• October 27, 2022

Unfolding the myths of Skill based Real Money Gaming

Unfolding the myths of Skill based Real Money Gaming

The days when people frequently visited game parlors are long gone in this era of developing technology and the growing dependency on smartphones.

Over the past few years, gaming settings in India and the social mindset have transformed in no time.

India now tops the charts for gaming apps downloaded from Google Play. Online gaming has evolved into a pastime that appeals to individuals of all ages, and young people are even taking up gaming as a profession.

People are now willing to put similar amounts of money and effort into online gaming portals as the standard for online games rises daily. By game downloads, India came in fifth place worldwide.

Rummy, poker, and other games with a skill component have been played for money for a very long time. Many people use skill-based money games as a source of income in addition to just having fun and enjoying themselves.

Online players can play their favorite games on AIO Games and compete for cash prizes. Even though online gaming has expanded rapidly in recent years, skills games are still suspected in Indian culture.



There are also myths and misconceptions about skill-and-chance games like card games. For instance, individuals frequently believe that making financial investments online is the same as gambling.

The time has come to educate people about how far from the truth this is. From a cultural point of view, gambling has long been seen as unethical or illegal in Indian society.

This is understandable, as research from all over the world has shown that it can cause a wide range of personal behavioral and societal issues, including addiction, relationship problems, and health problems like gambling disorders.

On the other side, it has been demonstrated that gaming is a positive and enabling skill that not only is enjoyable but also promotes creativity and social interaction.

In recent years, gaming has both become more “online” and “digital”.

The fact is that people cannot distinguish the difference between skill-based online gaming and gambling. As a result, they’ve started to think about online gaming as gambling, which is problematic.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are even recommending that all real money games should be banned because they resemble internet gambling in some way.


Therefore, we are here to dispel a few widespread myths about real-money gaming in India:


  1. Skill-based online games are duping people.

Rummy and other skill-based online games are all seen as a way to fool people, according to a belief that persists in Indian society.

Instead of helping players, these games are a way of revenue generation for online gaming businesses. However, the large prizes or financial rewards depicted in the company’s commercials are given to the game winners.

Before beginning a game, companies always urge players to be thoroughly aware of the rules, terms, and policies.


  1. Online gaming is addictive

We may argue that practically all games are addicting, but with online skill games, you can set a limit on how long you play by participating in tournaments that interest you and setting a spending limit.

This is a significant advantage of skill-driven online gaming.


  1. Gaming is not a financially rewarding job

Some non-gamers say that people cannot support themselves by gaming, although this is untrue in today’s world. There has been a rise in demand for money-making, non-traditional employment during the past 20 years.

There are several options available, one of which is a career in gaming, which is one of the primary causes of the increase. Who would have thought that creating games or even playing them could be a career when it comes to unusual jobs?

Grand prizes and sums are offered in a large number of mobile gaming competitions and real money games.


  1. Online gaming is illegal

Online games are fully lawful to play for free as well as for real money because it has been recognized as a game of skill by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

For example, when playing rummy, you are only using the 13 cards you now have and are not betting or gambling in any way. You win the game by using your abilities and tactics to build melds, not by the cards you are dealt.


  1. Free online gaming has the best chance of success

The free-to-play gaming market in India has a lot of room for development, but it should be emphasized that other genres outside sports are also anticipated to increase, including online skill games.

Making online gaming platforms secure and customer-focused is now a top concern for many Indian gaming companies, and these features will undoubtedly increase the popularity of skill-based gaming online.


Bust the misconceptions about online gaming, it’s time to enter the contemporary world of real-money online gaming with broader perspectives and opportunities.


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