• January 14, 2022

Tash Game – A Complete Guide on Tash Wala Game

Tash Game – A Complete Guide on Tash Wala Game

About Tash Game

One of the most vintage card games ever to grace the Indian soil, Tash game or just called as tash, has been enjoyed by many for over decades.

One of the primary reasons for its immense popularity is that it rewards users with real money.

In tash game, users are presented with a deck of cards that are indistinguishable in shape and size and polished on either side.

If one has to play the tash wala game, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. So, if you follow these unique rules, there’s every chance of not dozing off whilst playing this tas game innumerous times.

Tash wala card games have its variants too and you might get to play them in casinos and gaming parlours and earn real money.

Board tash too is very common but in this case, the opponents can see each other’s cards.

So, playing tash game along the way could make you a pro and there’s a good chance of you becoming a world beater and earning lots of real cash.

In playing tas wala game, the user has deck of 52-cards. These 52 cards are further bifurcated into 4 suits that consists of diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts. Thus, each suite will consist of 13 cards.

These 13 cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ace, King, Queen & Jack.

Tash Wala Game in India

Tash game was most popular in the Indian sub-continent but soon after, many European and Asian countries too found tas wala game quite popular.

With most of the world population going online, tas game has also seized the opportunity to present itself as online tash card game.

Thus, with the ongoing lockdown and pandemic heralding in, one could enjoy a tas game with his/her friends with the comfort of their mobile/laptop or tablets.

Tash game has won over a lot of people and that is the reason why it has been played in almost every home especially during the festive season. So, next time if you are churning to

So, next time if you are churning to win real cash on a card game, learning tas game’s unique guidelines could help you win cash instantly!

Popular Online Tash games that can earn you real money

Here are some of the popular online tash games that one can enjoy and play to win real money. Which one are you opting for?

Poker Games

If one has to go by mere popularity, Poker stands tall as one of the finest Tash card games.

Poker Game

As mentioned earlier, Tash is played in casinos as well and poker players do need some of the tash skills to strike a balance between strategy and placing bets.

If one has to win a game of poker, a best of five poker hands on the table are a must. Soon after, ten poker hand rank rule is placed in to call out the winner of the tash game.

Rummy Games

Rummy is a card game that involves a play of cards amongst 2-6 players and thus falls under tash wala game.

Rummy Game

In order to win a game of online rummy cash games, one has to blend the cards and arrange them in valid sets and sequences.

Rummy’s popularity is so immense that one can also play it online and win real money. Rummy also brings along the sense of challenge and fun and that’s why it is so commonly played.

Call Break

Call Break or also called as Call Bridge, is another very popular tash wala card game.


Whilst playing Call Break, one must have a proper judgement, skill set, and some sort of tricks to win over the opponent/s.

Call Break taas game comes in multiplayer as well as single-player option mode. Prior taking up the call break card game, one must read the rules and guidelines very thoroughly.

Many card purists think that Call break online is one of the toughest card game available out there but that is just a myth.

If one applies himself/herself judiciously whilst playing call break, he/she could succeed and earn real money too!

So, to be fair, one must apply well if they are to be a pro-call break player and remember to get their skill set to the table to beat their opponent.

Bluff Card Game

In bluff card game, one needs to be very clever and alert. Even though it might go down as one of the easiest and very convenient real cash game.

Bluff card games are basically where a player tries to get rid of his/her card in order to win. So basically, one has to bluff or lie about their card’s rank and thus it is termed has Bluff card game.

3-2-5 (Teen Do Paanch)

In the game 3-2-5 or also called as Teen Do Paanch, sees users play a game of tash wala game using 30 cards.

Three players have a certain ‘quota’ of 3, 2, and 5 tricks up their sleeves and if they win more from their allotted given quota, are in line to win the next deal or strike off those who fall short of their quota.

The game of 3-2-5 is very commonly enjoyed in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Blackjack Tash game

Blackjack card game requires 2-7 players with 52 set of cards in place. The game is basically quite easy and involves players to win against a player who is dealing with the card.

One must be very smart and diligent whilst playing blackjack especially if its online. If you are to win the game, he/she must ensure the dealer is defeated.

Solitaire Game

In order win a game of Solitaire, one must get all the cards onto the Base piles. Here the foundations are sent by the suit and rank, and each foundation has one particular suit, and it is up to you to put the cards into order i.e., Ace 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen & King.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is one of the most popular tas games just like the poker genre. It usually involves 3-6 people on the card table with a 52-card deck albeit without a joker.

Every player has to deal with 3 cards facing down and before they are dealt with, the main boot prize is decided and collected.

Just as the game progresses, the prime amount keeps increasing and goes to winner who lays the biggest hand.

Baccarat Card game

Another tash wala game that involves a certain factor of winning real money. Baccarat card game is a taas game that involves card players to land near to or at 9 cards.

Baccarat card game are for high pro-players. This tash wala game is also available online if one wants to win higher stakes.

Hearts card game

Hearts card game is another taas wala game that requires card players to lose points to win! 

Yes, you have heard it right! Basically, one needs to lose his/her tricks & aim for a lower score in order win this certain tas game.

The two most popular variants of Hearts is ‘Black Lady’ and ‘Black Maria’. Hearts card game is also part of a group of card games that also include Spades & Bridge card game.

Tash Game Over any Other Board Game

Here are the some of the reasons why Tash game or tas wala game can be one of the most pleasant experiences and can be played over other board games –

Suitable to carry

One of the key factors in playing tash game is that it is not that burdening to carry a pack of cards. They do not come in huge boxes or bins but are mere cards that can be carried anywhere.

Playable and fun

Tash wala card game is a fun and exciting game that could help lift a certain mood. These card games are of short duration and can add a certain refreshment in your boring life.

Tash wala game could be played in break hours or lunch breaks.

Requires skill and some fate

Whilst playing tas wala game, one could depend on his/her skill level to outdo the opponent as well as some fate.

Even if you end up losing a particular game, there’s no need to worry as future games there could be a different outcome.

Multiple cards involved

When playing board games, they could either prove to be dull or boring. But with the involvement of tash game, it adds a bit of spart and variety as well.

That’s because tash games are not limited to certain rules or guidelines but carry one of their own. These games do involve real money at times but when playing with family, one can just enjoy for fun.


Tash games have come of age. With multiple apps offering real money as well, tash game online has become one of a fanfare amongst card lovers.

There’s no denying that tas wala game remains one of the key components and with technology improving much further, one can see this card improving even further.