• March 12, 2022

How To Win Ludo Game Online – Best 6 Tips and Tricks

How To Win Ludo Game Online – Best 6 Tips and Tricks

6 Tips and Tricks To Win Ludo Game Online

If there’s a particular board game that’s etched in the hearts and minds of many Indians, then one name that comes to the mind is Ludo game.

If one jogs back their memories, folks use to play ‘Pachisi’ which was very tricky but since the inception of Ludo, people find it very simple and easy to play.

Old and young alike, there are many memories attached to Ludo game and it still continues to this day.

So much has Ludo become popular, that the game has now made available online too!

People can now play ludo online via their mobile-phones and tablets and connect with people from any corner of the globe.

Ludo online has soared up in popularity wise and that is why many apps have come up with their take on the famous game.

With that in mind, we have come up with the top 6 tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing ludo game online that could prove beneficial for you to defeat your opponent:

1. Open up your tokens

When playing ludo game online, the first priority is to drop a 6 (rolling dice). And when you do, the ideal option for you should be to open up your tokens.

In doing so, you don’t falter or struggle to open tokens when one of them reaches home. It is considered as one of the best winning tricks in the ludo online game.

2. Do not race up on a single token

You are declared the winner when all your tokens are inside the home triangle. So, in such a scenario, the ideal move would be to move all of them instantaneously rather by moving one only.

Make sure you move all your tokens across the board. This helps in moving your opponent’s token/s and also blocks it from going ahead of you. Such a trick enhances your chances of winning too!

3. Seize on your opponent’s tokens

Whilst playing ludo game online, your main motive should be tackling your opponent’s each move by sending their tokens to the start.

You must be smart and wily in your moves as it could pave way to win the game and also some handsome rewards.

So, whenever you find in this position, do no forget to capture your opponent’s tokens!

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4. Thwart away your rival’s tokens

Here’s the deal – if you cannot capture them, block them! Yes, you heard it right! By blocking your opponent’s token/s, you do not allow them to go past you and your tokens easily.

Also, make sure you keep an eagle eye on your opponent’s each token move. Each move from you could prove handy and also tell us whether it’s a win or a defeat.

5. Safeguard your tokens

Do you know that you can also keep your tokens safe across the board? Well, if you didn’t, then by reading here, now you realise.

Always make sure to move tokens that are less likely to be captured by your opponents than the ones who are to reach home.

Your entire gameplay is on moving your tokens decisively and each move counts as to how much progress are you making during the game.

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6. Decide what & how you want to play

Each ludo online game player has his/her unique game style that differentiates them from the rest.

There are players who like to play as it is whereas some present an aggressive approach by going gung-ho.

Always decide pre-hand as to what will be your strategy be before entering the ludo game arena.

Always make sure your move is well equipped to win you the game or else you could end up losing.


Ludo game online is such a simple and fun game and that is why many Indians like to play.

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By adopting the above tips and tricks, there’s every chance of you winning the ludo game online and who knows, could also become the next Ludo Champ too!