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Get to know more about Poker Chips: Types & Use

Get to know more about Poker Chips: Types & Use

Poker Chips: Types & Use

A poker chip is a tiny, round disc that can be utilized in games at home or in casinos to symbolize value as money. Typically, one of a few different materials, like clay, plastic, or metal, is used to make them.

Poker chips can always be coloured and designed in a number of ways, either to identify their owner or purely for aesthetic purposes.

Additionally, the colour typically reveals the value, with each colour denoting a particular chip value or monetary sum.

Using chips instead of cash in the form of bills and coins makes betting money in games like poker considerably simpler.

Using poker chip sets enhances the authenticity of the casino experience while also making it much simpler to count, keep records of, and estimate the worth of the chips far away.

Additionally, if more than one player wins a pot during a hand, they make it simpler to divide it up equally at the conclusion.


Since poker chips have existed for so long, their history is pretty interesting. Poker chips, which were made of ivory, bone, or wood, are thought to have been used for the first time in China as early as the ninth century, under the Tang dynasty.

Even if they hadn’t been utilized for poker as we see it today, they would still have been employed in other types of gambling games at the time.

In the early 1800s, both in the United States and in Europe, the custom of using poker chips to symbolize value in the game’s current variations is said to have begun.

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Celluloid, a brand-new substance at the time, was developed as poker chips around this time. Celluloid was inexpensive and easy to shape. As a by-product, poker chips could now be made in bulk, dramatically expanding their application.

Every casino in the world today offers poker chips and casino chips, and most home games do too. These days, clay or plastic are used to make them most frequently.

Types of Poker Chips

Not every poker chip is made equally. Dependent on where you gamble and the kind of game you’re playing, there are a number of distinct varieties.

Casino Chips

Each cash chip/ casino chip is assigned a certain monetary value, and typically the cash value is written on the chip’s surface. In casinos, currency chips are frequently utilized as a direct replacement for cash and coins.

They can then be easily transported across the casino and used to gamble on a variety of different games. When it’s time to pay out, they can be converted back into cash using a direct exchange.

Tournament Chips

In contrast, tournament chips are only valid for the tournament for which they were made and have no equivalent financial value.

For this reason, players at the World Series of Poker final table are placing bets totalling hundreds of millions of chips rather than hundreds of millions of dollars.

Colour-based poker chip values

The value of variously coloured poker chips varies depending on the type of poker game being played.

The value of poker chips in both online and offline games is determined by a few general criteria, as there are no set poker rules or laws that govern it.

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For instance, in a cash game with a buy-in of Rs. 1000, there are four different colours of chips: white, red, blue, and green.

The initial blinds are 5/10, and assuming the criteria, it is possible to compute the value of each coloured poker chip:

  • The amount of the small blind is the smallest denomination of Rs. 5
  • The second amount is 25 rupees, which is typically used as a multiplier and an average bet.
  • The third amount is Rs. 100, which is typically multiplied by a greater number, like 20x.
  • The highest value is Rs. 500 of the fourth denomination.

The value of each coloured poker chip can be divided down as follows based on the denominations:

  • White chips: 10 of Rs. 5 each, equal Rs. 50 in white chips.
  • Red chips: 6 red 25-rupee chips make up Rs. 150.
  • Green chips – 3 poker chips for 100 rupees equals 300 rupees.
  • Blue chips: 1 blue chip equals 500 rupees.

Although each casino or online poker room may have different chip denominations, these are the most common ones:

  • White: 1
  • Red: 5
  • Green: 25
  • Blue: 50
  • Black: 100
  • Purple: 1000
  • Yellow: 5000

How Are Poker Chips Used?

Understanding the worth and denomination of each poker chip at the start of the game is essential while learning how to play real money poker.

Poker experts advise having about 500 chips in three to four different colours for games with up to ten players.

In a process known as chip up, the lower-value poker chips are gradually removed from the game, and increasing higher denominations are inserted.

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Here are some tips on how to handle poker chips when utilizing them:

  • To better manage your finances and make it easier to count your stack, stack the poker chips.
  • To prevent mistakenly betting, always place the chips behind the bet lines.
  • Don’t stack poker chips with various denominations together. You can unintentionally raise instead of calling.
  • Splashing the pot, or calling by carelessly tossing chips into the pot, is prohibited.
  • Try not to fiddle with the chips or hold them tightly because the opponents can interpret that as a tell and guess your hand.

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