Fair Play

AIO Games upholds a Fair Play practice in the games provided as we believe in Transparency in our services and trust and responsibility towards our Users. Further, this Policy defines the approach that our team will take when fair play violations are observed in the platform. For the purpose of this policy, Fair Play Violations will mean any form of fraudulent or illegal activity adopted by the users for playing on our platform including but not limited to collusion, money laundering, cheating, manipulation etc. The Fair Play Policy covers the below stated aspects to lookout for the spirit of competition and skill as the players take on each other at the table.

2. What will violate the Fair Play Policy?

AIO Games reserves the right to cancel/suspend the User’s accounts and take appropriate action against anyone violating the Fair Play Policy. Any of the below violation point mentioned herein are in addition the Terms of Use on the AIO Games Platform and any other policy on the Platform. The following points will lead to violate this Policy:

  • Any User found on chat feature, email or voice call with any fellow player or with AIO Games member which is obnoxious, vulgar, foul, racist, abusive or religious remarked.
  • Any form of Cheating
  • Hacking in any form, including misusing bugs or using third party tools.
  • Using multiple accounts or teaming up with players to raise scores.
  • Using your Username/ID for promoting your personal services and products.
  • Malicious and rude conversation or statement about AIO Games or any of its other users
  • Any user ID which is found to be engaged in fraud, illegal and illicit activities that affects game and the game results.
  • Creation of any login name or passwords which is offensive/abusive/racist
  • Any user having multiple IDs on Our Platform.
  • Indulged in any other kind of unwanted activity with the purpose of planned damage to other Players and/or AIO Games.
  • Indulged in Anti-Spamming & Money Laundering
  • Using Cheat codes


Revealing personal details such as email address, postal address, contact numbers, etc. or by any means revealing your identity through selection of Username is stringently forbidden. We store all the information in a secure environment and is not shared with any untrusted third party.

Safe & Secure Payments

We work with trusted third-party payment gateways with secure authentication to ensure safety and security of all financial transactions. We use the best data security tools. Our systems are regularly tested using automated and manual processes for security not just by AIO Games but by external security experts also. To avoid fraudulent withdrawals, we have additional OTP verification. For any problems detected or reported, prompt response is given.

Responsible Gaming

In the event User spending reaches a certain cap, we alert users and ask them to play responsibly. Users are told to take an optional break when their game sessions are long. AIO Games mandates the user to take a non-negotiable break when the session reaches a certain duration. The user will not use the app in this situation.

Security Measures Taken Before and During the Game

  • Anti-Collusion measures are taken.
  • Necessary checks have been implemented to analyze if two or more players are engaging in any Fair Play Violation during the course of a game.
  • Anti-fraud algorithms keep a tab on all moves of the players.
  • AIO Games has a 24/7 collusion team of experts to monitor games played on the website so that they can be checked for any deceitful action.

Consequences of violation

  • Players confirmed of indulging in any violation of this policy will be blocked from playing in AIO Games.
  • The balance funds of both the winners and the users who colluded or helped in committing the Fair Play Violation, will be withheld for a period of 180 days for review. The review will cover all the games the user played since the time of registering on the platform.
  • Additionally, we reserve the right to deduct an additional penalty from the users who violated this Policy, which may go up to 3X of the entry fees.

AIO Games reserves the right to update or modify the Policy without any intimation.

Players might report any rude or mean behavior by any other player right away to us our 24x7 Customer Support at support@aio.games