• May 6, 2022

Why Ludo is everyone’s Favourite in India?

Why Ludo is everyone’s Favourite in India?

Ludo has gained a lot of popularity in India off late. When the world was crunched under lockdown, people were bored at home and most of them found nothing to do besides their usual routine.

Amidst that chaotic life, ludo game made a way into the people’s hearts and minds as they found solace with it.

A simple game that connected thousands of folks online & earn money as well! Ludo game isn’t a difficult one and anyone can play this game with much ease.

Playing ludo game has many reasons attached to it. Ludo was once titled ‘Pachisi’ and since then, it has evolved itself to all-new online game that allows one to even earn money.

Ludo game has changed the way people look at online board games as it gives a way of relieving day-to-day stress as well as a chance to earn real money.

But what makes Ludo game such an enthralling and much loved amongst peers?

Ludo’s popularity lies in it’s simple yet unique game play that entices even the youngest of the young and oldest of the old.

Ludo game which was once a game played in each household offline, now has made it to each and everyone’s mobile phones or tablets.

Below are some of the facets of the Ludo game:

Ludo game’s concept:

The concept for ludo cash game is pretty simple. Each player at the start is assigned his/her designated colour token/pawn.

The game mostly revolves around 2-4 players at the ludo board table. The game starts with a player rolling a dice and it should a ‘6’ if he/she has to move out his/her token/pawn.

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The player who is first to reach all their tokens/pawns to the endpoint (Home) is declared the winner.

Role of the Dice:

The pawns/tokens on the ludo board will move only when a player rolls the dice, and it falls as ‘6’. Once all the pawns/tokens are out, he/she has to move them with every roll of the dice.

Every number the dice throws up, the token/pawn will move in that manner.

Tokens/Pawns On Board:

Each pawn/token of different colour are present on the ludo cash wala game board. There are 4 pieces assigned to every player to which they have to outwit their opponent.

These pawns/tokens must be strategically moved as they could be cut by your opponent.

Moving Your Pawn/Token:

Whilst playing ludo game online, your token/pawn movement is one of the key ingredients if you are to win the game.

It should be strategically and astutely moved to reach the endpoint (home). Furthermore, they should move in the allotted time limit and if you fail, you will miss out on your turn and the following player gets to roll the dice.

How To Beat your Opponent:

If your opponent doesn’t have his/her pawn/token in the safe zone, and if your token/pawn reaches there, it will ‘kill’ the former’s pawn/token and send it back to the start point.

Make sure you grab this opportunity with both hands as this gives you a greater chance in winning the ludo game online.

As get immersed in this game, the more you will understand this mechanic.

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Reaching Home:

When you start ludo online game, your target is always to reach your pawns/tokens to the endpoint i.e., Home.

At times, the players lose their pawn/token before the end but that shouldn’t bog you down as the game can swing your way at any moment.

The first player to have all his/her pieces in the Home section, is called the winner.

Notable mentions:

In ludo, other notable rules to remember are that when you roll a dice and it’s 6, you get an additional turn.

However, if you roll out ‘6’ consecutively thrice, then it’s termed as a foul & you don’t get to move any of your pawns/token.

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These are the reasons why Ludo is best enjoyed whilst playing with friends and peers. The above rules and mentions denote that the game is quite simple and easy to play.

Once you are on board with the game’s rules, you will get a hang of it with much ease.

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