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Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends Online

Online multiplayer games are considered revolutionary and a significant facet of gaming overall in this Internet age. There are different modes in which you can play games, which include local area networks (LAN) and cooperative gameplay mode.

The game titles resonate with the modern audience resulting in esports competitions being organised on a larger scale.

The creators of these games strive hard to put forward challenging hurdles for the gamers to enjoy. Over the years, classic games have evolved and matured into what the audiences have on their hands today.

So, what makes multiplayer games special? As the name suggests, these games are those that more than one individual can play at a given time. You can play online multiplayer games with friends and compete against one another.

Alternatively, you can team up and face other players or the in-game characters. Multiplayer games are played over the Internet, whereas the games you play using the local area networks are called networked multiplayer.

Regardless, more than one player can be involved in the activity simultaneously. The first game belonging to this setup was called Tennis for Two.

It had a short stint and was forgotten for the longest time. To keep the audiences interested and coming back for more, these games often contain a social element that is not seen in single-player games.

The early days of online multiplayer games saw the beginning of MUDs or multi-user dungeons wherein players operated their characters by typing in-game texts. Those days are long gone with the Internet taking the centre stage.

Today, we have massively multiplayer online role-playing games, also known as MMORPGs. It is the type of gaming that where essentials of role-playing games are amalgamated with the gameplay of multiplayer worlds. Some of the examples of MMORPGs are Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft and Black Desert.

What are Multiplayer Games?

Any game that more than one individual can play in a single sitting is called multiplayer game.

There are different mediums to play these games such as LAN, Internet, consoles and dial-up connections, to name a few. Thanks to available technology, split screen gaming is one of the accessible options today and is most preferred with consoles.

On a gaming website, players from different locations are connected through a server. This website lists all the games hosted on their platform. You can choose to play the game of your liking by connecting to it. Depending on the game that you opt, you can start your own journey or join other players on theirs.

Since different companies manufacture the games, they come with dissimilar layouts, stories, characters, etc. More often than not, these games support the number of players simultaneously anywhere between 5 and 50.

Another variant of online multiplayer games that you should know is Mass Multiplayer Online or MMO, which can support thousands of players concurrently.

How Do Online Multiplayer Games Work?

If you have played online multiplayer games, you may have at some point wondered how they work. A lot of work goes into developing a game, and though many people appreciate the work put in by the developers, they cannot truly understand the minute details.

More often than not, the companies operating today use a client-server model. In this models, all the commands that are input by the players, including mouse movement and keys pressed, are updated by the server for that particular character. The frequency at which the update is performed is called fresh rate.

Additionally, there is a necessity for ticks. Ticks are an essential aspect to offer the gamers a real time gaming experience. Basically, it is the number of times information gets updated per second. Then, data containing ticks is sent by the client, which impacts the movements of the characters inside the game.

There are two types of servers for multiplayer games –

Cloud game servers:

Cloud game servers are used for competitive gaming purposes. Games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends fall into this category. Here, the servers are hosted at a remote location in the cloud. This eliminates the stress related to an average individual hosting a game on their platform and is instead operated and controlled by the actual developer of the game.

Local player hosted game servers:

Local player hosted game servers are the most commonly used resource to host multiplayer games. By using this method, a player can host a gaming session on their platform while inviting others to join on their respective machines.

Multiplayer Games You Can Play on Mobile with You Friends

Technology has come far, enabling people to achieve results in quick time. The same theory is applicable for gaming. Developers within the online gaming industry are interested in making games accessible to customers at all times. Mobile applications are one of the best ways to market their brand and generate curiosity among gaming fans of different genres.

Through these mobile app, you gain access to a large number of online multiplayer games to play with friends. You can rest assured that the quality of these games is not compromised. Players experience the same amount of fun as they do while playing console games, pc games or online games.

Below are some of the most popular multiplayer games that you can play –

Online Poker Game

Arguably, Poker is the best card game ever invented. It has existed for decades and is played by thousands every day on their mobile phones. The game has numerous variants and they all come with simple rules that you can execute perfectly upon learning.

The source that you play with may or may not host the game for money, but in the former case, it may be a great alternative to earn extra cash while playing poker real money game.

In Poker, your goal is to make the best 5-card hand, regardless of which variation you are playing. Out of all the variations, Texas Holdem is the most popular one.

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Rummy Game

Rummy is another traditional card game that keeps players coming back for more. You can play Rummy online multiplayer games with friends or with strangers and win by strategising your moves better than your opponents.

This card game requires you to form sets and sequences using the 13 cards dealt by the dealer. It is essential that you make at least one pure sequence to contend for the top prize.

A pure sequence is when cards belonging to the same suit are arranged in consecutive order. You can play Rummy for cash or just as a competition, but one thing you are guaranteed is satisfaction.


Online Ludo games are available as part of free-to-play apps as well as in apps where you can earn money. The classic board game has been around for several decades; now, with it accessible on the mobile device, you can play it even while on-the-go.

One of the coolest aspects about it is that it can be played as one of the online multiplayer games with friends. You can team up with your close ones to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Tournament mode is another great way of earning extra cash. Tournaments are occasional events, so, make sure that you check news for any related updates.

Download Ludo App and Play Ludo Cash Game with your Friends and earn real money

Call Break Game

Call Break is a trick-taking game for which you need a minimum of 4 players. Of late it has gained immense popularity in India and its neighbouring regions.

Also known as Call Bridge or Lakadi Game, the objective of this card game is to win tricks. You need to make a bet beforehand as to how many tricks you can made using the cards dealt to you.

If you managed to exceed the committed number, you receive 0.1 bonus points. Conversely, not meeting the target makes you subject to negative marks (-3). This game is highly strategic and can keep you going on for hours.

Call of Duty:

If you are an admirer of shooting games, Call of Duty is one name that you have definitely heard of. If not, then now may be the time to give it a try. You can download this game on your mobile device and play team up under the multiplayer mode.

It gives you the opportunity to challenge other players logged online at the same time. This first-person shooting game has great visual graphics and maps to explore, plus different guns, to try to which you may not have access to in other shooting games.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go has been a sensation since debuting in 2016. Downloaded over 500 million times, this augmented reality game uses a phone’s GPS to track locations where a Pokemon character may appear.

You need to catch them using your phone. There are many Pokemon characters and there is no telling which character will appear. The intention of the developers was to encourage the gamers to move around, as opposed to being seated in front of a computer screen at all times.

UNO Game:

UNO is one of world’s most beloved card games that is played with a customised set of cards. The deck contains a total of 108 cards – 76 Number cards, 24 Action cards and 8 Wild cards.

The cards are divided in 4 colour suits – red, yellow, blue and green. The number cards range from 0-9, whereas the action cards include Draw 2, Reverse and Skip.

Wild cards, as the name suggests, are wild and considered massive game-changers. These include Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards. The objective of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all their cards.

GTA Online:

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most popular action-adventure online multiplayer games to play with friends. It has seen numerous upgrades since its first release in 1997.

In the game, as one of the characters, you assume the role of a criminal with the objective of climbing through the ranks of the organised crime world. You are faced with several in-game challenges and missions as a part of the storyline.

Some of the tasks that you can undertake within the game include the likes of driving vehicles, helicopters, firefighting, etc. The popularity of this game has risen so much that over time celebrities such as Ray Liota, Samuel L. Jackson and Axl Rose, to name a few have voiced characters.


Vainglory is a free-to-play cross-platform multiplayer online battle arena game that you can play on your mobile phone. Released in 2016, this game features unbelievable graphics and competitive gameplay to cater to your fun requirements.

This game is played in teams with two opposing squads battling one another. One of the objectives is to earn mastery points using which you can unlock different skills to enhance your team’s performance. There is a point system in place, which can be earned in 3v3 mode as well as 5v5 mode.

Free Fire:

Also called Battle Royale, this survival game was the most downloaded one in 2019. Of late, it has over 150 million daily active users worldwide. You can play this game in solo mode as well as in teams.

The objective is to outlive your opponents until all players of the opposition team are eliminated. In-battle communication with your teammates makes it easier to navigate the threats and take out the challenges. The in-game purchases make your characters strong.


Spaceteam is one of the options to play multiplayer games online. 2-4 players can participate in the game at a given time with their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Using a wide array of functions and buttons, you must follow different instructions and communicate amongst each other to accomplish tasks. It is important to get the tasks completed because you are competing against time.

Is It Possible to Earn Cash Rewards by Playing Online Multiplayer Games?

Playing online games is a great way to kill time or when you are bored. With technological advancements, you get access everything on your phone, including games. Moreover, you get access to a multitude of gaming genres enabling you to play the games of your choice.

What’s more, you can make money while doing so. Yes, you read it right! Earning money is possible when you play multiplayer games online.

A plethora of companies have emerged offering services to avid games encouraging them to join their platform. Make sure that you research about the legitimacy of these companies before providing any personal information.

Once you are confident with affiliating with a given service provider, it is time to gain membership. The process takes minutes after which you have full access to the games on their mobile application.

A source like AIO Games offers registration bonus as well as referral bonus, which you can use to fund your gaming journey. You can learn the rules of different money earning games and test your skills in free rooms by competing against actual players.

If you love the games, you can take the next step and start playing for actual cash. You will notice that the transaction process is seamless and all your deposits and withdrawals are carried out with ease.

Additionally, the graphics are of the best quality to keep you going for extended hours on a less busy day. When you can earn money to do something that you love, you keep coming back for more.

Information about Multiplayer Games for PC

Playing games on phones has its set of benefits, as you can play them anywhere and at any time. That, however, is not possible with PC games. What you should know about some of these games is that they are exclusively meant for PC despite being available on mobile devices.

This is because of their features. They look and play much better when available on a personal computer.

Here are a few multiplayer games that you can play on your PC –


Fortnite is probably the most popular online multiplayer game today with millions of players logging in every day on different platforms. It is branched under battle royale genre and has been developed by Epic Games.

The game can be played individually as well as by being part of a team, as your character is dropped into a map alongside 99 other active players. Your objective is to survive by outlasting and eliminating your adversaries.

There are plenty of weapons that you can use to accomplish your target. Be the last player standing to win. The game is absolutely free for download and you can instantly get it installed in your PC to enjoy a gaming experience like never before.

Counter Strike:

Counter Strike is a first-person shooting game that has been around for a couple of decades now. It is one of the most popular games today despite the existing competition, and is highly revered in the multiplayer gaming circles.

There are two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists – and you have the choice of being part of either team. The game has different scenarios which includes hostage rescue, bomb defusal and assassination.

Through constant updates, a list of 25 maps have been officially made available for players to play in. Use multiple weapons at your disposal to discard your opponents. Another great feature about Counter Strike is that it involves left-handed weapon view, too. So, play at your comfort and most of all, enjoy.

Among Us:

Among Us is one of the online multiplayer games PC that falls under the social deception game category. 4-10 individuals can play this game at a single time, which you can do by inviting strangers or by joining with your friends. In the game, there are crewmates and there are imposters.

The crewmates, as the name suggests are the members of a crew, who work on tasks assigned to them on a spaceship and get it ready for departure. Imposters, on the other hand, are tasked with killing the crewmates. The game ends when crewmates discover all the imposters or complete their tasks without dying.

Apex Legends:

Apex Legends is another battle royale game and is similar to Fortnite. It is known for its grittier effects and caters to an older audience. Set in the Titanfall universe, players are partnered in 20 teams of three and parachuted from an airship into the Kings Canyon.

They must forage resources, look for weapons and in doing so, eliminate the remaining 19 teams to be the last one standing.

Benefits of Playing Online Multiplayer Games

Through online multiplayer games to play with friends, you can enjoy various benefits. People of different age groups enjoy this activity, however, very few know about the below highlighted advantages –

Reduces stress and anxiety:

People feel stressed and anxious for many and any reasons, which is why it is imperative to have a source that relieves them. Online games offer assistance in this area as gaming takes the mind away from whatever it is that is bothering people.

When you are gaming, your brain is fixated on the task at hand, keeping all the stress and anxiety away from your reach

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Improves social circle:

Gaming facilitates improved social effect because you get to meet and converse with different individuals. You get to spend quality time together doing something that each of you loves. It is a misconception that gaming diminishes ones social circle; in fact, it builds new bonds and rejuvenates the existing ones

Increases the power to concentrate:

Online games require great concentration since your skills are put to the test. In order to accomplish the in-game goals, you must be able to accurately remember the right commands and that needs a good concentration.

Being concentrated further aids your abilities and enabling you to pay close attention to details

Facilitates teamwork:

Multiplayer games are all about teamwork without which you cannot overcome the challenges within the game. Regardless of whether you are a part of a small or a large group, communication is pivotal.

When you stay coordinated, it facilitates teamwork and helps in building confidence to accept and overcome tougher challenges

Expands leadership skills

One of the unwritten rules of online multiplayer games pc is that they require leaders. Through leadership skills, you can help your unit achieve the in-game goals.

You need to arrive at a decision by thinking on your feet and with each level of success, not only does your confidence grow, but you earn the respect of your peers

Earn cash prizes

Today, online gaming has become a great platform to earn money and if you are good at it, no obstacle can stop you from winning. The more reputed the source, the higher are the rewards.

Regardless, you can play games on multiple platforms and build on your existing revenue