How To Play Horse Racing on AIO Games

Horse Racing Significant Rules

In 1996 under the prestigious Indian Supreme Court, they stated that horse racing and betting is a game of skill and not just mere luck. Ever since the rule, the popularity of Horse racing has soared up amongst Indians.

All in all, there are 6 Turf Authorities in India that conduct horse racing. If anyone feels that horse racing is some sort of bogus and illegal, then they are completely wrong. It is legal & a regulated industry.

As horse racing finds its feet in India, many betting and fantasy apps have also organised horse races online or included horse racing bets.

AIO Games is India's only multi-gaming platform that has introduced many skill based games for the general public. These skill games are rewarding too as one can win real money, huge bonus cash and much, much more.

We have partnered with RWITC as we introduce horse racing on to our platform where the horse racing enthusiasts will enjoy not just mere betting but plenty more round the clock action. So, what's the wait!

BOOKMAKERS / TOTE Transactions Rules

One can bet either on the Totes or Totalisators or in the Bookmakers' ring. One prerequisite of betting is that you must be 18 years or older.

Betting on the Totes

One can go to a manned Tote window, buy a cash voucher from a Tote Service Outlet, or call the roving operator with a hand-held computer.One can either bet at variable Tote odds or at fixed Tote odds.

With the fixed Tote odds, the winning amount is at the odds prevailing at the time one makes the wager are guaranteed and printed on the ticket.

Note: At the Tote window, please have the following information ready for the operator:

  1. The race meeting (i.e., the centre at which the race is about to run in case of main and subsidiary betting)

  2. The race number

  3. The amount of money you want to bet

  4. The type of bet (Win, Place, Each way, Forecast Pool, Quinella Pool, Second Horse Pool, Tanala Pool, Jackpot Pool or Super Jackpot Pool)

  5. Number(s) of the horse(s).

How To Bet With A Bookmaker?

Win (Minimum bet: Rs.100/- plus taxes): Pick a horse to finish 1st.

Place (Minimum bet: Rs.100/- plus taxes): Pick a horse to place.