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100% secured and legal

100% secured and legal

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

Massive real cash winnings

Massive real cash winnings

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Instant deposits and withdrawals

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Referring a friend is rewarding

Multiple games

Multiple games

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Play Call Break Cash Game on AIO Games App

Indian online gaming has reached its peak and that’s why the players want to have an experience with multiple gaming options. And that is why AIO Games has introduced Call Break game that will give our players a fresh and unique game experience.

So gamers, put on your gaming cap and behold the magic of Card Break!

It is one of the cash games that is being liked by the Indians and AIO games is the right platform to play it.

It is a popular card game that has the potential to win real money. Visit AIO Games and download the apk file to play Call Break real money which is also known as Tash game.

The benefits of playing the Call Break card game on AIO Games is that there are multiple contests and players can withdraw money easily. Call Break multiplayer card game is legal, and Indians are totally loving it.

In fact, this is the high time where card game lovers should come up and make real cash online by playing call break real money games on AIO Games app.

Callbreak card game is suitable for everyone, and one just need to bid smartly. It is a game that can land you a place that gives you easy money. It is a game that can be played by a beginner, and they can start winning big right from day one.

What Call Break is called in Indian Language?

Call Break ( कॉल ब्रेक ) is a trick taking card game played in India and it is also called as Tash game, Lakadi game or Ghochi.

Indians are immensely accepting it to win real money. The best part about Lakadi game is that it can be played by beginners, and they can learn the skill in a quick time.

This Tash game is immensely endorsed in India and players are giving their enough time to make real money.

It is such a game that is played by multiple players at a time, and they eventually turned their fortunes. So, behold the magic of cards and let your skill be the champion once again.

At AIO Games, each player has got the opportunity to play the Tash game as per their budgets and can rise to the phoenix. Download All In One games (AIO Games) to play call break money game now.

Why is Online Call break Game So Popular in India?

Now that you have a vivid insight into Call break, you might wonder why this card game is so much in demand.

Here are some reasons why that is the case –

Highly strategic:

If you are someone who craves strategy gaming, you will be instantly attracted to Call break. This 4-player card game is fast-paced and capable of alleviating stress levels after a busy day.

You can log in through your phone and compete against top gamers for the top prize. Be attentive and formulate strategies as you go along and the victory will be yours for the taking.

Play for cash rewards:

If you can engage in gaming that gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash, would you let it slide? Thanks to speedy gameplay, Call Break money game ensures that it does not take up most of your time.

Additionally, you get to play for cash rewards. When you are well-versed with regards to its rules and have a strategic approach, you can make money on the fly.

Accessible anytime, anywhere:

Upon installing the game on your mobile device, you can play Call Break online game anytime and from anywhere. All you require is a stable Internet connection and you are good to go.

Tournaments and competitions:

Another reason behind the popularity of Call Break is the occasionally organized Tournaments and Competitions. Make sure that you stay updated about any related news, as this chance is the one that you do not want to miss.

These special events see a large pool of players participating, meaning you can compete against diverse minds inviting and setting unprecedented challenges. What’s more, the rewards offered in these exclusive events are said to be life-changing.

Why Call Break is also called as Taas Game?

One of the most well-known strategic card game available, playing call break taas wala game, is quite popular card game amongst the South Asian countries. It’s a card game that shares similarities to that of spades.

In call break taas game, there are deck of 52 cards to be dealt with amongst maximum 4 players. Here, a dealer gives 13 cards to each player and thus the game starts.

A dealer has to start throwing a solo card of any suit followed by the other three players’ suit. If a player can’t have an identical suit card, then he/she must throw another one and the winner is declared with the one who deals the highest card.

Trump cards are used while playing call break card game to overcome the other cards as well, but it only happens when there are no cards of the same suit are there to offer.

Call Bridge who is alternatively related to Call Break, is a game of quick tricks, card bids and high scores. It has gained much popularity in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. Moreover, it also has some relation to North America's very own Spades game.

Call Break

How to play online call break on AIO Games App?

Call Break Point and Scoring System

Playing and understanding its rules are easy and this is the biggest reason why this game is a super-hot commodity in India. Card game lovers are playing call break more frequently to earn real money. Let’s have a sight at the Call Break’s point and scoring system.

Call Break tash game is easy and fun and it becomes hot property when it allows users to win real money on AIO games application.

Risk is important but that must be the calculated one. Keep in mind that bidding is the crucial part, and a player needs to sort this out. Then the trump card will have importance. Trump is the biggest card and can outclass any other card at any given time.

This game is at its peak in India and AIO Games is one of the finest hosts for the same. So, log on to AIO Games and play Call Break and many more skill based real money games to earn real cash.

Multiple Round Format

Call Break is a game of multiple rounds, and a player needs to earn maximum points to win a game. Cumulative scores from all the rounds will be counted and then a winner will be declared.

There are multiple tournaments and that depends on platform to platform. AIO Games is being special for gamers as they provide many tournaments of Call Break and other cards and non-card games.

Single Round Format

Call Break card game is one of the most liked and favourable tash games out there. With most of the Indians living in a fast and pacy world at the moment, AIO Games is right behind and want to fulfil the users' wish by offering a Single Round Call Break fast format.

If one is looking for a quick and speedy Call Break cash game, then the Single Round format is the ideal pick.

So, what's keeping you from downloading AIO Games? Download the app NOW and enjoy some of the best cashback offers, Call Break rewards and much, much more.


What makes call break cash game so popular and relevant? The rules are pretty simple here - A dealer has 13 cards which he/she has to deal with to every player. After that, each player will have to call the number of hands in order to win that particular round.

If any player/s fail to have a card of the same suit, he/she can play a trump card or another suit card.

The key criteria here is that the Call break real money game is decided after 5 rounds and the user with the highest score at the end of the game, wins the loot!

He/she can win a game of call break if they have equal number of hands at the beginning of the game or with more hands involved.

Callbreak Gameplay
  • Install the App
    Sign-up with Mobile Number and get Rs.100 instantly in your Game Wallet

  • Select a Game
    Choose from a lobby of popular game and start playing.

  • Join a Tournament or 1 vs 1 battle
    You can play a LIVE tournament and a battle full day.

  • Compete & Win Real Cash
    Set a new score every time you play. Get your winnings instantly to your wallet at the end of the tournament or battle.

  • Withdraw Cash instantly
    Withdraw your winning cash to your Bank Account Instantly.

Is Call Bridge similar to Call break Game?

Call Bridge, also known as Call Break, is a game of tricks, trumps and bidding which is popular in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. It seems to be associated to the North American game called Spades. The rules of the game tend to differ from place to place.

Call Bridge is nothing but similar game to Call Break that includes scoring, bidding & trumping. The rules of both the games are kind of similar but might vary in different places.

Call Bridge is mostly trendy in SAFF countries. Whilst playing Call Bridge, one must have two things in mind -
1) he/she should be an avid card player
2) He/she must be a skilful and strategic enough at playing card games.

Call Bridge is an exciting card game that is basically depended on numbers that are added to the accumulative score or else they're detracted.

Many card game players find Call Bridge a bit difficult to play and hence choose 'Call Break' which also has the similar gameplay. But the differential factor here is that Call Break allows you to score as well as earn real money on the go!

Callbreak Multiplayer Card Game

Call Break is a multiplayer card game and one can win real money. Yes, it is legal in India, and you can play it on the AIO Games app to win cash daily.

Tash games are highly appreciated in India and even the younger generations are also trying their hands on it. Callbreak games are a traditional form of entertainment but now everyone can play them to win real cash.

It is a game of spades and usually, it is played between 4 players. Each player has to bid before every round and then they need to score according to the bid. For example, if a player bids 5 hands, then he has to earn 5 or more hands otherwise the marking will be negative.

It is a game of skill where entertainment comes with huge winnings. Usually, there are 5 rounds in each game and each player plays with 13 cards. All the players must play the same suit card to continue the process.

Spades are the most powerful cards in this Tash game and whoever has the better of it, he has the edge. Don’t wait to be accepted but check out the real trend on AIO Games to earn real money on the go!

Benefits of Playing Call Break Real Money Game on AIO Games

There is much love for card games in India, but what if we tell you that you can earn real money by playing those games online. Yes, you have heard it right, now you can play Callbreak multiplayer card game at AIO Games.

It is not just a game for entertainment, but it Is now Call Break Real Money game.

Do you want to give it a try? If yes, then please look at the benefits of playing Call Break real cash game on AIO Games App.

This is the high time when you need to earn big rewards by using your gaming skills. Download the AIO Games app now and play Call Break to break the monotony of life.

Online Call Break

Why AIO Games is the best Call Break Money Earning app?

There are plenty of call break earning app available for card game players especially with the amount of real cash involved. So why is AIO Games is the ideal pick for earning real cash over the rest?

Well, it's a simple answer - Call Break is a fun and enjoyable game that involves real money and at AIO Games, we ought to deliver just that to our users.

Smooth and easy go-to UI experience and also, cash transactions that are not that difficult. If one has any issue to deal with, then our customer service is available 24x7.

With multiple offers and cashbacks also available, AIO Games Call Break game presents a very good opportunity for the callbrek game users, to win real cash!

So what's the wait huh? Head to AIO Games right away and win loads of cash with your call break abilities!

How to Download Call Break game?

India has seen a rise in many fantasy related apps that offer real money gaming. With many online card games for money on the rise, call break taas too has been the most popular amongst the users.

All In One Games or AIO Games is the ideal platform for call break taas users to win real money and play their favourite card game.

Home to many other skill-based games, AIO Games has ventured in online cash games that offer customer satisfaction and some exciting cash rewards.

Here's a step-by-step guideline to download call break game on your phone/tablet -

How to Download AIO Games Callbreak App for Android?

For the iOS users, you can opt download via the following steps:

Top Reasons to download Callbreak Multiplayer earning app and play

With over lakhs of registered users playing and downloading Callbreak app, AIO Games remains one of India's safest and trust-worthy apps to play call break game. Here, you can download call break game app and play real money earning games in numerous times via downloading from android or iOS.

Here are some of the reasons to play call break cash game on AIO Games:

Easy to navigate:

Whilst playing call break on the AIO Games app, you will find the navigation pretty much easy. Its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate quite seamlessly. With a stable internet connection, you can play real money games & tournaments and win HUGE rewards!

100% Safe & Legal

Playing callbreak multiplayer card game on AIO Games is 100% safe and legally valid. AIO Games gives you the options of opting for bank transfers or via UPIs without any hassles or trouble. You get multiple payment options for easy deposits and withdrawals.

Quick Withdrawals

Won a callbreak cash tournament and waiting for instant withdrawal? Not to worry just download and start playing on AIO Games! Here we provide instant cash withdrawals without any hassle & charge no fee!

All you have to do is go to the 'Withdrawals' section in the 'My Wallet' section, tap on 'Withdraw' & voila! The money will instantly be deposited in your account asap!

Enjoy our smooth Gameplay

It requires some serious strategic planning and concentrations whilst at the table especially when you're playing online. Callbreak provides you the perfect scenario.

Exclusive Bonuses and Cashback offers

AIO Games provides you with the ideal cash bonuses, rewards and multiple cashbacks offers. Go to the AIO Games app, use the promocodes to get some massive bonuses, cashbacks and ready cash offers.

Here are 4 strategies for playing the Call Break game and Win Cash.

India is famous for the love towards tash games. Every family have spent so much time for the sake of entertainment while playing money earning card games.

It is such a game that enhance skills, mood and provide your part of fun. AIO Games is all set to provide you the different formats of Callbreak multiplayer so that you can live your tash journey again.

Use Momentum

If you have the lead in a hand and another player makes a call, try to use the momentum of the hand to your advantage. If you think the other player might fold based on the position of the cards, go ahead and bet or raise. This will give you more control over the game and could lead to a victory down the road.

Use Your Gut Feel

You should not wait for too long to make a decision when it comes to making a call. If you're unsure about whether to go ahead with it, just trust your gut instinct and go for it.

Sometimes making a quick decision can lead to success, while other times it might not matter as much if you take too long to decide. It all comes down to playing the hand how you feel is best for you at that moment.

Be Patient

Don't get frustrated if another player doesn't fold right away when they see you making a Call Break. Sometimes it might take a few rounds before the other player decides to fold. Just keep playing patiently and eventually they will capitulate.

Use Your Position

If you are in a good position, try to use that to your advantage as well. If the dealer has a low hand, for example, try to push all of your bets towards the middle or even go all-in on some hands.

This will give you an advantage over the dealer and increase your chances of winning the hand.

Overall, playing call break money earning game is a tricky and strategic manoeuvre that can help you gain an edge over your opponents. Just make sure you are aware of the situation and know when it is appropriate to take this chance.

Call Break sign up bonus

Don’t miss the opportunity and get Call break sign up bonus of Rs. 100. Start your Call Break’s journey with this bonus and win some real cash out of it.

Flaunt your tash skills and let the money flow in your pocket. It is a pure entertainment plus income game to play, so come and join the platform to win big.

Call break cash game

Call break game Winning Tips and Tricks

Despite how simple the Call break rules appear, applying them in stressful circumstances truly tests your toughness. As you gain experience, you begin to devise strategies on your own and learn to pivot when they don’t work.

But what do you do when you are a novice?

Here are some tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your gameplay and even build on them to become a great Call break player –

Bid wisely:

It goes without saying that you need to be smart while bidding. Once you take a look at your cards, you need to decide how many successful tricks you can win. You can come to a decision by seeing the number of trump cards you have or how many high-value cards you have that belong to the Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts suits.

When you think of high-value cards, make sure to exclude Jacks and Queens. Even though they are royal cards, they rarely bring you any wins.

Learn the rules :

Although most sources will stick to the basic guidelines of Callbreak money game, some will add an extra set of rules to elevate the gaming experience. Be sure that you learn about these rules as well as the basic ones in order to seamlessly perform in the game.

Not knowing that ‘Spades’ is a trump suit can cost you dearly, especially when you are playing for higher stakes.

Analyze the risk :

There’s no doubt that taking risks can pay dividends, but they need to be assessed well. Taking a risk in Call Break basically revolves around making bids.

You not only have to check your cards for trump cards and other high-value cards but also know whether or not to play them at a certain point in the game. So, while submitting your bids, acknowledge the cards that you have and accordingly arrive at a decision.

Know when to play trump cards:

It has been already established that the Spades suit is a trump in the game. Knowing when to play these cards is a challenge in itself. Finding the opportune moment and only striking then can win you tricks.

It is also not guaranteed that a trump card will win you a trick. Hence, you have to be extremely mindful of how to play the trump cards.

Predict your opponents’ moves :

Even the slightest knowledge of what your opponents will do next can help you improvise midway into the game. For this, you need to observe the type of cards they play.

You can also look for signs that show hesitance or confidence. Learning about the number of tricks they have made will also help you in guessing whether they will play aggressively or defensively.

By observing your opponents, you can genuinely manipulate the game and force them to commit mistakes.


Is it legal to play Call break online in India?

Yes, it is legal to play Call Break online in India to win real cash.

If a player bids 4 and only gets 3 bids correct, then the player has to pay a penalty.

Call break is such a game with too much fun. Every player has to deal with their bran and its power to win the hand. Though this game is easy and meant for any or every card lover.

Yes, Call Break is multiplayer real cash game and you have to beat the opponent to have a triumph.

It's very simple! Head to AIO Games app, then go to Call Break feature game, choose your favourite pool prize and then play! So if you win over your opponent, you stand a chance to win lots of real cash rewards and goodies!

Yes, you can play call break real cash game on the AIO Games app. You just need to download the app and follow the steps to play the call break online game. Moreover, you can invite your friends and peers too to join in the fun!

The minimum amount required to play Call Break online on AIO Games is Rs. 1.

Whilst playing Call Break real cash game, one needs to outsmart his/her opponent. This is a strategy-based card game and if one remembers the rules, it becomes to play. A winner is decided when the card dealer has the highest score.

Yes, playing callbreak enhances your card playing skills as well as your brains!

Here you go - Spades, Call Bridge, Ghochi, Lakadi, Call Break Taas, Call Bridge and Racing.

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Step 3 - Allow installing the app


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