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100% secured and legal

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Massive real cash winnings

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Referring a friend is rewarding

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Multiple games

Play Online Card Games with Real Money

India’s history with card games is substantial and by the look of things, that relationship will continue to blossom.Playing card games is one of the fun activities people like to engage in during casual family gatherings or around festivals such as Diwali and Holi.

It is also no secret that as much as people love card games, their hectic lives deny them the chance to partake in one of their cherished pastimes more often. Technology, however, has evolved and it grants them the opportunity to play their most liked card games almost every day and that too, with cash prizes at stake.

If you are someone who loves playing card games, this avenue is one you may want to explore. Moreover, you will notice that the basic rules are barely altered, the games display high quality graphics, and you can play them at any time, any day and even while on the go.

You can access a card game on your laptop or your mobile device to receive the same level of enjoyment. Over time, these games have earned massive popularity and as a result, many companies have emerged offering their own variants to win the crowd.

You get different variations of card games at your disposal that you can play with people of varied age groups, be it adults, senior citizens or children.

History of Card Games

Though historians claim that the earliest card games originated in China, they found a pathway into India only in the 16th century with the Mughal invasion.

Ganjifa was a popular card game at the time that was played in courts using cards made with tortoise shells and ivory, and were expensive. As a result, cheaper variants of cards were made from wood or palm leaves and sold in the market becoming accessible to the common people.

Although most cards overseas were the normal rectangular-shaped cards, cards in India were initially rounded and were made using paper, wood, ivory and cotton fibre, to name a few.

The 19th century is when word about card games began to actively spread and they became popular worldwide.

With their popularity, there came adjustments in the cards’ design, shape, and colour. It was in the year 1870 when Joker was introduced in the deck of cards revolutionising the way card games were being played.Post-colonisation of India by the East India Company, their version of playing cards became prevalent in the subcontinent.

Circa 1940, cards in India were printed with alphabets in Marathi and Urdu as a means to encourage education among the local masses. Overtime, playing cards have witnessed many variations.

Their purpose, regardless, has remained the same and that is to keep the players occupied and happy while doing the one thing that they love.

How to Play Online Card Games?

One of the best places to find your favourite card games is online. An advisable tip is to start with free games, which gives you the opportunity to survey the available options.

Online, you can find an array of card games such as rummy, poker, teen patti, solitaire, and call break. These games being made available to play for free is to ensure that you get enough practice.

Most gaming portals host free rooms for their members to participate and it is the one place you should visit frequently to brush up on your knowledge and skills needed for card games. Apart from free gaming rooms, you can play online card games for money.

Frequenting free rooms when you have mastered the crafts of playing card games can become dull forcing you to go seek thrill and adventure.

This is where paid rooms take the centre stage. Once you have cash prizes at stake, you are bound to take the game seriously and that paves way for creative thinking enabling you to devise unique strategies.

You can be sure of playing real cash card games against people of diverse knowledge and skill sets, and find yourself being tested at every stage in the gameplay.

Different Types of Card Games to Play Online

When it comes to popular card games in India, you can find a long list. So, you can be certain of being left spoilt for choice, but by reading the rules and other complementary instructions, you can find the perfect card games to play.

Among the assortment of online card games, you will find names such as Rummy, Poker, Solitaire, Call Break, Hearts, FreeCell, etc. All these options do not necessarily involve multiplayer gameplay, as games such as Solitaire and FreeCell are single player card games.

You can lean on these games on days where you feel like interacting less and competing is not on your mind. Multiplayer card games, on the other hand, are more popular than single player games and more often than not involve money as winnings.

Depending on the portal you choose to play with, you might find the basic rules amended, but this is only done to make the traditional style of play more interesting. You will notice that chances come with time limits; so, you have to play your turn in the allotted time.

If you are worried about finances, be rest assured that the money you deposit in your wallet is safe, as the portals partner with the best security providers in business.

You can use other online mode of transactions or link your bank account to process UPI transfers whenever you deem it necessary. By offering different games for its members to play, online portals meet the entertainment factor that people often crave.

List of Popular Online Card Games Played by Professionals in India

Call Break Card Game

If you are willing to try a card game that is competitive and involves a lot of thrills, Call Break is one of the best available choices.

Call Break is a multiplayer format game played between 4 players and involves a deck of cards split in 13 cards for each player. Did you ever imagine being a part of a game where the position in which you sit plays a factor?

That is what you get in Call Break card game and it only gets better from there. Though its rules may appear sophisticated at first glance, regular practice will make the game interesting for you. Call Break is also known as Call Bridge, Lakadi Game in different Indian languages

Some of the rules you should know about the game is that it is split into five rounds, Spades is the trump suit and dominates the cards belonging to other suits, and participants get extra points for doing well.

How to play Call Break:

Tips to Win:

Be mindful of your cards - It goes without saying that it is important to know what cards you have before placing bids. Check the number of high value Spade cards you own and accordingly place the bid.

Set practical targets – Again, if you want to set practical goals, you need to know which cards you have. Bid the number against the number of tricks that you know you can win for sure. If you are sure that you can perform four tricks, bid 4; do not bid 5, as that can have an impact on scoring.

Assess the risks – Like any other card game, Call Break has its risks that you need to assess. You have the option of playing safe and that might bring you positive scores, but winning is all about calculating the risks. On the other hand, risks can also be traps that can lead to your downfall.

Learn how scoring works – Being a point-based game, you need to know how scoring works in Call Break. With every extra trick you perform, you receive 0.1 points, and it can be crucial to you winning the game. Conversely, failing to match the number of bids invite negative scoring that might derail your progress.

Poker Card Game

Arguably the most popular card game around the world, Poker offers great returns if you master its craft. It requires a lot of skills, which you can build through practice.

You can also find multiple variants enabling you to enjoy fresh formats, at the same time experiencing high standard user interface. In India, Poker is a revered game and is played in the presence of family and friends.

With the game now available online, you can gather your close ones for a friendly game or play against other skilled participants from different parts of the world.

How to play Poker Game:

Tips to Win:

Win at lower stakes first – It can be tempting to play for high-cash rewards when you familiarise yourself with the game’s rules. However, it is advisable that you play low-reward games before making your way up the ladder, as it facilitates practice and makes you stronger in the process.

Bluff in limits – It is essential that you keep bluffing to the minimum. You will come across players, who will call often because they have lower stakes. So, if you bluff against players such as this, it may result in a disastrous campaign.

Accept the bad beats – Bad beats are a common occurrence in Poker and if you are not ready for them, you cannot win. Online Poker is a fast-paced game, meaning bad beats will come frequently as opposed to playing poker games physically. Once you take the bad beats within your stride, profits and wins will come in faster.

Rummy Card Game

When it comes to traditional card games of India, Rummy is right at the top, as people have been playing it for decades. Online rummy, with a few alterations, makes for an exciting, thrilling, and skill-based game where you can win real money.

This multiplayer game gives you the opportunity to compete with skillful players from around the world. Its fast-paced atmosphere guarantees pleasure and an experience that will not diminish over time.

How to play Rummy Card Game:

Tips to win:

Target pure sequence – Creating a pure sequence should be your top priority in rummy. Make sure that you do not use a Joker while doing that or else it does not qualify as pure sequence.

Remove high value cards – If you are in possession of cards such as Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, make sure you discard them, since the cards are not easy to come by and can delay the process of forming sequences.

Know when to use Joker – Do not undervalue the importance of the Joker card. It comes in handy in the toughest times and can be used to make the impure sequence.

Realise when to quit – When you don’t have good cards, dropping out might be the only option and it can be discouraging. However, it is a better move when you have money on the line.

Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire was fun when it was introduced as a computer game and it is still as exciting after making its presence online. It is one of the card games with numerous variations, giving players the choice to play as per their mood.

Among them, you can find Classic Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Tripeaks, and Yokon Solitaire, to name a few. Solitaire requires technical knowledge, so you need to practice constantly to master the craft.

How to play Solitiare Game:

Tips to win:

Learn the rules – Since there are several Solitaire variants, it is crucial that you acclimate with their rules. Read up about tableau, foundations, talon, and stock. Once you know which card goes where, setting up solitaire becomes easy.

Focus on the larger pile first – Exposing the larger pile first will give you access to cards that might be useful in building piles. Target one stockpile at a time and then make your way to the lowest one.

Do not leave the King stranded – There are certain spots that only the King card can fill. So, while removing cards make sure that you take the King into account. Unless you can reveal a King, the column you are wishing to do away with will just remain blocked.

3 Patti Card Game

If you are familiar with the 3 Card Brag game, you should have no trouble playing 3 Patti. It is one of the most played card games in India thanks to its competitive nature.

Played between 3 to 7 players, 3 Patti uses a deck of 52 cards, excluding Joker. Being an Indian variant, it is familiar in every local household and is one of the pastime activities during festivals and family gatherings.

If you are interested in playing 3 Patti money card games, you should be aware of its rules.

How to play 3Patti Card Game:

Tips to win:

Understand and strategise – If you do not understand the rules of 3 Patti, winning can be a tough ask.

Even though the rules are simple to understand and execute, it involves a lot of strategic moves to trump other players. Make sure that you look at the bigger picture instead of short-term goals.

Choose to play blind – Playing blind is seen as an offensive and brave move carrying better rewards. It allows you to closely analyse the movements of your fellow players and accordingly alter your own strategies while pushing for the win.

Practice makes perfect – 3 Patti is not as simple as it looks. When you play for money, you need the right skills to outsmart your opponents, and to do that you require practice.

Take advantage of the free rooms and chat services to understand the game in depth. Once you practice enough, strategising moves at the drop of a hat will help you win a lot of games.

Benefits of Playing Card Games

In India, card games are often associated with an adult activity as they often involve cash prizes. However, people of all ages can participate in them and enjoy the benefits that come with them.

Card games keep you active : Research has shown that one of the benefits that people enjoy through card games is the development of their brain in regards to problem-solving and decision-making. Playing Card games often involve rules that require you to be active for the duration of the game, which in turn, makes you sharp.

Social skills are improved: With online card games, you get the chance to interact with players belonging to the gaming community. It allows you to break the ice and open communications you all enjoy.

Card games make you patient: Card games require you to wait for your turn as your opponent takes their turn. This gives you the chance to think ahead and devise possible strategies that might help you beat them at the game. Being patient has its one benefit as it allows you to maintain focus in the toughest times.

These are just some of the many benefits associated with different types of card games.

By choosing the right game, you will experience reduced levels of stress and anxiety. If you have struggled with logical and mathematical thinking, you will notice they have experienced a boost, too.

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