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Introduction to Court Piece Game

Trick-taking is an excellent card game variant that you can play as an individual player as well as in partnerships. Where games such as Call Break and Hearts are played individually, Court Piece, Spades, and Bridge, to name a few, are played in partnerships. Here, you will learn about the Court Piece game.

Court Piece is largely played in the regions of India and Pakistan. In India, this card game is often referred to as Coat Peace/ Court Piece game and in Pakistan, it is called Rung or Rang. As stated, it is a partnership game with 4 players participating at a given time.

The individuals sitting opposite each other form a team and compete against the remaining two players. Being a trick-taking game, Court Piece requires the players to win tricks. The game concludes when a team makes 7 or more tricks as per the predefined number.

Understanding the Court Piece Game

To play Court Piece, you will require a standard deck of 52 cards and 4 players. It is played in partnerships and having 4 participants is a prerequisite. Players sitting opposite each other form teams.

Before starting the game, it is important to decide on a dealer, which the players can do by drawing 1 card each and the one holding the lowest-ranked card becomes the dealer.

The Court Piece rules state the objective as winning more tricks than the opposing team. Every player can win tricks, which will be credited as a win for the team rather than an individual accomplishment.

To win tricks, the players must take turns throwing one card at a time at the center of the table while trying to match the suit in play. For instance, if the first player has discarded a card of the Spade suit, the remaining players must play Spade until they no longer have a card belonging to that suit.

The player with the highest value card wins a trick. The winner of the trick then plays the first card of their choice commencing a fresh trick. It is important to successfully perform 7 or more tricks to win the card game.

What is the Objective of the Court Piece Game?

As one of the players, your objective in the Court Piece game is to win as many as 7 tricks or more before your opponents. Court Piece is a partnership game, so, the person sitting opposite to you is your partner, and you compete against the remaining two individuals.

A Guideline to Playing the Court Piece Game

Learning the rules of the Court Piece game can elevate the playing experience. When played within the guidelines, you can make the card game highly competitive and engaging at the same time.

All you need is a deck of playing cards and 3 compatriots. The rules are as follows

Choosing the dealer:

So, by now, you know that Rang Tash game is played in partnerships. Once all 4 of you are seated, you need to choose a dealer. You can do so by picking one card each and the player with the lowest value card is elected as the dealer. The dealer will then shuffle the cards and deal 5 cards among all the players.

Role of the trump caller:

Once the dealer deals the cards, the player sitting to their immediate right is deemed the ‘trump caller’. Their job is to determine a trump suit that can be used as a trump card in the game.

In order to do so, they must examine their own cards and preferably opt for the suit in which they have the greatest number of cards. For example, if 3 cards out of 5 belong to the Clubs suit, they can choose Clubs as the trump card.

Upon deciding on the trump card, the dealer will deal the remaining cards bringing the tally to 13 cards each for all the players.

Winning the tricks:

The objective of the Court Piece game is to make 7 or more tricks as a team to win the game. The first card is played by the trump caller, which can either belong to the trump suit or one of the other high-value cards. The game will then continue counterclockwise.

It is important to continue playing cards from the same suit until a player has no card left belonging to the suit in play. Then, they can play the trump card. Trump card can defeat any card of the other suit.

Say, Clubs is decided as the trump suit, then, even the value of 2 of Clubs is higher than the Ace of Diamonds. The individual playing the highest card wins one trick.

The winner of each trick begins the next round by playing a card of their choosing. All cards that are part of a trick must be set aside and placed face down. Again, win 7 tricks or more to win the game.

An Insight into Court Piece Rules and Scoring

Below are the basic Court Piece rules that you should abide by while playing this card game. Additionally, there is a set of other rules that you will learn which help with scoring –

  • Any time a dealer wins a round, the player sitting to their right must commence the next round

  • The dealer is always the representative of the team that did not win the preceding trick

  • The trump caller is the player sitting to the right of the dealer

  • A team must win 7 or more tricks to win the deal

  • It is possible for a team to win 7 deals consecutively. In that case, the team is said to have collected one Court

  • A team can collect 52 Courts by winning all the tricks in a hand. This scenario is called a goon court

Scoring & Other Rules

  • Scoring commences as soon as one of the teams wins a round

  • Any time a team collects a Court, the scoring resets

  • Scoring is tallied by the teams at the end of each round making it crucial to win the majority of the tricks

  • Winning 7 consecutive tricks hands a team a direct victory

Does Court Piece Have Variations?

Depending on the region you belong to, you can find a number of variations of Court Piece game. In one of the variations played in India and Pakistan, players belonging to the opposition can even change the trump suit. However, if they cannot win seven tricks consecutively, they lose.

Below are some variants of the Rang Tash game that you can play –

Single Sar:

Single Sar is the perfect variant to play when you are new to the Court Piece card game. Its rules basically stick to the traditional game – 4 players, a deck of 52 cards, and playing in partnerships, to name a few.

All individuals play with the same suit until the time an opportunity presents itself to play the trump suit. The player with the highest card wins the trick for their team. The team that manages to make more tricks is declared the winner.

Double Sar:

The rules of Double Sar are different, especially in regards to tricks. As opposed to the traditional gameplay, here, the players do not play for single tricks, but two consecutive tricks.

The first trick won by either team is placed at the center of the table. If the same team wins the next trick, they get two tricks in their name.

In case there are alternative winners in two back-to-back rounds, the third game decides which team wins the combined stake. Some Double Sar sub-variants state that tricks can be won only with Aces.

Hidden Rung:

Hidden Rung is a Double Sar variant in which the trump caller does not disclose the trump suit to other players. This card is revealed only when one of the players does not have a card of the suit in play.

They have to ask the trump caller to reveal the trump card. Other rules are the same as the Double Sar game.

What You Should Know about the Court Piece Winning Streak?

As explained, a team can win 7 consecutive tricks at which point they score a Court. Now, they have the option to continue with the same game or to start fresh.

If you are faced with such a situation, you should continue and try to collect 13 trick wins. That way, your team wins 52 courts guaranteeing an unassailable victory.

Tricks & Tips to Win at Coat Piece Game

As you gain experience while playing the Coat Piece game, you begin developing your own strategies to beat your opponents. But how do you tackle the challenges as a novice? There are several tips that you can follow and practice to get them perfect.

Eventually, you will become a better version of your gaming self than you anticipated. Read on for some Court Piece tricks –

  • Save the high value cards for a rainy day. Never play a Royal card or an Ace when you know it will cost you the hand

  • Do not recklessly play the trump cards. Chances are that your opponents have a trump card of a higher value, so, it is not advisable to play the trump card when you start a round

  • Avoid cheating. It is an unwritten rule for any game, but in the Court Piece game, getting caught cheating means your opponent wins a Court

  • Though losing is not on your mind in competitive games, conceding the first couple of hands can work in your favour, as it will encourage your opponents to play higher hands frequently. This is something you can manipulate to land results in your favour

Terminologies Used in Court Piece Game

Below is the list of terms that are used while playing the Court Piece game –


Tricks are the number of hands that a team can win in the Court Piece game. A team needs to win 7 or more tricks in order to be declared the winner


A dealer is a person who deals the cards among players before the start of a hand. A dealer can be selected at random or by distributing one card each to every player; the one with the lowest value card is the dealer

Trump caller

Trump caller is the person sitting to the right of the dealer. The trump caller is responsible for picking the trump suit during a hand

Trump suit

A trump suit can belong to any of the four suits – Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs – as decided by the trump caller. The trump suit can beat any card of a different suit regardless of its value


Other names for Court Piece

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