How To Play Quiz Bumps

Following are the steps for you to know how to play Quiz Bumps game and win huge rewards:

  1. Download the AIO Games app from the website.

  2. Sign-up using your mobile number or scan the given QR code

  3. Once you are inside the app, go to the Quiz Bumps game and wait for your opponent to join.

  4. In Quiz Bumps, we have introduced Leaderboard and post your game, your position will be reflected along with the Winnings.

  5. Players will get 10 seconds to answer the set of questions.

  6. In total, there will be 4 questions.

  7. You and your opponent will have to answer questions from various categories viz. Bollywood, Cricket, Maths, etc.

  8. Each correct answer carries 10 points.

  9. So, if you answer a given question within 2 seconds of the allotted time, your score will read as 8.

  10. A wrong answer will not deduct your score.

  11. To boost up your winning score, make sure your answer each question correctly.