• April 16, 2022

5 Tips One Can Use to Trump Others at Call Break

5 Tips One Can Use to Trump Others at Call Break

5 Call Break Tips to win

Card games are considered a great pastime, as they can keep your mind occupied and away from trivial matters.

Call Break is one such card game; it is easy to understand and yet requires mastering a few skills.

Once you familiarise yourself with its rules, you can win the rounds consistently adding to the chagrin of other players.

Moreover, like other card games, it does not have age restrictions and you can involve people of all ages.

Another great aspect is that you can find it online and participate in multiplayer competitions to win cash prizes.

There are a few tricks that you can learn so as to master the craft and win a few games before you make your way up the ladder

Be warned though, Call Break can keep you hooked for extended durations, so ensure that you have nothing scheduled around those designated hours.

Played with 13 cards per player, the principal rule is to match the exact number of bids you make before starting a round.

For example, if you bid 4, you need to win 4 or more tricks to win a round. If you fail to match that number of tricks, you lose points.

Practice makes perfect, and the more you play Callbreak, the better sense you will have on how to use certain strategies.

Look below for a few call break tips that can help you win the rounds –

1. Know the Trump Cards

Right off the bat, learning about the trump cards is what you should do before you begin to play. The spade suit – it essentially trumps everything in the game and can help you win your bids.

However, the most important thing you need to know is when to use it. You cannot use a spade card if you hold, for instance, a diamond card, which the player before you played.

You have to play a diamond card, of high value if possible, and hope that no one else holds either a diamond card of higher value or a spade card.

2. Analyse the Risks

It is imperative that you analyse the risks even before you start bidding.

Make sure that you take a good look at your cards because that will help you figure out the number of tricks you can or cannot make.

To master this skill, it is essential that you play the game regularly. Normally, you will see that the players winning the bids either use a high value card of the suit in play or the spade suit.

This is why you need to know what cards you hold so that you can analyse the risks and bid accordingly so as to not lose points.

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3. Consider High Value Spade While Bidding

It’s no secret that Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are some of the highest cards. However, they won’t always win you the round in Call Break.

As explained previously, a spade will constantly trump higher cards from other suits. And for this very reason, see to it that you consider spades while placing bids.

4. Always Think on your Feet

Fewer games require you to think on your feet and Callbreak is one of them. Strategies need to change in an instant or else victory might seem like a distant dream.

Predicting the card that other players might play, judging by the previous one they played, can help you devise your own strategy.

Mid-game you may realise that one player does not have a certain suit, but you do. By playing that card, you can alter the course of the game and possibly the outcome.

5. Dealers Change with Each Round

The dealers in Callbreak are said to have a certain advantage, for they start a round and, thus, have the power to dictate terms.

You will eventually become the dealer, making it crucial for you to play the right card.

The dealer in the first round gets selected randomly, perhaps by a coin toss, after which each person to the right of that dealer assumes the title with each round.


These were a few simple strategies that can help you strategise your moves towards winning the rounds. Call Break cash game is a game of strategies and high skill. One needs to be very smart and observant whilst playing this card game.

So, next time when you sit at a call break table or play online, remember to use the above call break tips to integrate in your gameplay and win huge cash rewards!

See to it that you keep practicing by playing with different players, as unique strategies will only make you better.

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