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100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Massive real cash winnings

Massive real cash winnings

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Referring a friend is rewarding

Referring a friend is rewarding

Multiple games

Multiple games

Play Ludo Cash Game on AIO Games App

The Ludo is one of our fondest memories from our childhood days. Ludo dates to the historic documents with depictions in the caves of Ajanta-Ellora and the events in the Mahabharata.

The onset of technological advancements was blooming for the traditional board game Ludo. The traditional boards of playing Ludo took a backseat and welcomed the online Ludo. Of course, old is gold but new is diamond, and so is the obsession with online Ludo.

With the pandemic gluing us to the screens, Ludo helped us all come out of the lockdowns sanely. Online Ludo made us relive our childhood days with our friends and family. The larger-than-life game walked us through the memory lane of our golden old days.

What is Ludo Cash Game?

The game needs no introduction, but Ludo real cash game is indeed praiseworthy. It is a game of skill and doesn’t need you to be necessarily lucky. The game is played between 2-4 players on a board. The game is pleasing to the eyes as it has tokens of 4 colors with which the game is played.

The dice (goti) add a fun element to the game and is of course the deciding factor in who will win. Ludo is a great time pass for people of all age groups. The game caters to people from their childhood to their adulthood.

The player who parks all tokens in the house first wins the game. There’s one thing in this game that has something to do with luck, and that is your lucky color of the tokens. Choose your happy and lucky color!

Earn cash by playing the Ludo cash game

The game of Ludo is no longer restricted to only entertainment with the unfolding of online gaming platforms. Yes, you read it right. Who thought that the game that we have been only playing as time pass since childhood can help us fill our pockets?

Well, thanks to online gaming platforms like AIO Games for showing up. Flaunt the skills that you’ve acquired till now by playing the Ludo cash game online and making a bomb for yourself.

Play the Ludo cash game on AIO Games and earn real money. AIO Games gives you a chance to play with real-time players for real cash.

The two types of Ludo Cash Game on AIO Games App

AIO Games offers you two variants of the online Ludo cash game-

1. Classic Ludo Game : As the name suggests, this is the traditional way of playing the game. How to play classic ludo-

2. Brainy Ludo : This cash ludo format is quite different from the classic one. It is a dice less ludo game, where you will not get the dice but you will get to see all the numbers and accordingly you can plan your next move.

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How to Download Ludo Cash Game?

The app is available both on android as well as iOS. Go to the play store or apple store, search AIO Games and download the app from there. Once you click on download, sit back and relax for a few minutes.

Once the app gets downloaded, register yourself on the app and get a Ludo Sign up Bonus of Rs 100. You can use this bonus to play games on the app. AIO Games offers you a variety of games to pick from.

Ludo cash game is one of the most played games on the app as it offers the players a user-friendly interface that is appealing to their eyes.

5 Tips to become a Pro Khiladi in Ludo Cash Game

Playing the ludo game cash is not enough, you must win the game to earn real cash and rock the leaderboard. Here are some tips that can help you ace the game and earn some good money for your pockets.

1. Open your tokens as soon as you can

Don’t wait for your token to go in the house as your opponents can kill your token. Open your tokens together as you get an option to look forwards to when your token goes back to the bay.

2. Do not compete with a single token

Play your game with different tokens, this ensured that if one of your tokens gets killed, then you have options to continue your game. The different tokens can help your block your opponents’ way.

3. Block your Opponents

Try to make the way for your token to the house along with blocking your opponents’ way to do so. Take your token to the end and make it difficult for your opponent to travel through.

4. Strategize your play

Don’t play vaguely and leave everything on luck, make strategies at the start of the game. Make your every move count and start playing wisely from the start of the round.

5. Keep an eye on your opponents’ gameplay

Don’t just play your own game, also observe your opponents’ playing style. This can help you a lot in strategizing your game. Once you know the style of playing of your opponents, you can hit them at their weak spots and make the best of it.

Why AIO is Best Ludo Cash Earning Apps?

With crazy numbers of Ludo cash earning app showing up, it is ideal to know what best for you. AIO Games is one legal and authentic online money earning gaming app where you can win big.

Here’s why you should play Ludo Online Cash Game on AIO Games-