• July 30, 2022

The Most Popular types of Solitaire game

The Most Popular types of Solitaire game

Solitaire is a game that many people enjoy playing on their smartphones – it’s a simple game that can be played in short bursts, and it’s a great way to relax and wind down after a busy day.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular types of Solitaire game.

1. Klondike

Klondike is the most popular types of Solitaire, which earned its name from the region of Klondike in Canada.

Due to its inclusion in Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 in 1990, Klondike became very popular, and when used alone the term “Solitaire” usually refers to this game.

Its origins are uncertain, but it is likely to have first appeared during the gold rush in the 19th century.

How to Play

Klondike is a card game in which players try to build sequences of cards by alternating colours, starting with the King and ending with the Ace.

The remaining cards are placed into the stockpile where they can be drawn upon anytime.

Kings are restricted from moving onto empty areas on the tableau, and only can be brought into play if there is no other card that can move onto it.

2. Spider

Traditional Klondike is the most popular game type, but Spider Solitaire takes the top spot in terms of 2 deck types of Solitaire.

Due to its spider-like name, which ties in with 8 foundation cards that have to be built in order to win the game, there are said to be 1 win per 3 games played.

How to Play

With the card playing game, Solitaire Spider, it relies on two decks of cards that change depending on their difficulty.

Going into this game’s tableau setting, there is a Stock pile and piles. The stockpile will add an extra card to every pile at a time after every play.

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3. FreeCell

The best part about FreeCell Solitaire is that it does not require you to use many pieces – in fact, it only requires a handful of cards.

This makes FreeCell more manageable, as the minimum number of cards required to finish is less than the average card game.

However, this also creates a higher probability of successfully completing deals and winning each hand.

How to Play

FreeCell is a board game where you start with just one deck of cards and try to build the foundations by suit, as well as build sequences in the foundations and on the tableau.

One difference between FreeCell and Klondike is that, in FreeCell there are four empty positions on the tableau.

Cards can be sent to these free positions, and these free positions will hold cards for you so you can use them later. Once a card is placed in a free position, it cannot be exchanged.

4. Tripeaks

Tripeaks takes its name from the three peaks formed by the player’s cards on the tableau. The game is also known as Three Peaks, Triple Peaks, and Tri Towers.

It was created by Robert Hogue in 1989. Hogue ran a computer statistical analysis on his original idea and concluded that over 90% of all Tripeaks games are winnable.

How to Play

The game is played with a 52-card deck. The resource cards are positioned as three 4-row pyramids that are face out in the shape of a 4.

The starting card has four cards facing down, and the other cards are all facing forward.

All of these cards shall be placed in stack on top of the tableau. The goal is to get rid of all the cards by building sequences and following a different suit, 1 point higher or lower than the previous one.

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When there are no more moves available, the player may use the Stock pile and send a different card to the discard pile. The top card of this discard pile becomes the base for the next sequence.

5. Pyramid

Despite the simplistic layout and lower win rate, the name of the game, “Pyramid Solitaire” stems from there being only one Pyramid shape on the tableau.

The key to winning in the game is understanding how cards may be positioned as you go through the stockpile.

This Solitaire variant requires one player to rapidly pack cards into their own personal discard pile, destroy a pyramid shaped deck by emptying it, and win when they successfully get rid of all their cards.

To place the cards in their personal discard pile, the player’s team must match pairs and collect 13 cards of each value.

The game is won when the pyramid is fully destroyed so not all 52 cards will be necessary to win.

There is a 1 in 50 chance of winning when these rules are set up, which really doesn’t sound great.

How to Play

Pairing cards in this Solitaire game, Pyramid, is done to reach a total of 13 points. Cards don’t need to be of the same suit.

In order to remove a King and make it 13 points, you would set aside 1 card from the Stockpile that matched with it.

As the game gets more difficult, you have less opportunities to take cards out because you must use up one card from each pile before switching them over.

6. Yukon

Yukon Solitaire is a traditional game based on the Klondike card game, but with significantly different rules and a higher difficulty level.

In the Yukon Solitaire, you have to build four foundations by suit, starting with an ace and ending with a king.

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The rules of where to move the cards around the tableau is a bit more challenging because there is no Stock pile or any kind of extra help.

How to Play

Set 52 cards on the tableau, then split them into seven piles. Make sure that the bottom pile is left empty, but all other cards are face-up.

It’s a game that progresses in descending order and alternates colours, as in a Klondike card game, except for the only rule – your cards can’t touch each other.

Your goal is to turn over the cards on the foundations until you build up an ascending sequence by suit.


During the decades of development, Microsoft has made an effort to include different card games within its solitaire with increasing popularity.

Klondike still reigns supreme among them, but with FreeCell and Spider taking in more players, less-known versions such as Pyramid and Old Maid are set to challenge Klondike’s throne.

As more players join the world of Solitaire games, there are even more options available to challenge those that currently have a monopoly of the market. Anyone can find a game their skillset is better suited at within its types of Solitaire.

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