How To Play Fruit Chopper game and win cash?

At AIO Games, we are always looking to appease our real money fans and one step to in that direction is introducing games like Fruit Chopper. In this game, fans will get a taste of their traditional fruit chopping skills and also earn real money along the way.

So how does one play this game? Here are the steps for you to understand the game -

Step 1:Enter the Fruit Chopper game and select ‘Play’

Step 2:Once you start, Fruits will start popping up on your screen. Swipe anyway to chop the fruits.

Step 3:If you miss out on a fruit, it will mean you will end up losing one life

Step 4:The more you chop at once, the higher the chance of raking in bonus points

Step 5:Make sure you avoid the BOMB at all costs. If you don’t, it’s GAME OVER!