• June 2, 2022

5 Tips & Tricks To Win Massive In Fruit Chopper Game

5 Tips & Tricks To Win Massive In Fruit Chopper Game

Are you fond of playing arcade games? If yes, then you must have played a lot of them on your phones or tablet in order to kill time.

However, with times changing, many more games have come in the market such as fruit slice, fruit chop and many others that have been played by young and old alike.

Fruit Chopper is a similar arcade game that has been launched by AIO Games that bears to Fruit slicing games that have similar features, rules, playing style and UI.

With such features at helm, Fruit Chop game can be played at any point of time and enjoyed by many in their free time.

Also, as compared to card games and other similar arcade games, you don’t require any particular strategy or skill set to win or outwit your opponent in Fruit Chopper.

It’s an easy game that requires no thinking and can be played by anyone.

So, given the easy nature of Fruit Chop, you do need to grasp some tips and tricks to gain some advantage over your opponent and win big!

The Fruit Chopper Gameplay

Just like your routine arcade game, Fruit Chopper is a fruit chopping game that allows you to chop fruits at will and rake in points.

It’s a pretty simple game – just chop the fruits and win BIG! You need to chop the fruits that appear on screen and before them disappearing, you need to chop them as soon as possible!

You will have 3 lives and if you miss some fruits, a life gets snatched away. If you run out of 3 lives, then it’s game over.

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Also, another major highlight is the ‘bomb’. Make sure whilst you chop the fruits, you do not chop the bomb.

In case you do, you will lose! By doing so (chopping the bomb) you lose the game, and your opponent takes away the cash prize.

There’s no time limit set in this game. It’s all about scoring as much as you can and beating your opponent to it. The one who scores big or manages to play the game despite the bomb and lives, wins the game.

Play Fruit Chopper on AIO Games & win real money! Start from Rs. 0 (free table) right to Rs. 99 and earn huge winnings right away!

In the below article, we list down some of the best tips and tricks you need to understand whilst playing Fruit Chopper on AIO Games.

Read it thoroughly and perhaps, it can land you some HUGE CASH and also, some pride amongst your peers!

1. Target the Combos:

Your first and important trick whilst playing Fruit Chopper is to try to target the fruit combinations. If you want to increase your score and beat your opponent to it, chopping two or more fruits at once, called a fruit combo, is a great trick to earn you good points.

Pro-players always use this trick to gain an advantage over their rivals and in turn, win the game.

But if you are to try this trick very neatly, one must be practicing this day-in & day-out. So, if you get this trick right, there’s no doubting your chances of winning in this game.

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However, do keep a close eye on the bombs that pop-out whilst doing the combo, if you slice them, you’re out!

2. Do not chop all the fruits

Whilst playing fruit chopper, you must have realised that you get three lives & if you miss out on a fruit, you lose one immediately!

Another factor into this is that there could be a bomb on the way & if you slice/chop that, it’s game over!

So, in the best interest of yourself, avoid chopping the fruits at one go. If you are to chop them, make sure you avoid the bomb that keeps your game going.

3. Participate only you are READY

Another tip that you must never forget that, if you are good at the game and feel that you can win at all costs, then participate at higher tables.

If you are beginning and don’t have much practice, don’t enter a higher table that will host some of the top pros.

To upgrade your skills and practice, make sure you play free tables and learn your game. It’s better to be prepared than losing for nothing.

4. Chop at ease

If you want to rake in huge cash winnings, make sure you go easy whilst chopping fruits. At times, a player might go for back-to-back chops in order to gain bonus points and win over the opponent.

However, a bomb is hidden just around the corner & if you chop that, it’s game over for you. Thus, in order to continue your progress, it’s better to keep chopping with ease and precision rather than gaining speed.

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Such trick could come handy if you are to progress and win cash prizes!

5. Anticipate the Bomb

When you have immersed yourself in playing Fruit Chopper game, you must have also noticed the time at which the bomb appears on-screen.

Keep a tab on when the bomb could pop up and this could be handy in avoiding them.

Chopping the bomb could spell doom and end your game and chances of winning too! So, it’s better to keep an eagle’s eye on the bomb to appear and increase your chances of winning big!

Closing thoughts:

Fruit Chopper isn’t a game that you need to learn or read its rules to understand the gameplay.

It is an easy game without much fuss and if you have practiced enough, there’s a chance for you to WIN huge cash prizes playing fruit chop games

The more you practice, the greater your chances of winning every cash battle and also gain some pride amongst your peers.

The above tricks and tips will help you master the game & if you practice enough, there’s no denying that you can win huge winnings on AIO Games. So, get playing NOW!