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100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Massive real cash winnings

Massive real cash winnings

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Instant deposits and withdrawals

Referring a friend is rewarding

Referring a friend is rewarding

Multiple games

Multiple games

Withdraw your winnings like a pro

Quick and safe transfer your winnings in your bank account via multiple modes.

Play Fantasy Cricket and win Real Cash Daily

When fans get a chance to be involved in a game then nothing is bigger than this. India is experiencing a fantastic time with fantasy cricket. AIO Games offers you a chance to be a part of your favourite sports and win real cash daily.

It is a platform that describes one as a champion. You just need to show your skill and make your team in cricket matches to win daily. It is 100% legal and safe to play at the AIO fantasy cricket app.

You can make a team at the AIO fantasy cricket app for upcoming cricket matches. For making the team, you can build a strategy according to the toss, pitch, and conditions.

Download the AIO gaming application and start making your dream team to win real cash games daily. Be a part of your favourite sport and get involved with each delivery.

What is Fantasy cricket?

In India, cricket has a different charm and fame. The craze for the game is getting bigger and bigger.Is there any way that a common person can involve in the game and can be benefited?

Yes, the answer is Fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is an e-gaming structure that can make people earn real cash from cricket and cricketing leagues.

Online cricket games or fantasy cricket is such a structure where one can use his skill and can earn lots and lots of money.

AIO Games provides you with a hassle-free entry into the world of fantasy cricket gaming. As compared to our competitors, AIO Games’ user interface is simple and ready to use.

The design and gameplay too have an appealing factor that can attract any fantasy gamer. AIO Games is here to stay and create its own identity in the fantasy cricket space.

So, if you are a new entrant into the fantasy cricket arena, the below rules are all you need to know. So, download today the newest AIO Games app, which hardly takes a few minutes and start playing your favourite fantasy cricket games.

Where to start playing fantasy cricket, where to put hard-earned money?

To all those questions, there is just one answer and that is AIO Games. AIO Games is a platform where you can directly join a cash contest to win real online money with cricket games.

As the name suggests, All In One Games or AIO Games is a multi-gaming platform where you can play different games to win big. This is your big chance to play fantasy cricket daily and earn real money. This is why it is one of the best cricket money earning apps around.

The best fantasy gaming application in town

Want to play fantasy cricket on the authentic app but unable to trust one. Don’t worry, have covered you this time. In the below content piece, you will be able to know the process and how you can start earning real money instantly.

Download India’s leading fantasy application: AIO Game. Select a cricket contest and make your best fantasy 11 and you are good to go.

How to play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is the one and only criteria by which one individual can really get involved in a cricket match virtually. There is a different fantasy point system in each fantasy app. A player needs to create an 11-side team from 22 players.

There are 4 categories, wicketkeeper, batsmen, bowler, and all-rounder. One must select one or more options from each category but has to choose at least one from each segment.

Here you will witness multiple fantasy tournaments with real money and beginners can practice with the free contests. Once you have selected the contests then you must create your team as per your knowledge and conditions. Once the team is made you can edit before the first ball bowled?

After start of the match your players will get score/points according to their performance. Only this performance can make you win the contest and then only you can win the real money.


Select a match

Select a Match

Join contest and win cash

Create your Team

Create your team

Join contest and win real cash

Rules of creating Fantasy Cricket team

AIO Games provides you with a hassle-free entry into the world of fantasy gaming. As compared to our competitors, AIO Games’ user interface is simple and ready to use. The design and gameplay too have an appealing factor that can attract any fantasy gamer. AIO Games is here to stay and create its own identity in the fantasy cricket space.

So, if you are a new entrant into the fantasy cricket arena, the below rules are all you need to know. So, download today the newest AIO Games app, which hardly takes a few minutes and start playing the game.

The following are the rules for you to create your very own fantasy cricket team on AIO Games:

Read About: How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

Steps to Install


Tap ‘OK’ to complete the download,
The AIO app is 100% safe and legal.

Step 1 - Tap ‘OK’ to complete the download

Wait for the download
to finish.

Step 2 - Wait for the download to finish.

Open settings and turn on the unknown
sources to install the AIO games app.

Step 3 - Allow installing the app
  • Install the App
    Sign-up with Mobile Number and get Rs.100 instantly in your Game Wallet

  • Select a Game
    Choose from a lobby of popular game and start playing.

  • Join a Tournament or 1 vs 1 battle
    You can play a LIVE tournament and a battle full day.

  • Compete & Win Real Cash
    Set a new score every time you play. Get your winnings instantly to your wallet at the end of the tournament or battle.

  • Withdraw Cash instantly
    Withdraw your winning cash to your Bank Account Instantly.


Won ₹15 Lakhs
Clint Saddler, Delhi

I won ₹15 Lakhs thanks to AIO Games. Thanks to the passion for the game, I could manoeuvre strategies and win huge cash prizes.

Clint Saddler, Delhi
Won ₹10 Lakhs
Mehul Sankhe, Mumbai

I heard about AIO Games over the internet and I was instantly attached to it. I love cricket and I feel my strategy in the game made me a winner. Surely, I'll use the money for better use in my family.

Mehul Sankhe, Mumbai
Won ₹6 Lakhs
Rakesh Rangnekar, Chennai

I'm from Chennai and I wasn't so sure about entering into this first but I tried my luck and the rest is history. I'm very happy that I won this huge cash prize!

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Benefits of playing fantasy cricket games

People love cricket and want to be part of the game off the field. Fantasy cricket games are the best source to enjoy the game and get the most benefits out of it. What are the benefits of playing cricket fantasy games?

These are the sheer benefits that can be availed from you. What are you waiting, for when you need to choose the best cricket fantasy then you can choose AIO Games?

Cricket cash games are one of the biggest resources for earning money. Even the withdrawals are easy and quick so that you can transfer your winnings to your bank account directly.

How can you play Fantasy Cricket Leagues?

In the world, franchise cricket is running like a panther and almost every country has got their own T20 cricket brand. From the Indian T20 league to Big Bash, from BPL to T10 cricket, all the brands come under one umbrella and that is Fantasy Cricket leagues.

AIO Games is the one-stop gaming application that caters to all the games and runs as Fantasy cricket leagues. Let your cricket love come in the picture and make a big amount of real cash by just playing Fantasy Cricket Leagues around the globe.

AIO Games also give you discounts, offers and bonuses so that your playing potential can be high and can lead you to make money online with cricket games.

T20 or T10 cricket is the fastest format, and it allows you to be a part of it by making your fantasy teams. Now there are multiple fantasy cricket leagues like Indian T20 and what if we tell you that you can make it another source of income by just using your knowledge and skills.

Why Play Daily Fantasy Cricket on AIO Games?

AIO Games has all the potential to make you big with fantasy cricket games. You just need to join the daily fantasy contest and you are in the world of making big money.

Daily Multiple contests: AIO Games allows you to join multiple cash contests at a time to make the earning scope high. You can choose the minimum amount to the maximum.

Fantasy cricket leagues: At AIO Games, we cater to all the T20 and T10 leagues so that the Indian audience can play to make money. The more you play the more you win.

Easy Withdrawals: This is the most common problem with fantasy applications where one cannot withdraw the winnings instantly but at the AIO Games you can withdraw your winnings within a few clicks.

Tricks and tips to create the best Fantasy teams

Here your knowledge and skills come into the picture. Which players do you need to select to score more fantasy points? Let’s have a look at the strategy.

Asses the pitch: You need to assess the pitch first. For example, if the pitch has grass then the fast bowlers will be the key asset that can make you win the contest.

Runs of the batter: The next step is to conclude the runs by the batters. Like, what is the record of the openers on this particular ground. What are the bowlers that can be a threat to them or what are the bowlers that can make your batter score more runs?

How to win Fantasy Cricket Games on AIO Games App

The best answer is to make your best 11 and play as much as you can. Choosing a captain or a vice-captain is vital as they give you more points. You need to use your skills to make the best 11 so that you can enjoy the earnings.

Likewise, AIO Games has their own fantasy points system where each wicket, run, boundary, catch, run out and stump will give you fantasy points.

There will be a total of 100 credits from which you need to make your fantasy playing 11. After the match, the performances of your players will be calculated and then the winner will be decided.

What are you waiting for, download fantasy cricket App now and start winning the real cash. It is easy, it is rewarding. Play Now.

Simple Yet Crucial Gains of Playing Online Fantasy Cricket Games

With the advent of T20 cricket, the liking and admiration for daily Fantasy Cricket has increased. Prior to this, die-hard cricket fans were only engrossed with the game but now everything's changed.

The non-cricketing fans too have turned their heads towards online fantasy cricket games and the enthusiasm level has gone up a level. A regular fantasy gamer gets the leeway to understand the game better and satisfy his/her fantasy about playing cricket, which may not be possible for one in day-to-day life.

Also, one can also profit big from playing fantasy cricket online once you become more acquainted with the game. The strategies, skill and luck play important factors in earning huge profits.

Though fantasy cricket has been deep-rooted in every cricket and non-cricket lover's mind, there are some important benefits attached to it. So, here are some of the key benefits of playing fantasy game cricket that could help you in fantasy cricket:

Earning Money

Cricket Fantasy is not just a mere online based game but also allows you to earn real money too with added benefits. So, when your team/s is created and is out to contest with opponents in other tournaments, it helps you to earn you money if your formed team performs well in the process mentioned before.

Be it Rs.500 or Rs.5000, every cricket lover has a chance to play fantasy cricket and win prizes on AIO Games App.

Improvising your Decision-making ability

Just as a real-life cricketer has a decision to make in a game of cricket, a fantasy gamer too must apply the same. By choosing the perfect team for the perfect opportunity, he/she stands a chance to improve their respective decision-making ability.

Such moments make you think more accurately and decisively whilst facing more problems in the future.

Helps you to escape from your BUSY life

Apart from earning huge money and better decision-making, fantasy cricket also plays a pivotal role in diverting your mind from the busy schedule.

On a rough day in the office, traveling etc, a fantasy game can help one to divert their mind from the hectic schedule and enjoy a game without any trouble. Playing fantasy cricket eases your mind and allows one to play with freedom and without any tension.


What is AIO Games Fantasy Cricket?

AIO Games Fantasy is a fantasy league played by using your sports knowledge and skill. You can pick your own team by picking real players for Cricket. Create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits. Your team earns points based on your chosen players’ performance in real-life matches and the higher your points, the better your winnings! It’s time to showcase your skills and go for glory!

Follow these 5 easy steps to get started:

Select a Match: Select any of the upcoming matches from current or upcoming series

Create Your Team: Use your sports knowledge and showcase your skills to create your AIO Fantasy team within a budget of 100 credits

Join a Contest: Join any AIO Fantasy cash contest to win cash, and the ultimate bragging rights to show off your improvement.

Follow the Match: Watch the real match and track your scorecard
Withdraw your Winnings: Instantly withdraw your winnings from your wallet

Go to AIO Fantasy tab -> Select a Sport-> Select a match -> Create your team -> Join contests

Go to AIO Fantasy tab -> Select a match, Now you can click on “Add team” and create teams or you can select a contest and then click on “Register team” where you will be prompted to select the existing team or create a new team.

You can make as many changes to your AIO Fantasy teams as you like until the deadline of the registration for that match! You can also change your Captain or Vice-Captain before the deadline. Select the “Edit Team” button in your teams to make changes to your team. Make sure you keep an eye on which of your players are playing the match and keep your session updated at all times.

You need 11 players to make a team. Based on credits you can select a team: Wicket-Keeper(1-4), Batsmen (Minimum- 3, Maximum 6) , All-rounders (Minimum-1, Maximum- 4), Bowlers (Minimum-3, Maximum- 6).

You can select a maximum of 7 players from one playing side.

Captain gets you 2x points earned by that player and Vice-captain, 1.5x.

You can manage your teams for the match by going to “Your teams” section on each and every match.

No, you cannot edit the match post deadline of contest registration, when the match is live or after the match ends.

To join contests, click on a contest on the contest listing page and click on “Register team” to join the contest.

In case of a tie between winners of a multiple winner contest for all positions, the prize money for the winner's position and the immediate next winning position (if any), and so forth in accordance with the number of tied winners, will be aggregated and shared equally among the tied winners. All other prize money will remain as per the winner's standing. For example: If there are 2 winners tied for the 1st position, the sum of the 1st and 2nd positions’ prize money will be distributed equally between these 2 winners and the next highest scorer will be awarded the prize money for the 3rd position. Currently, there are no tie-breakers and hence all teams who have scored equal points will be considered as tied for a position.

You can see your team’s rank on the “leaderboard” of a particular contest you joined with that team, while the match is live and after the match ends.

If the match is cancelled due to some reason, the contests you joined will not be running and any amount used to join contests will be refunded to your Wallet.

If the match is abandoned, the AIO Games Fantasy match will be cancelled, and the entry fees will be refunded. This includes scenarios where the real match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled, as well as when the match is abandoned after it has started. Note: If the real match has a result (i.e., ends in a win to either team or a tie but not a "no result") even if not played out fully, we will announce the results of the AIO Games Fantasy match as per the AIO Fantasy scorecard points accumulated, except where a result of progression of a team in the tournament is a consequence solely of (i) the results of a Super Over or Bowl Out, (ii) the toss of a coin, (iii) prior results between or relative standings of the teams in the tournament, or (iv) any methodology other than those envisaged by the official score revision rules (e.g., Duckworth Lewis Stern) applicable to weather-affected matches in the particular tournament. Where a AIO Games Fantasy match has been cancelled for the aforesaid reasons or any other reasons as may be notified from time to time, the entry fees of all participants in such a match will be refunded in full. For the sake of clarity, the scores of a Super Over shall not be tabulated for the purpose of AIO Games Fantasy scorecard points under any circumstances.

If the Test match is declared as drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the AIO Fantasy match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded. If the test match is declared drawn with either team (and not necessarily both) completing a single inning, the AIO Fantasy match will be considered to have completed and the entry fees will not be refunded. Note: An innings will be deemed to be completed if a batting team either declares or gets bowled out (i.e., loses ten wickets) in such an innings.

In case of a cash contest, the contest will be cancelled, and the entry fee will be refunded to your account.

Real cash! What can be better than that?

As the players perform in the actual match in real-time, your team keeps earning points for your chosen players’ performances. The points status appearing next to your total points indicates if the match is in progress or completed.

Considering the excitement and passion of fans, we allow our users to pre-select their teams for all the matches that are open on AIO Games Fantasy at any given point of time.

Sure! But to maintain the element of surprise, we allow users to view other users’ teams only after the deadline. To view your opponent’s team, Go to the Live or Results Option-> Select a match and click on your opponent’s team name. You can also track your competitors by downloading the details of other teams in that contest.

Of course, the beauty of the daily format is that you can join a contest in the middle of a series that is not yet closed (deadline has not passed) and have an equal opportunity of winning as everyone else.

The team which gets the highest points at the end of the match will be announced as the winner of that contest.

We charge a platform fee to access our facilities for improving and maintaining them, as well as awarding cash prizes. However, the entry fee will be credited back to your Wallet in case of cancelled matches. (Please check the answer for ‘What happens if a cricket match is abandoned?’)

After the match is completed, Results will be verified and post verification & declaration of match results within 12 hours, your winning amount will be credited to your wallet. Please contact our customer support in case you do not receive your winning amount within 12 hours.