What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Well as the name suggests, Fantasy cricket is an online fantasy game where one can create a simulated cricket team consisting of 11 players from a forthcoming real-life match. The process isn’t rocket science and is quite simple. Your main objective is to gain as many points as possible and achieve top position on the leadership board by beating your opponents.

So, for this, one must pick the finest 11 players available for selection from the two teams on the given match day. Then, the process turns to picking a captain and a vice-captain from the group and lock the team. You will earn points depending as to how your selected players have performed during the game. Whilst playing fantasy cricket, every virtual player is bound to earn points depending how many runs scored, wickets scalped, catches taken, and among other factors.

Fantasy Cricket is a game of pure skill which involves thorough analysis and esteem knowledge of the game. Your selection of the XI for the fantasy league you are playing depends on many parameters, that include the pitch, conditions, players’ current form and most importantly, the toss.

Steps to Play Fantasy Cricket


Your first step will be to go to the Registration page on the AIO Games website or download AIO Games App and register via your Email ID & Mobile.

Select a match

Select a match from any upcoming tournament. There are a number of tournaments that are scheduled throughout the year.

Create your fantasy team

Then pick your favourite 11 players to form your fantasy team with 100 credit points. But remember, you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from one team.

Join Contests

Choose from the multiple contests scheduled on the AIO Games app and take part to earn huge cash rewards.

Follow Match

Once the game kicks into action, keep an eye on your players’ performance in the live match section. As the live match progresses, see your team’s score increase based on the points system.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

Hey there, you can set up your AIO Games account post completion and verification by submitting PAN card and bank account details – this process will remain mandatory in order to withdraw your wallet money into your bank account.

The next step will be to create your Fantasy team and hence, it is vital to understand the rules of the game.

How do I make a Fantasy Cricket Team on AIO Games App?

Read below the process on how to go about in making your Fantasy XI. Your team will earn points based on your players’ performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the RIGHT choice!

  1. Select a match

    Our app offers skill based and real money fantasy games in cricket that are based on single matches in T20 and ODIs. One will see that the Matches in the Fantasy Cricket App are listed by series, leagues and championships.

    Select a match

    A user can either directly click on the match to select a particular match or search for the match by series. Further whilst on the app, one can also see that the matches will be listed in two categories – Live and Upcoming.

    Current matches are the ones, which a user currently can select and enter or register in a contest for playing whereas in upcoming matches, are mainly for the knowledge on future possible matches.

    A timer will be set which will indicate the time remaining for the user to participate in a fantasy cricket contest for the match.

    After the lapse of indicated remaining time, any contest not participated by a user would be deemed expired and he/she will no longer be available for selection/participation.

  2. Create Your Teams

    Be Smart. Use your knowledge about the beautiful game and pick a team that fits in the budget of 100 credits. With a chance of joining multiple tournaments, you can try different combinations to improve your chances of winning! However, you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from one team.

    Your fantasy cricket team needs to constitute of the following:

    Wicket-Keepers (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4), Batsmen (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6), All-rounders (Minimum - 1, Maximum - 4), Bowlers (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6).

    Wicketkeeper (Min 1 - Max 4)
    Create your team - Wicketkeeper
    Bowlers (Min 3 - Max 6)
    Create your team - bowlers

    At AIO, we allow users to pick different types of fantasy games for a match. These fantasy games are designed to test and appeal to varying level of user skills. Do remember that contests are designed to provide users a variety of choices in terms of entry fees, competition (chances of winning), and size of the winnings.

  3. Name your Captain and Vice-Captain

    Post picking your team, now is the turn to select your team’s Captain and Vice-Captain.

    Name your Captain and Vice-Captain

    Remember, your captain will give you two times the points scored by him in the actual game whereas, the vice-captain will get one and a half times the points.

  4. Pay entry Fee

    Post selection of your team, you will have to pay a certain entry fee to enter a contest.

    Pay entry Fee
  5. Registered Successfully

    Post the payment completion, your team is now successfully registered.

    Registered Successfully
  6. My Matches - Result

    You can see your team’s result in the My Matches section – Result tab after the match ends.

    My Matches - Result
  7. Leaderboard

    See your team’s rank on the ‘leaderboard’ of a particular contest you joined with that team, during the match and once it ends.

  8. Amount gets credited

    If your team has finished in the winning rank of a particular contest, you stand a chance to win a certain amount. It will be credited to your wallet without any hassle.

    Amount gets credited


What are credits?

Credits are basically the cost of a player. Do note that players that are in-form and star players will cost more credits, while unproven or non-regular players will cost less.

Fantasy Points will be earned by players based on their performances during a match.
For example, a batsman will earn points for scoring runs whereas a bowler will earn for taking wickets, etc.

While playing fantasy cricket, one can edit team/s as many times as one wishes to, prior to the match deadline.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks To Earn Big Cash Prizes

Playing fantasy cricket online might seem very simple. For most, they feel it's all about picking random players and forming a particular playing 11 together that could earn them big cash prizes.

But it isn’t that easy. Fantasy cricket, like any other assignment, requires careful planning, strategizing and research.

So, we have put together some tips and tricks that might help you in winning big cash prizes:

Advantages Of Playing Fantasy Cricket

AIO (All In One) Games is the best fantasy sports app, that gives you a gaming platform win huge bonus rewards and cash prizes.

If you see, the game of Cricket is ingrained in the consciousness of Indians. And thus you see today many fans of cricket are all over the online world to play Fantasy cricket game.

Furthermore, there’s also referral and bonus programs in place where every user gets an entry fee cash-back. So, go ahead and refer a friend to receive a referral bonus.

How does playing Fantasy Cricket benefit YOU

Not your usual boring game: At times, a game of Cricket can get boring especially the longer format. However, with the inclusion of you own fantasy team, one will always remain involved in the sport by, tracking the players’ performances during the live game.

Win Real cash: Fantasy cricket not only elevates you on a skill level but also enhances your chances of winning real money. So next time, when you build your very own fantasy cricket team, don’t just think about the bragging rights!

YOU rule the roost: While playing fantasy cricket, always keep in mind that YOU are the selector, the manager and the creator! Isn’t it cool that your very own fantasy cricket team could end up winning you real cash.