• May 20, 2022

5 Reasons Why Indians Love Online Games

5 Reasons Why Indians Love Online Games

Why Indians Love Online Games?

When the world especially a country like India was encircled in a global pandemic, the citizens had no choice but turn to online games for some uplifting of mood as stress levels had reached an all-time high.

Quickly, online game became popular and there were many more apps in the market.

Cell phones were already very popular in the market and seeing that stat, the gaming industry pounced on that opportunity to announce their very own gaming app.

If one has to see the larger picture, gaming industry has to be one of the biggest and the largest entertainment industry ever.

With the government these days siding with digitalization, this has given rise to new tech gadgets and models that have been picked up by the market.

What’s more, it’s become the talk of the town with people ready to push boundaries via real money involvement.

Games like Ludo online, PUBG, Teen Patti, Rummy etc. have found new-born fans and, in a stat, released, about 40% of all internet users play online games.

Off late, fantasy gaming industry & online betting have seen a major spike in popularity in a country like India.

This could be down to major advertising, rise in phone sales & rise in competitors among many others.

When we discuss the games at large, many options revolve around our minds as to which in particular they could be.

Card games, video games, board games etc. are the viable options that are available. When it comes to card games, they do restrict people to play them or boundaries, but can be played and enjoyed by many.

But these card games are now gone online! Yes, with many gaming apps in the market, your one smartphone could help you to play these card games and also, earn real cash along with it!

The likes of Rummy, Poker, Call Break, Solitaire Game etc. are now online via many applications and provide the user with cash benefits.

Without taking much of the time, we list down 5 valid reasons as to why Indians love playing online games –

1) – People like variety of games

One of the major reasons coming out as to why Indians are head over heels for online gaming is that the variety it offers them.

Gamers who are fans of action/adventure games can play the likes of PUBG and other notable ones, whereas some who love sports like Cricket or Football can go for FIFA/PES or Stick Cricket.

With the real money factor coming into play as well, fans can play such games and earn money side-by-side too!

With the Indian T20 League finding its fans here, the online betting sites/apps too have expanded themselves, exponentially.

2) – Mobile data packs offer cheaper rates

Indian telecom industries have too benefitted from this boom of online gaming, as many companies have chalked off the price tag from their data packs.

With the likes of 3G/4G going extremely cheap and now 5G too entering into the fray, people from all walks of life can play online games and benefit from this major deal.

3) Better and reasonable deal phones

Expensive phones are now a passe in India with many smartphone companies reducing the price tags for its products thus paving way for a cheaper and efficient market of mobile phones.

These technologically advanced phones are easily affordable and anyone from the low-tier to the mid-one can buy such phones.

Moreover, the EMI system is also affordable, and people can buy even the expensive ones at a reasonable rate.

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4) Add the Enjoyable element to it

With games built to suit your needs, they add the enjoyable element to it. With some high-end graphics, faster UI, and a brand-new style; such games are treated to play.

Add the cash factor into it as well and it gives different feeling altogether.

When you’re tired after a day’s work, having an off day or mood needs an uplifting, such games can be a mood-changer and give you that enjoyment feeling!

5) Accessible payment options

Online games not only offer mere gaming delight but easy and reliable payment option. Indians flock to such apps for not only gaming satisfaction but also a mean to earn real money.

Many apps offer various offers and bonus cash options that provide another major boost to play apps.

With real money offerings at the helm and add to that major withdrawals/deposits too into the fray, online gaming apps add another attraction point to play them.


With online gaming in full rage mode these days, most of the youth and old alike, love to play these games.

More so, these games also give you a chance to earn real cash as well as have a bit of fun and enjoyment.

With the background of a global pandemic, these games offer a better route of escape that provide some mental relief.

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