• May 31, 2022

Why Is Fantasy Cricket So Massively Popular?

Why Is Fantasy Cricket So Massively Popular?

It is no secret that Indians love cricket.

Fans worldwide know that people in the country see the sport as a religion and even revere the cricketers as gods.

It is the one sport that brings the different communities together during the toughest times.

You may be an Indian or an immigrant living in the country for a substantial period of time; in the latter case, you have by now noticed how popular cricket is, and it has perhaps even become an integral part of your life.

Cricket being a sport with great potential to grow worldwide, apps have been developed for people to participate in fantasy games.

Though fantasy cricket has been around for some time, it has witnessed exponential growth in recent times, thanks to World Cups and tournaments like the Indian T20 League.

One of the reasons why fans are driven towards fantasy cricket is the cash rewards.

There are crores of rupees to be won, depending on the tournament, which can be life-changing for the winner.

Apart from monetary reasons, there are several other factors as to why fantasy cricket is gaining popularity in India and around the world.

Let’s take a look at some of them –

1. A Great Unwinding Source

Everyone seeks comfort and relaxation after a long day at work.

With tournaments such as the Indian T20 League occupying the primetime slot in broadcast, fantasy cricket serves as a great source to unwind.

You reach home just before the toss, freshen up, and immediately get to creating your fantasy team.

Sports apps host multiple gaming rooms with varying rewards at stake giving you the choice to opt for preferred room.

Whether you want to play for high cash rewards or low cash rewards or just practice, you can join the room that deems fit and create your team within minutes.

With the app providing timely updates on your standings, you can just get back to the match and unwind like you wish to.

2. A Variety of Tournaments to Choose

As you know, cricket tournaments are not restricted to just one format.

The sport evolved with time and after Tests, we got ODIs, and not too long ago, T20 cricket and a 10-over per innings format.

Though T20 and the 10-over format are largely preferred in fantasy cricket because of their shorter duration, you can participate in ODIs and Tests, too.

Conditions vary from country to country, which can pose a challenge and make the entire fantasy cricket experience worthwhile.

When you participate in different formats, you learn about local conditions and accurately predict how the match will progress based on factors such as the weather and the pitch.

Gaining expertise in such areas can help you win more competitions more frequently.

3. Broadens Your Cricket Knowledge

Cricket is an ever-growing sport with its rules amended occasionally to make the sport more fan-friendly.

When you play fantasy cricket, you get the chance to interact with fans possessing stats and information that you may not be aware of.

On the other hand, experienced fantasy gamers have skills that make them winners at online gaming.

After frequent conversations, you learn about your shortcomings, which helps you to modify your approach in your future games.

Once your knowledge of cricket and fantasy cricket is broadened, you begin to experiment and try unique strategies that you may not have explored otherwise.

4. The Entertainment Factor

Many sports have the ability to keep their fans on the edge of their seats and cricket is one of them.

Cricket delivers an entertainment factor that is in a league of its own, as matches often go down to the wire.

Thanks to the gaming apps, you can receive ball-by-ball updates, and check and compare your fantasy scores, which can make you a winner or push you down the order by just a .1 difference.

If that’s not entertainment then we don’t know what is.

5. Easy Gameplay and Security

When it comes to online gaming, one of the things that players expect is the ease in gameplay.

A game marred by technical glitches is the last thing they need.

Reputed sports apps offer their members round-the-clock support and quick assistance in case of any technical issue.

Another aspect that concerns new players is the security of their money in the wallet.

Again, the companies affiliate with top security providers delivering high level security.

You can rest assured all your finances will remain secured.


If you want to make the switch from offline gaming to online gaming, now is the time.

Fantasy Cricket League is in its prime and the rewards at stake are outrageous.

Invest time in learning the rules of the game as well as brush up on the statistics to see yourself climb the ladder of success in online gaming.