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Multiple games

Introduction to Free Fire Game

If you are familiar with games such as PUBG and Call of Duty, then you know about the existence of the genre called battle royale. It is a sub-genre of action games and includes mechanisms like exploration and survival. With Call of Duty and PUBG taking the gaming world by storm upon their respective releases, a game like Free Fire often gets pushed back.

However, did you know that Free Fire has been downloaded five times more than PUBG and Call of Duty? It is no surprise if this stat comes as a shock to you.

In the Free Fire game, you go up against 49 other players with the sole objective of surviving. You have many resources, including weapons, at your disposal to help you in your mission.

Free Fire Game – An Insight into this Battle Royale Game

Now that you know that Free Fire exists, you may wonder what it actually is. Published by Garena, it is a free-to-play multiplayer game that you can play on Android and iOS devices as well as on PCs.

The game starts with 50 online players parachuting on a remote island with the goal of surviving. While trying to meet this objective, they are required to explore and forage for grenades, guns, and other such equipment.

Using these weapons, they must eliminate their opponents and remain the only standing player. The last player standing is declared the winner.

Free Fire game online has different modes wherein players can play individually or as a team. In the team mode, partnerships are formed with 4 players making up one team. Here, each team receives in-game cash of $500, using which they must purchase equipment from the online shop. In order for a round to end, players must eliminate all four members of the opposing team.

The final mode is called Lone Wolf, which is a 1 v 1 combat. The two players competing receive a choice of weapons that they can use, and the first one to win five rounds is the winner.

History of Free Fire Online Game

111dots Studio, a Vietnamese game company, is credited for developing the game Free Fire. It was officially made accessible to gamers in 2017. Two years later, it became the most downloaded game in the world. It also set an unprecedented record of having 150 million daily active players for the month of August 2021.

What is the Objective of Garena Online Free Fire Game?

Online Free Fire game has only one objective – survive. Being pitted against 49 other players, you must gather all the necessary equipment and eliminate as many opponents on the way to remaining the last man standing.

Guideline about Free Fire Game Download

Free Fire game is undoubtedly one of the most popular games today, and if you have the desire to download and play the game, then you definitely should.

Before you download the game on your preferred device, ensure that it has the below system requirements to be compatible –

Is It Possible to Play Free Fire Without Downloading?

Running out of data and space constraints are common issues when owning a phone. Another problem while trying a new game is the inability to download it. So, you may naturally wonder how to play Free Fire without downloading it. With online Free Fire game, there is a solution.

Through the Google Android instant app, android users can try any game they like, including the Free Fire game, without downloading it on their device. In the Play Store, you will see the 'Try Now' option alongside 'Install'. You can tap on the former option, after which you can play the game.

This option, however, does not let you enjoy the entire game. Instead, you play against bots as opposed to other active players and with time limits. Regardless, when you do not have a lot of time at hand but still want to play a game or two, this serves as an ideal option to cater to your short-term gaming need.

Standard Guide on How to Play Free Fire

You can play Free Fire on your phone as well as PC. For Free Fire game apk download on Android, you can visit the Play Store, and for iOS devices, you can get the app from the App Store. For PC download, you will require BlueStacks.

Once you select your preferred platform, you can install the game. If you constantly face issues regarding storage space or data consumption, you can switch to online gaming. Yes, Free Fire online gameplay is a choice.

To play online, you will not have to download any of the aforementioned applications. All you require is a stable Internet connection, and you are good to go.

Free Fire Game Modes That You Can Play Online

As they say, "Variety is the spice of life". Free Fire developers live up to it by giving their members different game modes to play and ensuring that they keep coming back for more.

As one of its members, you can compete and enjoy these game modes preventing any kind of repetitious experience. In addition to the classic format, you can play the gaming options as highlighted below –

Rush Hour:

Rush Hour game mode is similar to the Classic mode, the only difference being that 20 players compete at a time instead of 50. It can be the perfect choice when you have little time at hand

Kill Secured:

This mode involves a deathmatch format wherein you play as a team. The objective of both teams is to kill more players than the other. There are extra points for the taking, as every player that dies lives behind a dog tag.

If one of the opposition members gets that tag, they win extra points. If one of the players from the same team, whose member died, retrieves the dog tag, they deny the opposition the extra points


Played similarly as Kill Secured, the mode sees a difference in the characters' appearance wherein they have large heads

Clash Squad:

Clash Squad is another popular mode where you can contest as a team. Teams comprising 4 members each takes on one other to win the most rounds out of 7. For their respective kills, players receive cash, which they can use to buy weapons for their future conquests

It is important to note that Classic and Clash Squad are the only permanent modes in online Free Fire game. Other modes are constantly swapped in and out and replaced by other modes for a certain duration.

What are the Different Maps in Free Fire?

Free Fire is devoted to giving its members more to play with, and this can be seen in the various maps the game contains. At the time the game was launched, it had one map, Bermuda, but over time two other maps, Kalahari and Purgatory, were added.

Here is what you need to know about these maps –


Free Fire game download gives you instant access to the Bermuda map. A lush landscape, Bermuda boasts of tropical surrounding comprising locations such as a power plant, shipyard, hangar, and residences, to name a few


Purgatory was the second map added to the game, and it is accessible only from 6 PM to 10 PM. Containing land that is divided into three regions, it serves as a great avenue for players to compete against each other


Kalahari is a desert location and quite unique from Bermuda and Purgatory in several aspects. It is dissimilar not only in appearance but also offers an array of weapons, leaving you spoilt for choice. Kalahari also has specific locations for precise gameplay that you can explore when you approach the game with a predefined strategy

Playable Characters in Free Fire Game

Another way by which Free Fire stands out from its competitors is by offering diverse playable characters in the game. These characters contain passives relevant to themselves, giving you choices to play with the one that complements your style of play.

Below are some of these characters that you should know about –


A very helpful character with skills that heal and buff him as well as his teammates


Having Clu alongside can largely benefit while playing team games, as she can share information about stealthy opponents with her team mates. The same passive is operational while playing Clu as a solo character


Another essential player to have in team games is Moco, as she successfully tags players from the opposition, revealing their location to her crew


If you prefer a character that gains strength with each kill, Wolfrahh is the ideal choice

Free Fire Weapons That You Can Play With

Weapons are an integral part of Free Fire that you can use to attack opponents at long distance as well as within close proximity. Below listed are some of the categories of weapons that you will have access to in the game –


Sniper guns are effective while taking out opponents from a long distance. By making use of the scopes, you can eliminate the opposition players with precision

Submachine guns:

Submachine guns come in handy when you have to relentlessly attack a player. Naturally, while firing the gun, you experience recoil, but with practice and constant usage, you can learn to shoot accurately


A shotgun is a great weapon to have while combating an opponent within reach. They are highly powerful and can help you take out players without much effort

Assault rifles:

Assault rifles are weapons that you will always have in your arsenal. Their fire rate and firepower are unmatched and can benefit during different stages in the game


Though they are outshined by other weapons, through accuracy, you can terminate a great number of opponents using just a pistol

Remember that you must not use the same weapon that demands a different style of attack. Ensure that you quickly swap from a pistol to a sniper if the situation requires that. Being wary of your surroundings can do you a world of good when you play Free Fire online.

Gameplay of Free Fire

Before getting into the Free Fire game play online, it is important to know its objective. The main objective of this game is to outlast the other 49 players by terminating them using a wide range of weapons available at your disposal.

The game starts with all 50 players parachuting on an island. Once you land, you need to run around and look for weapons that you think may come in handy to kill your opponents. You have the option of playing as an individual as well as part of a team.

In the latter scenario, your team wins upon eliminating all 4 members of the opposition. Among the many available weapons, you can find the likes of pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles, etc.

"Safe Zone" is an internal part of the game. It is an allocated area in which the fight takes place. Gradually, the safe zone shrinks ensuring that all combatants come face to face at some point in the game.

This aspect of the game is considered a threat because once you come across an opponent, you have to battle it out; alternatively, you can try to find refuge, but that too depends on how good a shot the player you are facing is.

The duration of your playing time depends on how long you can survive the other 49 players. Your game can end within seconds, should an opponent terminate you, or it can last for 15-20 minutes as well. Make sure that you pay close attention to the in-game instructions, as they will prolong your safety in the game.

What are the Essential Free Fire Rules?

If you are a newbie to Free Fire, the below rules will help you get by and possibly help you survive longer than earlier –

Know where to land:

Strategising starts right off the bat, as you should know which is the best spot to land after being parachuted

Be mindful of the type of weapons you have:

This will enable you to adapt to the changes in the surroundings and accordingly switch between guns as per the situation

Be careful within edifice:

Entering mills and buildings can be tricky, for these are places where you find the most weapons, but also other armed opponents

Use walls to heal teammates:

Walls act as a barrier in team games and give enough time for your allies to heal themselves or escape, for that matter

Use vehicles with closed hood:

Opting to drive vehicles with open hood makes you vulnerable to attacks

Pay attention to sound:

With 50 individuals playing at the same time, it is impossible to keep an eye on everyone. See to it that you listen to the sounds in the game, as they tell a lot about whether you have opposition players close by

Survival Strategies to Ace Free Fire

Surviving being the ultimate goal in online Free Fire game, it is imperative that you devise strategies as you go along. You can do so by incorporating a few basics into your gameplay –

Play defensively:

It is understandable if you want to play aggressively, but taking a defensive approach is a proven strategy in Free Fire. With 49 other players competing simultaneously, you are bound to run into only a few.

Use your time to scavenge and find weapons that will help you survive the battles

Look for supplies:

You should start collecting weapons as soon as you land. If you are playing well, the game can last up to 20 minutes, and finding yourself short of weapons in the later stages can prove to be costly

Follow the map for safe zone:

As you know, the safe zone gradually shrinks, so, finding yourself outside of the safe zone will result in your character's gradual elimination. Ensure that you keep a side eye on the map while performing your primary task

Make the most of EP:

EP or Ethical Power is an important element in Free Fire. It can be converted into HP to extend your life when you have suffered damage. This alternative source to restore power saves you the use of medical kits for a better time

What is Free Fire Diamonds and How to Get Them

Before chasing the Free Fire diamonds, it is crucial to know what these are and what role they play in the game. Diamonds are one of the in-game currencies that you can use to buy crates containing equipment and gear, among others.

You can get diamonds for free as well as through paid options. To get diamonds for free, you can participate in the occasional events in the game. Make sure you keep an eye out for any related information.

As for the paid purchase of diamonds, you can follow one of the below two methods –

Free Fire Membership:

The Free Fire membership allows you to get diamonds on an everyday basis by either opting for a weekly fee or a monthly fee. Logging into the game every day is a prerequisite to get benefit out of this membership

Free Fire Diamond Top Up:

By choosing this option, you pay the instant amount to receive a diamond pack

5 Games Similar to Free Fire

Battle Royale games are a perfect choice when you want to test your gaming abilities, including shooting skills and hand-eye coordination. Though Free Fire is a widely loved game, it is not the only game in the genre.

Here are 5 games similar to Free Fire that you can try your hand at –


With over 1 billion active players, PUBG is an experience that you cannot afford to miss. Boasting top-notch graphics and larger areas to cover, you can spend hours at the end learning and devising strategies to survive in this game.

Offering multiple modes to choose from, you can immediately find yourself competing against the best of the best to emerge as the top player


Fortnite is another game that took the world by storm upon its release and is loved by millions even to this day. Available for Android phone users, this battle royale game can be played in teams with the objective of building elements.

You can destroy anything that you see in front of you, and should you collect any material, it can be used to form desired structures

Final Fantasy VII:

In addition to the battle royale, Final Fantasy VII can also be classified under the RPG genre. As the title suggests, the game involves a lot of fantasy characters as well as boss fights for you to participate in.

As compared to other games of these two genres, Final Fantasy is miles ahead in regard to weapons. You can play the game on Android as well as iOS devices

Grand Battle Royale:

If you like a game with pixel visuals, Grand Battle Royale is for you. The game is similar to any battle royale game wherein you try to remain the last man standing. It also has various in-game modes, including zombie mode, for you to play

Hero Hunters:

Out of the many hero-based multiplayer games, Hero Hunters is considered one of the best games available today. Kill as many bad guys as possible to progress in the game.

Try different missions to make the experience fun and challenging. If you like to put in the hard yards, this game is for you

Pros and Cons of Playing Free Fire

Pros and cons come with being popular and it is not restricted just to people but extend to games, too. By now, you may have gotten a gist of how invaluable it can be to have a game like Free Fire downloaded on your device.

Nevertheless, the game comes with its set of pros and cons that you can read below and perhaps even relate to –

Pros of Free Fire

1. Improved hand-eye coordination:

Free Fire requires you to be on the move constantly, and that is applicable to your opponents as well. To shoot at a moving target requires special skills like hand-eye coordination, which is something you develop gradually by playing the game

2. Better decision-making:

There are two approaches to playing this game – passively or aggressively. You need to switch between both choices as per the demand of the situation. Once you get the hang of your surroundings, you become better at decision-making.

3. Socialising:

Free Fire online game is also a great source for socialising. The game lets you communicate with other online players, in turn giving you the chance to widen your social circle

4. Think on your feet:

This battle royale game is fast-paced and requires you to arrive at decisions at the snap of a finger. Through practice, you can develop skills to think on your feet and make choices that will help you outlast other players in the game

Cons of Free Fire

1. Highly addictive

Online games are addictive, including Free Fire. There are too many components to explore and that can keep you occupied for lengthy hours

2. Keeps you distracted

When you are occupied and determined to accomplish certain in-game goals, you may get distracted and distance yourself from your everyday chores

3. Loss of finances

Despite being a free-to-play game, Free Fire has in-game purchases that can elevate your game to the next level. Moreover, you can get more diamonds quickly by paying money as opposed to participating in special events

4. Disconnect with real people:

When you get too involved in online gaming, you tend to lose touch with the outside world, disconnecting from real people

Controversies Surrounding Free Fire Game

Sometimes, with popularity comes infamy. This was the case with Free Fire in early 2022, as Sea, Garena's parent company found, itself in hot waters when Krafton cried copyright infringement.

Krafton is PUBG's developer, who claimed that Free Fire appeared quite similar to PUBG Mobile and PUBG: Battlegrounds. In their lawsuit, they claimed that elements such as parachuting, weapons, and armors, to name a few, were directly copied from PUBG games.

In February 2022, the Government of India banned Free Fire and several other apps claiming they threatened the country's security and privacy.

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