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Play Board Game Online and Win Real Cash

Those days when we had a soft corner for board games. After dinner, the whole family used to sit together for some entertainment and Ludo was one of the most played games. Now the question is that what is a board game?

A board game is a game where a printed board is there to play with some extra utilities like cards, dice, tokens etc. Now we all are busy in our lives and unable to cherish those moments again. But what if we tell you that you can still play those old games and win real cash from them.

Yes, AIO Games has different sorts of board games, and a player can win money too. Just install the app and enjoy those little moments with your friends and family and win some real cash too.

How to Play Board Game Online and Earn money

AIO games has multiple board games, and you need to just join the cash contest to play. Join any table and win the battle to earn money from board games.

These games are easy and familiar in nature and require skills. These skill-based board games have the ability to spread entertainment and money together.

Online board games are skill-based and legal in nature so that any player can enjoy it without any hassle.

Different Types of Board Games to Play

Carrom Board Game

Carrom board online is a skill-based game. It is a multi-player game where players can win real money online. This board game has a striker, white token, black token, and a queen.

The striker is a tool that is shared with all the players to pocket the token. Highest scorers win the game. The aim is to collect the coloured tokens and a queen to end the game.

AIO Games has different cash contest for online carrom and you can choose any of them to make money.

Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the craziest games in Indian household and almost every generation had their own feelings towards the game. After dinner, all the family used to sit together to play the game.

Do you remember the claps, whistles and excitement to win the round, that was amazing? Now you don’t have to wait for dinner but can play online Ludo anytime anywhere.

AIO Game’s Brainy Ludo is the hot product in market and that is driven by the skills. It is a multi-player game with multiple cash contests for the users. It is a skill-based Ludo that has the potential to make you win lacs daily.

Snake and Ladder Board Game

Snake and Ladder board game is another diamond in the house. That excitement and thrill to cut the token and cross those snakes to win the game.

Now the time has changed, and you can play Snake and Ladder in your phone 24/7. It is a skill-based game and has the potential to make you win lacs daily. Join AIO Games and let the skill play the games.

Monopoly Board Game:

Monopoly is another game that requires strategy and tricks to win. Dealing with another players is the most wonderful part of Monopoly and now you can do this in your mobile phone.

Choose any cash contest and let your brain do the justice. Live your childhood again and play online board games to win real money.

Chess Board Game

Chess is the game that requires skill, mindful thinking and lots of strategies but can you earn money from it, the answer is yes. Be ready Indians and make money by playing Chess online.

It is a multi-player game, and you need to beat your opponent to win it. The fight is to kill the most powerful player in the game and that is he King. The player does it quickly, that win the game.

  • Install the App
    Sign-up with Mobile Number and get Rs.100 instantly in your Game Wallet

  • Select a Game
    Choose from a lobby of popular game and start playing.

  • Join a Tournament or 1 vs 1 battle
    You can play a LIVE tournament and a battle full day.

  • Compete & Win Real Cash
    Set a new score every time you play. Get your winnings instantly to your wallet at the end of the tournament or battle.

  • Withdraw Cash instantly
    Withdraw your winning cash to your Bank Account Instantly.

Benefits of Playing Board Game

Board games are fun and now you can make money with this. Playing online board games makes you stress free and charge you brain with freshness. Board games have many elements that can be benefited.

Let’s have a look.

Mindful thinking - It nourishes your brain and allows you to think strategically. It allows you to be creative enough to win the contest. If a player makes strategy, then it allows the player to stick to the plan and that requires patience and skill.

Patience – Board Games teaches you to be patient in any situation and this is one of the most important aspects of life. Remember, when teachers and parents used to say that be patient because it plays a vital role in our lives and that requires practice.

Bord Games has all those elements that makes you patient, and therefore playing games are important.

Strategic planning – Carrom Board games, Monopoly board games or Ludo board games requires strategic planning to win against the opponents. It allows your brain to see different scenarios to play better and by regular playing games one can use these techniques in life too.

These are the reasons why one should play board games or online games to avail the benefits.

Can you make money playing board games?

Yes, anyone can make money online by playing skill-based games. Install the AIO games and play multiple games to win real cash online. AIO Games is a multi-gaming platform that allows you to go for your favourites and win real money online.