on to know more about this card game.

Poker is a skill-based card game that can be played online in India too. Even many Poker players have liked the online Poker concept to win real cash. India is a country where card or tash games are appreciated in families or groups.

Online poker game is a celebrated card game, and many Poker players are enjoying huge winnings as well. At AIO Games, you can play multiple Poker tournaments to win real cash. You just need to download the app to play Poker cash contests.

Even every player has got a chance to play different types of online poker to win huge rewards. AIO Games platform has an intelligent user interface that attracts customers and promotes ease in playing. Even the withdrawals are super easy and quick.

There are so many online poker cash game at AIO Games. Poker is a sheer skill-based card game where multiple players play at a single table and compete with each other.

All-In-One Games has got many deposits offers, bonuses for its users that promotes them to play big and win even bigger. It is evident that AIO Games is the poker cash game app in India and the user base is very high because of the trust and other variables of the application.

History of Poker

Poker was invented in the early years of the 19th century by the French settlers in New Orleans. Though this rendition is the one largely accepted, some historians state that the initial traces of poker can be found in games played during the 10th-century Chinese empire.

Since its invention, poker has seen its popularity grow with each passing year. Today, poker not only exists in the States but also in many other countries across Europe and Asia as well as other continents.

The rules initially involved dealing with 5 cards between each player using a 20-card deck. With the game becoming renowned among the world population, the need for a 52-card deck came into existence and ever since poker took the card games world by fire.

The longest poker game played started in 1881 and is said to have taken 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days to conclude. The year 1993 witnessed a prize pool of $1 million during the WSOP Main Event.

How did Online Poker Come into Existence?

The invention of the Internet changed the face of online activities, as it gradually saw games being introduced online. The initial versions of poker were free and did not involve any form of cash exchange.

Though no record exists as to when the first game of free online poker was launched, the year is reported to be 1994. The inception of money-based online poker is dated as January 1998, the first game being Texas Hold'em.

History of Poker Games in India

Poker has never received much widespread acclaim in India. However, with the game now available online, and cash prizes to be won, the number of players grows every day.

It is said that poker games have existed in India for over a hundred years now, however, due to restrictions, most gambling activities took place underground.

Poker achieved mainstream success in India in the 1990s. It is, however, noteworthy that laws surrounding public gambling are somewhat hazy and vary from state to state.

Over time, a lot of companies have emerged that offer gaming through their website or mobile applications. You can be a part of this revolution and enjoy gaming while making money doing what you love.

How to play Poker Game Online?


AIO Games Rake Structure

Rake is a fee collected from hands according to the rake chart.

What is considered as a Rake Hand?

A hand in which rake was taking out from the pot is considered as a rake hand. A player is considered to play a rake hand if a hand has generated at least 0.01 in rake for that player when cards were dealt.

When Rake is being calculated?

If the pot size is more than or equal to preset one for such type of game and number of players.

Example. Several players made Blind. One made a Raise. If remaining players fold the cards, the player who made bet gets the whole amount without deducting the rake, even the amount is more than or equal to the amount from which rake is taken.

Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP Rake % CAP
0.5/1 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 5.02% 19
1/2 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.90% 19 4.01% 13 5.02% 17
2/5 4.90% 29 4.90% 59 4.90% 29 4.90% 59 4.01% 34 5.02% 50
5/10 4.50% 59 4.50% 99 4.50% 59 4.50% 99 4.01% 84 5.02% 105
10/25 4.50% 119 4.50% 159 4.50% 119 4.50% 159 4.01% 84 5.02% 105
25/50 4.50% 200 4.50% 229 4.50% 149 4.50% 229 3.54% 209 4.72% 299
50/100 3.90% 275 3.90% 350 3.90% 249 3.90% 299 3.19% 267 3.93% 343
100/200 3.50% 350 3.50% 450 3.50% 299 3.50% 399 3.19% 382 3.61% 457
200/400 3.50% 525 3.50% 645 3.50% 399 3.50% 549 3.19% 452 3.61% 557
250/500 3.10% 550 3.10% 675 2.90% 399 2.90% 499 2.80% 572 3.37% 687
300/600 2.90% 599 2.90% 699 2.50% 549 2.50% 699 - - - -
400/800 2.80% 650 2.80% 800 2.50% 549 2.50% 699 - - - -
500/1000 2.75% 725 2.75% 999 2.50% 649 2.50% 949 2.60% 762 2.80% 1067
1000/2000 2.50% 725 2.50% 1049 2.50% 699 2.50% 999 2.44% 851 2.71% 1158
2000/4000 2.50% 725 2.50% 1099 2.70% 1000 3.00% 1150 - - - -

Poker Sequence and Hand Rankings

Poker hand rankings are ten in numbers. These hands contain sequences and other pairs that can be formed using three or more cards. Below are the poker sequence featured from the highest to the lowest –

Royal Flush - Royal Flush is an invincible card combination in poker and cannot be beaten. It contains a sequence of 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace belonging to the same suit

Straight Flush - Straight Flush is the second-highest hand in poker and can be beaten only by a Royal Flush. It is a sequence of cards belonging to the same suit in increasing order of value. For example, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the Clubs are arranged sequentially

Four-of-a-Kind - A four-of-a-kind hand is formed when four out of the five cards are of the same rank. The remaining one card can be random

Full House - A Full House sees cards arranged in a 3+2 formation where three cards carry the same value and the other two cards are of similar but of a different rank. For example, 9H-9C-9D-2S-2H

Flush - Flush contains a group of five random cards all belonging to the same suit without any sequence

Straight - A Straight hand comprises five cards in sequence, but not represent the same suit

Three-of-a-Kind - A three-of-a-kind hand is where three out of the five cards are of the same value, with the remaining two being random cards

Two Pair - When a five-card hand comprises two cards of the same rank, and other two cards of the same rank but not similar to the previous one, it is called two pair

Pair - A Pair hand is where two cards represent the same rank and the remaining three cards are random

High Card - A high card hand does not fall into any of the above categories and is normally used to break deadlocks wherein determining the winner is difficult

Read about - Poker Hands Ranking

Poker Vocabularies

There are hundreds of poker terms and slang that you will hear people speak to while at the table. Though memorising all of them may be somewhat of an accomplishment, familiarising yourself with a few basic ones can help you get through your gaming experience swimmingly.

Here are a few poker terminologies that you should be aware of –

Ante: Ante is the minimum amount that the players pay in order to participate in an ongoing hand. The process takes place at the beginning of a poker game

Blind: Blind is similar to ante and is a mandatory bet containing the minimum amount for participation. There are two types of blinds – small and big. A small blind is the half of the ante value, whereas a big blind represents the full ante value

Call: Call is the bet made that is equivalent to the previous betting amount

Check: Check is when a player does not bet but does not fold either

Community Cards: Community Cards are placed at the centre of the table and can be used by all players to form their best 5-card hand

Flop: The first three out of the five community cards revealed by the dealer are called the flop. The two cards that are subsequently revealed are known as turn and river, respectively

Fold: Fold is the forfeit by a player at the table

Hole cards: Hole cards are the cards that are dealt to the players face down

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Why Are Poker Games So Popular?

By now, you may have understood the impact of poker worldwide, but you may think why that is. There are several reasons why poker is so popular today. You can read through some of the reasons below -

Poker is a game of skills:

As opposed to the general belief that poker is mostly about luck and chance, the truth is that the card game has a lot to do with skills. Poker was invented to challenge players enabling them to develop their own skill sets to beat their opponents.

The same applies to online gaming as well. The developers modify a few rules to make the game more challenging for the players and since poker facilitates the development of skills, it is well-liked.

Competitiveness at peak:

A game is played to win and poker is no different. Poker is known to bring out the competitive spirit in people. Many people believe that people play poker for its financial rewards.

Although that may be the end goal, the road to achieving it is highly competitive. The competition aspect of poker encourages players to take unprecedented risks just to win.

Players are said to experience a different level of excitement and adrenaline while competing and those emotions only become two fold with victory in sight.

A Social Activity

When you play poker, you compete against actual players, which makes it a social activity. You can also play against your friends and family members in friendly competitions and at other social gatherings with acquaintances and strangers.

With companies offering extraordinary rewards on their online portal, there is no reason why you should not play poker.

The Cultural Impact:

Though poker is mainly a part of the American culture, its impact has been felt all over the world. You can watch poker be a part of pop culture references through cinema and TV shows.

Also, everyday idioms such as chips are down, wild card, etc. are derived from poker.

How to Win Poker Cash Game?

In order to win at poker, it is important to constantly improve and think of different ways to beat your opponents. The process starts with keeping a calm mind because poker rounds can get overwhelming considering the stakes.

There are some basic guidelines to win game of poker that you should be aware of, as they will make your gameplay seamless. Some combinations are considered guaranteed success, whereas others leave you in a lurch.

For instance, having K-K or A-A is considered a winning hand. Conversely, 8-8 or 9-9 are seen as basic and may or may not win you the hand.

Below are a few other strategies that can help you to win poker game –

Maths is key: Knowing the basics of mathematics can help a great deal in figuring out the winning ways of poker. Through maths, you can become a good judge of card probabilities. There are certain odds of you getting a particular hand and learning how to calculate that can make the difference for you.

Try different approaches: Following just one strategy that has worked for you in the past can shut down any possibility of creativity. You can try out different approaches that can make your gameplay interesting.

For instance, you can try to play poker aggressively by betting a lot and placing huge bets; if the situation demands, you can opt for sandbagging, which is a deceptive style of play where you bet a weak hand despite holding the strongest cards.

Understand the table position: Your position at the poker table plays a significant role in decision-making. When you are one of the first players to play, you may find yourself in the mud forcing you to make unwanted changes in your approach.

On the other hand, being far seated gives you the opportunity to examine the table more closely.

Do not limp: Limping is a situation in poker wherein you enter the pot by calling instead of raising. In order to prevent this from happening, it is essential that you take control of your bets. When you limp often, your chances of winning the pot diminish.

Learn to bluff effectively: Bluffing effectively can pull you out of a tough spot in poker and you might even end up winning the hand. During a poker tournament, in the heat of the moment, you may miss the turn or the flop making it essential for you to learn how to emerge out of that slump.

You can bluff even when you have a good hand, in the process of building the pot and eventually strike when the iron is hot.

Real Cash Poker Game That Is 100% Safe

While playing poker games online, one of your major concerns is security. One of the reasons why online gaming is largely popular, in addition to offering real cash games, is that it is highly secure.

The developers ensure to sign up with the best security providers, helping their members to keep their finances secure. Becoming a member of one of these platforms will not only give you access to top-class gaming but a high level of security, too.

Rest assured whether you are adding money to your wallet or withdrawing your winnings, all your transactions will be seamless and all this happens in a quick turnaround time as well.

Different Types of Poker Games

Card games are a hit because of the variety of options available in them. Poker itself has its own variations that you can play offline as well as online. These variants differ based on their level of complexity, length, and style of play.

Below are some of the poker game types

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is arguably the best and most renowned poker variant and is played in many countries around the world. The game involves betting and is played out across different stages –

The players also place individual bets depending on the strength of their hands. They must also decide whether they should call, raise, or fold. The game normally ends when one player is left holding the best five-card hand.

Occasionally, there are situations wherein two players are left standing prompting a showdown; the player with the best hand wins the pot.

Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is similar to Texas Hold'em, but instead of two ‘hole’ cards, players are dealt four ‘hole’ cards. Out of these four cards, they must only choose two cards to form their best hand using the three community cards that the dealer will gradually reveal.

The betting process remains the same throughout similar to Texas Hold'em. All players play till the end and the player with the best five-card hand wins.

Omaha Hi-Lo

The rules of Omaha Hi-Lo in regards to the distribution of hole cards as well as betting rounds are the same as Omaha poker.

The difference can be seen in regards to the rewards structure, as both, individuals with the highest and lowest hands, get the pot divided between them. Omaha Hi-Lo is also notorious for its large pots.

5 Card Omaha

5 Card Omaha is a card game derived from Omaha poker. Here, players at the table are dealt 5 cards each and using only 2 of those cards, they need to build the best hand.

Three community cards are revealed by the dealer as the game progresses. 5 Card Omaha can be played as a Pot Limit as well as No Limit variations.

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud is said to be one of the most complex poker card games and it takes time to master the craft. Players are dealt 2 ‘hole’ cards face down and another card face up.

Hand rankings are the same as Texas Hold'em. Betting takes place across different rounds with the objective of building the best five-card hand.

Texas 6+:

Texas 6+ is one of the more recent variants of Hold'em. The rules of this poker card game are more or less similar to Texas Hold'em, with the difference being instead of using a 52-card deck, only 36 cards come into play.

So, all value cards from 2 to 5 are discarded and cards 6 through Ace are used. Betting takes place across different rounds as the player with the best five-card hand is declared the winner.

Why AIO Is the Best Poker App?

You are bound to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect poker app to play games. Well, this is where your tough job is taken care of.

AIO Games is the best poker cash game app in India and along with providing the best gaming UI, it offers you some of the best rewards, too. In order to download the AIO Games mobile app, you can vist website. Scan the QR code or provide your contact number to receive the app download link.

Once you download and install the app, you receive an instant registration bonus using which you can play your preferred poker game online.The rewards don’t stop here, as AIO Games has referral bonuses in place, too.

Recommend the app to your friends, family, and acquaintances to install the app and get a referral bonus transferred to your wallet.

Another reason to choose AIO Games is its rewards, which is said to be one of the best in the industry. Their occasional Poker Tournaments and Contests offer unprecedented rewards and can be life-altering. You can be assured that gaming through this platform is 100% legal.

Why Play Online Poker Game at AIO Games

There are multiple reasons why online apps have built a big user base. Every user who is playing online poker cash games should feel a strong reason to be stuck with the same app and here we will give you many more reasons to be a part of India’s leading online gaming app.


We have a team of professionals who are continuously working to make the user experience better. Trust is a shape that is important for any to run and hence AIO Games is doing an amazing job at the same end.

Multiple cash contests

Here at our platform, each player can join multiple cash contests and can get a chance to flaunt their skills. There is no limit to talent and here is your chance to make justice with this. Play online poker cash games and stand a chance to win huge rewards.

Easy withdrawals

Making money through playing poker games online is not just the only thing but one should withdraw that hard-earned money easily. AIO Games have ensured smooth software for easy and super quick withdrawals so that nothing should go in vain.

Amazing offers

To attract an honest and high userbase, AIO Games have much to offer. There are deposit offers, refer a friend and many on-site too. It is a box that has gifts on a regular base and that is one of the biggest reasons to spread smiles.

Poker is a tash game that needs a bit of skill. Yes, it is totally a skill-based card game by which one can win real money online.

In this game, multiple players sit on a table with a dealer and try to win the game with their skills and brain. This game does not depend on luck on the calls made by each player. Only the skill is the real king in Poker.

Play Online Poker Cash Game on AIO APP

Poker players be ready to experience the all-new world of Poker with AIO Games where games never end. We have set a platform where each one of you can play different types of Poker to win real cash instantly.

These different variants have their own magic and cash structure. In short, we can say that day by day Poker is getting bigger in India and we are taking it to you with utmost professionalism.

AIO Games is one of the best real money poker app, and you just need to download it by its apk file. Install the app, join the contest and flaunt your Poker skills to win daily.

There are multiple reasons for our success. We are honest in nature and have got different Poker variants so that one can sit in their comfort to win big.


Is Poker a game of skill or luck?

Though luck plays a small part, poker has a lot to do with skills.

Poker is a thinking game and is said to have many cognitive benefits for its players. The game requires you to think on your feet and the constant practice keeps you active even when not playing the game.

Playing online poker is legal in many Indian states. The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competition Act of 1957 excludes poker from the description of gambling.

Yes, 2 players can play a poker cash game with a few modified rules, of course. In 2-player poker, the dealer plays as the small blind, whereas the second player is responsible for posting the big blind.

Texas Hold'em is considered the most popular poker game in the world.

Yes, poker definitely features in the list of best money earning poker games in India.

There are several major differences between poker and teen Patti in addition to their countries of origin. The gameplay largely varies since the objective of poker is to build the best 5-card hand, whereas in teen Patti, a player has to work with 3 cards.

Similarities between the two card games can be found in the sense that they are highly strategic.

Yes, as most mobile applications have dedicated free rooms for their members to practice and compete against different players.

AIO Game is considered the best poker app because of the cash-rich Contests and Tournaments as well as the bonuses and winners’ rewards that come along.

Though not difficult, the road to making poker a career can take years because it requires certain disciplines and planning, which may get impacted by government laws and regulations.

Ace is seen as the highest card in poker.

Card games have witnessed immediate acceptance in the Indian culture and it was about time poker got accepted, too. Poker saw itself becoming an integral part of Indian gaming between 2003 and 2006 and has only grown in popularity ever since.

Online poker has several benefits over live poker along the lines of higher rewards, better payouts, the convenience of playing, and fast gaming, to name a few.

Playing Poker is not difficult as this can be learnt easily. It is a skill-based game, and it has all the ways to polish it.

Yes, one can win real money by playing poker on the authentic applications.

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