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Massive real cash winnings

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Multiple games

Play Points Rummy and Win Real Cash on AIO Games

One of the variants of 13 cards Rummy, Points Rummy is basically a card game where players have to play for points with a pre-decided rupee worth.

If one must win a game of Points Rummy, he/she has to declare & have to get a score of 0. Whereas the loser of the game will calculate the remaining points that are in non-set & that's how the score will be tallied.

A winner can only take away the cash if he/she has more points than their opponent's total points. Point Rummy is one of the most sought after and quickest Rummy card game variant.

The rules aren't that difficult and if one has set his/her mind into, they are easy to understand and can conquer most of the rummy cash tables.

How to Play Points Rummy on AIO Games?

Points Rummy game can be played in a simple step-by-step guide. If you have downloaded the AIO Games application, make sure you do and install it at once.

AIO Games can be downloaded via the QR code on the website. Post installation, go to the Rummy game section, select the pool you want to play in and then pay the entry fee. Following are the rules that you can follow to play Points Rummy on AIO Games:

1. Dealing

Once you have paid the entry fee, you will see your opponent’s joining on the Rummy card table. So, the game starts with a 13-card that is dealt to each player as the rest are placed facing downwards in the centre.

Then a card is picked from the top of the cards that are placed in the centre, also known as Draw Pile. It is then placed at the bottom as a joker.

The dealer then picks another card and places it is facing upwards in the centre that goes to form a Discard Pile. Discard Pile is where you can discard your cards from.

2. Create Combos

Once the game has begun, all the players at the table have to make combinations of cards, that in turn give in to melding of sequences and sets. One needs to at least make two sequences, one which includes a pure one.

3. Declaring

So, when making a valid show of cards, one must possess at least 2 sequences & the other ones must have Pure and Impure. Also, if he/she makes a valid show & returns with no unmatched cards, he/she will be declared the winner - 0 Points Rummy score.

What's the significance of a Joker card in Points Rummy?

Before a game of Points Rummy is set to begin, there's a value that is assigned to a point.

So, for an example, let's assume you entered with Rs 4. Remember, if you group your cards in certain sets & sequences prior to your opponents' moves, then you are qualified as the winner and the tally turns to 0.

Now, the value of your unmatched cards i.e., not arranged in valid sets & sequences, of your opponents will be tallied. Thus, if there are 5 players on the table the value of their unmatched cards is 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 then in Point Rummy it will reflect as 4 multiplied by (10+20+30+40+50) which tallies to Rs 600.

How score is calculated in Points Rummy

In Points Rummy, a card player who makes a valid declaration is called a winner & also has zero points to go with it. Furthermore, the points from the unmatched cards of the losing players, will be tallied. Here's what goes into it -

Tips and Tricks to win in Points Rummy

Read below some of the tips and tricks that will help you whilst playing Points Rummy and also give you a slight superiority over your opponent. Here's what you can do -

Basic Rules to Play Points Rummy Cash Games

Points Rummy game can be played in a simple step-by-step guide. If you have downloaded the AIO Games application, make sure you do and install it at once.

Whilst playing Points Rummy game, one should remember that rules are pretty simple and easy to learn. Points Rummy is very similar to 13 Card Rummy with just minor differences in rules and game.

The following are the rules of Points Rummy that one should follow before starting their game:


What is Drop Option and How Does It Work In Points Rummy?

A Drop Option is nothing but a player's ability to drop out of the Points Rummy game without losing & too by a huge margin.

First Drop: If a player drops out in the first turn itself whilst playing Points Rummy, this is the first drop and eventually costs him/her 20 points penalty.

Middle Drop: Whilst playing Points Cash Rummy, if you drop out after selecting a card or two, it's termed as Middle Drop and costs 40 penalty points.

Repeated Miss: If you miss three turns back-to-back-to-back, then you will be dropped out of the game completely. It will still be considered as Middle Drop and be given 40 penalty points.

In Points Rummy, a player can score a maximum of 80 Points. Anything below the 80-mark is being awarded as it is. So, if a player is holding high value cards, the points accumulated are at 80.