• July 5, 2022

What Makes Modern Ludo more exciting?

What Makes Modern Ludo more exciting?

Ludo is such a game that caters to young people, kids and adults too. Those days when the whole family used to sit together to have fun with Ludo.

Ludo Game is one of the most beloved games in Indian households.

That excitement to kill one another’s token and land safely home is sheer happiness.

Now when we all are busy in life and that fun has taken the back seat. In this situation, AIO Games can be your friend that has multiple games with Brainy, a modern-time game to make you stress-free.

In fact, these games with Ludo can make you earn money.

This Ludo is a skill-based game where each opponent has got equal turns and numbers. These numbers are random in nature and come in a lot of three.

Now each player has to put their strategies on when it comes to the selection of the number.

Negative marking makes this Ludo more interesting, and players need to focus on that too.

What are tips and tricks to play Brainy Ludo on AIO Games

Open the tokens:

Whenever you get a chance then you should try to open your maximum tokens to play. This will encourage your game play to kill others tokens and gives you extra turns.

Don’t run just a single token: If your token gets cut after running 15 cases then you will get a minus 15. Negative marking depends on the token movement (number of cases).

It is recommended that you should run multiple tokens to reduce the negative marking.

Killing opponents:

Killing opponent’s token gives you extra turn and extra turns means more chances of play. Every player has got 24 turns but on the occasion of killing others token gives you extra turns to play. To win or to collect extra points, go for the kill.


Make you strategy wisely as getting your token home gives you 56 points. It is not necessary that only getting home make you win the game but securing your tokens can be vital also.

Let’s say, out of 4 players, nobody gets home then in that case the highest scorer will win the game. On the other hand, if your token gets cut/kill on crucial stage then it might cost you the game.

So, plan your strategy well and play like a pro.

Why to chose AIO games for Ludo?

AIO Games is a multi gaming platform that serves major games with many cash contests.

Even you can play Brainy Ludo in Rs. 1. AIO Games provides many offers and bonuses for the players to promote gaming and happiness.

In fact the UI and UX of the platform is amazing that gives a real time experience to the users. The most important factor is cash withdrawals, and this platform has the prominent methods to do the same.

In a few clicks, users can withdraw their winnings to their bank account.

These are the factors that makes your gaming more interesting. This modern Ludo board game is taking care of India from long and Indians are literally making online money from this.

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Grab your chance, install the AIO Games app and get Rs. 100 bonus straight away. Play like a pro and we wish you happy gaming.