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Play Casual Games and Earn Real Cash

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about your childhood? Innocence, school life, vacations, friends, and playing casual games with friends cannot be neglected as it is one of the fondest memories of everybody’s childhood.

Gaming has been an integral part of our lives ever since we were born. Bagging the top position when it comes to entertainment, there are several games which are passed from generation to generation.

From the king’s palace to the lanes of India, our classic games such as ludo, carrom, cards, chess, etc. prevails in the hearts of every Indian.

With all the sources of entertainment going online, the mundane ways of playing games with friends and family have changed.

Also considering the time crunch and hectic schedules the youth is dealing with, gaming is made easy for all of us. Online gaming enables players to interact socially with other players.

According to research, players relate online gaming with- cash rewards, stress buster, personal growth, and experiential enhancement.

You don’t have to be up there always to play games, there are lighter games that can be played easily while you earn money and entertain yourself. In that case, casual games come into play.

Casual games are great stress busters and require less time. So, you can play them while going to work, coming back from work, during lunch breaks and before sleeping. These games are easy to play and don’t require much time to be invested.

These games do not require strong commitments like the typical hardcore games. Players don’t have to log in to their computers or laptops as these games can be played on smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Different Casual Games to Play on AIO Games

Ludo Games

The game doesn’t need an introduction. One of the most played and celebrated games in India by people of all ages. 2 to 4 players can play the game and earn real cash. As people are getting tech-savvy now so online gaming is the most preferred way of playing ludo.

Online Carrom

Carrom too has gone online, and many applications have launched their own versions of this conventional board game. AIO Games has introduced *Carrom Combat*, wherein fans of the game could relish the game with their loved ones, and enjoy and win real money.

At AIO Games, we give you the options of 2 or 4 players. You can either play with your friends and family or random players on the app which will enable you to increase your social circle.

Fruit cutting game

This is one of the newest casual games introduced by AIO Games to take your entertainment quotient to the next level. It’s a fruit-cutting game wherein fruits will pop on your screen, and you must cut them with a virtual knife.

The game is very simple but requires speed and concentration to win the game. If you miss out on chopping the fruits thrice, you will lose the game. It is an addictive game and helps you strengthen your power to concentrate.

Knife Smack

There used to be a time when games were restricted to boards and cards. But now the time has changed, and players get a lot of options. We at AIO games try to bring the best casual games to you just like Knife Smack.

A player needs to smack knives to earn more points than his/her opponent. It’s a very simple game and you can earn a good amount of money and other rewards.

This is a game of skills and practice, and you are then good to go.

Archery Games

One of India’s favourite games, Quick Archery can help you earn real cash. The sound effects and graphics of the game keep you hooked with the game.

This is a fun skill-based game where you need to collect points and, in the end, the player who has the most points wins.

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Can you make money by playing casual games online?

Online gaming gives players a sense of accomplishment and victory. There are various applications that have shown up to provide you with an online gaming experience and help you earn real cash.

AIO Games is one such online gaming platform that enables you to earn money by playing games like carrom, brainy ludo, call break, poker, rummy and the list is long.

You can participate in the tournaments and competitions on the app winning which will help you earn several cash rewards. You can withdraw your earnings whenever and wherever you want.

These rewards keep the players hooked, help them amp up their skills and develop a competitive spirit in them.

Is playing casual games legal In India?

AIO Games is a legal platform where you can play fantasy sports and earn real cash. All the skill-based games are legal on AIO Games, and one can play them to earn real cash online.

Participating in the skill-based real cash games hosted by AIO Games on their platform like Fantasy Sports, Poker, Online Rummy, etc. is legal under the law of the land.

AIO Games holds tournaments and competitions which give you a chance to showcase your skills and win some real cash. AIO offers various rewards and Rs.100 welcome bonus. You can also refer AIO Games to your friends and earn rewards by it.