• June 29, 2022

5 Strategies to Choose Right Players for your Fantasy Team

5 Strategies to Choose Right Players for your Fantasy Team

Fantasy cricket is an ever-growing gaming industry that’s attracted many gamers, be it cricket or non-cricket lovers.

With so much advancement in the technological world, there are so many applications & websites that have entered into the fantasy gaming arena.

People can create their fantasy teams, pick players and if they win, can win a lot of real money.

All you need is some skill set, know-how about the game of cricket and in-depth knowledge about the teams.

But if you want to win BIG, some external as well as internal factors that come into play as far as fantasy cricket is concerned.

Whilst making a fantasy team, you need have a great information on the players & the other factors.

You just cannot select players on the basis of their names or past form. You need to have a great technique to choose the ideal team that will perform well on the given day.

Your chances of winning huge depends on the players picked & their performance in the given match. Unlike your card games, the amount of cash to be won here is big.

So, below we list down some of the best 5 strategies for you to pick the right players for your fantasy cricket team.

Adopt these rules/strategies and who knows, you could win some great rewards!

1. Research on the players you want to choose:

When you are about to create your fantasy team/s, the main priority is – what’s the form of the players going into the match?

If you pick players who aren’t in good nick, but you select them on mere merit, this could spell doom for your fantasy team.

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Thus, it is vital for you to pick the player based on their performance against the rival sides & also, his form on the given stadium where the match has been played.

Also, you need to select players who have been in decent form going to the series/tournament but have been ignored by majority.

2. All-rounders can be your captain:

All-rounders are the ones who can bat as well as bowl. Thus, it becomes a hot favourite to select an all-rounder for your fantasy team.

In cricket games, all-rounders are good with the bat down the order as well as pluck away crucial wickets in-between games.

This is a great advantage for your fantasy team. That is the reason why you can pick all-rounders as captains for your fantasy teams.

Moreover, the extra points can be gained from a run-out or a catch taken as well. Be adamant on your decision to pick an all-rounder as captain or else it could fail miserably.

3. Check for the right pitch:

Before a game of cricket, the pitch and its conditions play a key role in deciding the result of the game.

Read on the pitch conditions prior picking your team as it could decide which way your fantasy team’s result is headed.

If the pitch is flat, you could pick a batsman or an all-rounder as your captain. But if the pitch is green or spinning, you can choose a bowler or spinner as your captain/vice-captain option.

4. Stay updated on the latest news:

Another strategy or tip that is crucial in your fantasy team is learning or reading up on your player or team’s latest update.

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Injury to key players, form update, team selections etc are important as it won’t affect your fantasy team’s performance.

It’s ideal to pick a player that is injury-free, in decent form and has played matches over and over again.

5. Make use of your gut feeling:

At times, your mind will tell you else, but your gut feeling will say something else. Who will you pick?

When selecting players for fantasy team/s especially in Indian T20 league or series, it’s a great time to trust your gut feeling in picking the players.

In longer format tournaments, there will be some hits and misses along the way, so opting for this strategy, would mean no harm to your fantasy team.


When playing fantasy sports online, the first thing on your mind is picking the ideal players.

By adopting a thorough strategy, you have a slick plan that should be enough to win something good as far as cricket games are concerned.

Fantasy cricket is a fun and entertaining way to play and enjoy cricket games. It’s all about winning real money as well breaking from the stressful life too! So, go ahead and enjoy.