• July 16, 2022

5 Tips to Earn Easy Money From Fantasy Cricket

5 Tips to Earn Easy Money From Fantasy Cricket

In a country like India where cricket is deemed as a religion, fantasy cricket has become an all-new addiction for them.

For people, who cannot afford to go to a cricket stadium, fantasy cricket allows them to sit back and enjoy the game on the palm of their hands.

Cricket is a sport that’s taken the whole world by storm. The addition of Indian T20 League has captivated many young and old fans towards the sport, and that’s added a new flavour to the fantasy cricket world.

With so many cricket tournaments and series being scheduled, fantasy cricket has found its feet with the attraction of cash prizes and extra rewards like mobile phones, cars, bikes etc.

Due to this, there have been many fantasy cricket apps that have entered the market wherein fans can play cricket games and win real money.

But is fantasy cricket that difficult to play? The answer is NO! It is a very simple and easy game. All you have to do is create your virtual playing eleven via the app, choose your captain & vice-captain and then sit back and watch your real team play it out on the field.

You can create your fantasy team on the AIO Games app via the fantasy cricket mode. AIO Games is India’s premier multi-gaming app that hosts some of the best and highly skilled games with an attraction of winning real cash.

AIO Games’ Fantasy cricket gives you chance to earn cash with updates on matches and series in the cricketing arena. What’s more, each referral earns you Rs 100!

So, below we list down some tips for you to earn real money from playing on any fantasy cricket app:

1. Go for your BEST team/s

The most basic mantra whilst playing fantasy cricket game is creating/forming the best fantasy team there is. In fantasy cricket, you should go for the best team that consist of the in-form players.

This not only increases your chances of winning but also gives you an opportunity to rake in other rewards. Also, go for multiple teams rather than creating a solo side.

This way, if your A side isn’t doing well, the likes of B & C will at least give you the chance of winning real money.

Your ideal team should be of 1-2 wicketkeepers, 4-5 batters, 1-2 all-rounders & 2-3 bowlers. In case if you feel your team needs a bit of shuffling, then you can pick the best players according to the pitch & weather conditions.

2. Get a hang of the points system

Fantasy cricket is all about fantasy point system. If you real time players score huge runs, take wickets, etc., they have certain points associated with it.

The most important thing is that you get a hang of it and understand each and every bit of it. Be it T20s, ODIs or Tests, each format might have different or same fantasy point system.

Make sure you read the ‘How To Play fantasy cricket’ section of the app prior creating or forming your team.

At AIO Games, when you create your fantasy team, make sure you pick your Captain & Vice-captain wisely. The captain receives 2x points whereas the vice-captain rakes in 1.5x points.

3. Start off with small cash contests

When you start off your fantasy cricket journey, make sure you do not fall for huge cash contest pools. Always go for small cash contests that consist of low number of players which increases your chances of winning too!

If you take part in a contest that hosts more than 10,000 gamers, it’s highly unlikely that you will rake in the moolah! So, to win real cash & prizes, make sure you pick small contests as you can win rewards easily.

4. Opt for apps that allow team modification

Whenever you create teams on fantasy cricket apps, look out for the timer. Always form/create your teams before the timer.

The teams are announced at the toss that takes place 30 minutes prior to the start. However, certain apps do not allow you to edit teams post the toss.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose apps that allow you to edit/modify your teams. In cricket, toss plays a crucial role in deciding the match as well as which player/s could come into play.

5. Choose your star players wisely

When you create your fantasy team/s, you always put faith in your star players to deliver the goods & in a way earn points that wins you cash.

However, it is not the way! There will be moments when your star players might flop, and some new talent might take the points.

Such scenarios arise in T20 games where the match durations are short and if you have chosen your star players as captain or vice-captain, it’s all on hope and luck that will take you ahead.

Thus, it’s necessary to pick star players when they play weak opposition and not in crunch games (in case).


Fantasy cricket is all about entertainment and raking in the cash for live matches. By picking eleven set of players, you pin your hope on these set of players to deliver the goods and take you towards winning high cash rewards.

So, follow the above the tips and tricks if you are to go ahead in the fantasy cricket arena. Play fantasy cricket game on AIO Games and win huge cash rewards!