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Jenga – A Game of Mind and Body

Following the same schedule, every time can result in monotony, especially over the weekends when you have nothing much to do. Weekends are also the best time to be with your close ones, but not having much to do with them can send tempers flaring or worse.

Playing games is one of the best solutions in the circumstance, as you have plenty of options to choose from, plus you can revitalise and prepare yourself for the challenges to come.

Jenga is the perfect option if you are looking for a game that challenges you mentally and physically. To play Jenga, you need a Jenga set comprising 54 blocks of wood of the same shape and size. The game has multiple objectives that will keep you gripped until the end.

It requires you to stack the blocks resembling a tower. Players then take turns to remove one block at a time from every level until the tower collapses.

Jenga tests you in unimaginable ways because you are required to be highly strategic as to which block to pull out, plus testing your physical limits not to let the Jenga tower topple.

The game has winners and losers, but overall, it promises a great amount of fun for everyone.

UNO Card Game – Basics You Should Know

The first thing about UNO that you should know is that it is a shedding-type card game. To win, you need to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Many individuals prefer the scoring method, so, the only way you can score points here is by getting rid of all your cards before the other players.

Rules dictate that the players play only those cards that either match the number or the color of the card that sits on top of the discard pile.

In case it is not possible, wild cards come into play and they bring ramifications – for your opponents or you – and that just elevates the intensity of the game.

An Insight into the Jenga Game

The first feature about the Jenga game that you need to know is that it is an indoor game. So, it is a perfect source when you are looking for an activity to partake in with your close ones over the weekends.

The game comes with a set of straightforward rules – stack the blocks into a vertical tower in three sets, remove one block at a time and place it on top of the tower; the last player managing to do so before the tower falls wins Jenga.

For the Jenga setup, you need the pack containing 54 wooden blocks used to build the tower. A lot of strategic decision-making goes into stacking and removing the blocks, and hand-eye coordination plays a part because any lapse will cause the stack to fall.

What are the Rules of Jenga Game?

As stated, the rules of Jenga are forthright and if followed, can result in you winning the game. Below are the prerequisites that you need to take into account while playing –

Things to Remember While Playing the Jenga Game

Several instructions will help you answer the question, ‘how do you play Jenga’. These instructions are the ones that can make or break the progress of a well-played Jenga game –

Jenga Gameplay to Help You Play Effortlessly

Not understanding Jenga can result in you ending on the losing side more often than on the winning side. Learning its gameplay can help you compete and fight for the top prize –

Setting up Jenga:

After setting the Jenga blocks on a flat surface, stack them in sets of three until you eventually have a tower containing 18 stories for yourself.

Once done, ensure the tower does not have protruding Jenga blocks, as it is a sign of a loose area. Use both hands to straighten the tower by pushing any block that stands out

Number of players:

To play Jenga, it is important to have a minimum of two players. Sit in a circle if you have more than two players or in the case of two players, sit face-to-face

The first turn

The person who built the tower can play the first turn, or everyone in the room can unanimously decide who goes first. The chosen individual should then carefully remove one block from anywhere in the tower, except the topmost storey.

The block that is pulled needs to be placed on the top of the tower in the same layer of threes. The game continues until the tower falls

Strategies to Help You Win at Jenga

Just knowing the rules of Jenga will not cut it for you. The game requires you to strategise because you are competing with others.

Here are some strategies that you can incorporate in your gameplay and emerge triumphant –

Patience is key:

Jenga requires extreme patience on the player’s behalf, as they try their best not to topple the tower. Removing a block requires caution and must be done slowly and with care. If you try to pull one out aggressively, it is highly likely that the tower will collapse

Know whether to push or pull:

It is important to know when to push or pull the block on the tower. When it is a block lodged in the centre, make sure you poke it until a good amount sticks out. Conversely, when targeting a block on either side of the edge, ensure that you pull it using your forefinger and thumb

Note where the loose blocks are:

One of the best ways to find loose blocks in the tower is by tapping around gently. Eventually, you will find one sticking out. Be wary of how you pull it out or push it, as any haste will break the tower

Strategically place the pulled blocks:

There are two ways to go about while placing the pulled blocks. As the game progresses, you will notice the tower tilting.

So, either you can place the blocks in a way that they prolong sustenance of the tower or you can place the blocks on the weaker side to make it more difficult for other players to pull out other blocks

Jenga Game Variants That You Can Play

Like many games Jenga has its variants, providing you with options if you do not wish to play the traditional version. Read through to know about the variations of Jenga that you can play –

Jenga Truth or Dare:

This amalgamation of two games – Jenga and Truth or Dare – makes for an exciting gaming experience you will not regret. To play, you will require 18 Green Blocks representing ‘Truth’, 18 Red Blocks that act as ‘Dare’, 18 normal-coloured blocks, and a pencil.

The rules of the game with regards to stacking the tower and removing the blocks remain the same. The difference comes when you decide to remove either a green or a red block.

Depending on the colour block you choose to remove, you must answer a question truthfully or complete a dare. Use the pencil to write down random questions.

Play continues until the tower falls and the last player to remove a block successfully is declared the winner.

Jenga Tetris:

Another combination of two classic games, Jenga Tetris offers respite from traditional versions of Jenga and Tetris. The box contains tetrominoes, using which you need to build the tower like in traditional Jenga.

The game's rules stay the same, which is to remove one block at a time without collapsing the tower. If a player crashes the tower, the remaining players rebuild it and continue with the game.

Each player collapsing the tower is eliminated, with the last standing player declared as the winner.

Jenga Xtreme:

The extreme part in Jenga Xtreme comes into picture while building the tower. Sure, you can choose to either create a straight tower, which may be considered vanilla, however, try the extreme route by erecting a leaning tower or a tower that resembles a zigzag building.

Other rules in the game remain the same with the youngest person in the group gong first to remove the block. The last person to successfully remove and stack a block on top before the tower collapses wins.

Jenga Giant:

In Jenga Giant, the length of the Jenga blocks is three times longer than traditional blocks. The objective here is to stack the tower and dismantle it by removing one block at a time without letting the tower tumble.

The game can be played as part of a group or alone. The game ends when one player topples the tower.

Is Jenga Available to Play Online?

Few websites host Jenga game online, although these are not paid versions and cannot be played to win money. Jenga is a game that tests not only one’s mental ability but also physical ability, which is why the game provides the best experience when it is played in person.

What are the Benefits of Playing Jenga Game?

What use is a game if it does not benefit the players in one way or another? Jenga appeals to new and veteran gamers by enabling them to experience benefits in the form of psychological improvements and physical dexterity.

Below mentioned are some other benefits of playing the Jenga game –

Fine tunes hand-eye coordination:

Having balanced hand-eye coordination benefits in all walks of life. Jenga requires extreme concentration as well as hand movements so as not to topple the Jenga tower. Through practice and playing Jenga frequently, people of all ages can experience benefits in the form of better hand-eye coordination.

Develops skills to solve problems:

When a Jenga block is out of its place, you need to take extreme caution while making your next move. A wrong decision can result in the tower collapsing.

By analysing the tower, you can determine which is the ideal block to play with, thus, developing your problem-solving skills.

Teaches patience

Patience is a virtue and can win you many things in life including a game of Jenga. By being patient, you accurately test different blocks before deciding to remove one at a given time.

Since the game involves taking turns, you wait patiently fashioning your next moves without getting anxious.

Improves bond and builds social skills:

Jenga is best played with people. As a result, you develop a strong bond with the players involved. You can invite your friends or family members for a game of Jenga, keeping everyone off their technological devices instead of communicating in person.

Additionally, it is a great opportunity to make new friends and build on your social skills by interacting with lesser-known individuals.

A great pastime:

Being surrounded by technology is good, but that too can get overwhelming at times requiring you to connect through traditional resources. This is where keeping a Jenga set handy can benefit.

Arguably, the best aspect of Jenga is that it can be played anywhere and anytime. So, if you are struggling to find a way to kill time, bring out your Jenga set and invite friends over.

How Does Jenga Compare to Ludo?

While Ludo is a board game, the audience is split on whether the same is applicable for Jenga, since Jenga does not traditionally use a board, rather a flat surface is enough.

Ludo is played using dice. Through most Jenga variations do not make use of dice, you can opt for Numbered Jenga which can be played using dice.

You can also play Ludo money game, whereas the same is not possible with Jenga. Very few resources offer online Jenga game, but that too is a free version.

What is the Similarity Between Jenga and Carrom Board Game?

Carrom board game that can be played as competing single players as well as in pairs of two. Depending on the Jenga variant you opt for, you can play alone, however, it is played as a competition more often than not.

Jenga requires you to be tactical and aware of the game’s surroundings. The same is applicable in carrom, for any recklessness can cost the game for you and your team.

How Different Are Jenga and Snake and Ladder Games?

Vastly different. Like Ludo, Snakes and Ladder is heavily reliant on dice to make the next move. It also depends on luck as you need to throw the right number on the dice to progress in the game. You may or may not require dice to play Jenga depending on your chosen variant.

Where to Play Online Board Games for Real Cash?

By now, you may be aware that there are board games you can play online that pay their winners handsomely. You may wonder where to play these games with so many sources to choose from.

AIO Games is said to be one of the best in the industry, offering exceptional rewards to their members. So, if you think you have what it takes, register with them today and earn your registration bonus.

If you have references, get them to download the AIO Games application, too, as you may be rewarded with referral bonus, which you can use to kickstart your online gaming journey.

Some board games you can find on their platform include Ludo and Carrom. Before competing in paid rooms, check out the rules and play against other members in the free rooms.

This can be a great practicing platform if you are new to these games. Also, take part in the occasional Tournaments and Competitions because the rewards here are said to be extraordinary and considered life-altering.

Now, you may even wonder how safe AIO Games is in securing your financials. AIO Games associates with the best security providers to ensure the safety of their members’ winnings and investments. You can withdraw your winnings at will without much difficulty.

They even have a round-the-clock team to assist you with any technical issues that you might face. Be rest assured that AIO Games is here to stay and is the best source to play your favourite board games.

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