• June 20, 2022

7 Reasons You Should Play Fantasy During T20 World Cup

7 Reasons You Should Play Fantasy During T20 World Cup

Cricket is India’s second name. Well, most of the people in this country follow this sport with passion and worship the cricketers as demi-gods.

Each city you visit, you will find some or the other passionate cricket fan, wanting to experience more!

So, for people who cannot experience the thrill and excitement of a cricket match from a stadium, they can do so now on a fantasy cricket game.

Yes! Fantasy cricket is a virtual gaming platform for cricket lovers wherein they can create their virtual playing 11 (of 100 credits) under four categories – Wicketkeeper, Batter, All-rounder & bowler.

However, cricket matches are spread across tournaments, series, tours etc. Nowadays, many tournaments like the Indian T20 League, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy etc. have gained popularity and gained interest too!

With the T20 World Cup around the corner (November 2022), many cricket enthusiasts especially the T20 fans, would be starting to strategize and contemplate as to which player/s will fill up their daily Fantasy team.

Below we list down top 7 Fantasy Tips for daily fantasy lovers who could use them in their fantasy teams and gain fantasy points to earn money.

1) YOU are the KING/QUEEN of YOUR Team:

One key attraction of fantasy cricket is that it allows users to pick players and create their own team for a given contest. One can pick freely among the four categories of players: wicketkeeper, batter, all-rounder and bowler. In total, one has to pick 11 players.

One major factor that attracts many cricket lovers towards daily fantasy cricket is that it allows them to create their own team/s for a particular cash contest.

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One can pick his/her players consisting of wicketkeepers (1-4 max), batter (1-6 max), all-rounder (1-4 max) and bowlers (6 max).

All in all, he/she can select 11 players. It allows one to play cricket and earn money as well! Always remember that you can 7 players of one team only! Your captain will earn you 2x points whereas the vice-captain gets you 1.5x points.

This is the thrill of fantasy sports – it excites you with the prospect that you are the KING/QUEEN of your side, and it gives your full authority to do whatever you feel like.

2) Win lots of MONEY!

The exciting part of playing daily fantasy is that of earning lots & lots of money! Yes, if you can play cricket and earn money then why dither from playing fantasy cricket.

When you participate in daily fantasy cricket cash contests, you also stand a chance of winning BIG! If your selected pool of players does well in live games, it gives you more chance of winning cash rewards.

Thus, the concept of cash rewards adds a certain element of excitement & thrill to daily fantasy cricket.

You can participate in huge cash contests, head-to-head, small cash pool, or if you are starting up then participate in practice tournament.

Make sure you do not forget to take home your bonuses and discount offers that could help you to reinvest the money for future fantasy sports games.

3) Learn more about the Game of CRICKET:

When it comes to daily fantasy cricket, the result majorly depends on the players or teams’ performance in the live games rather than depending on mere luck or chance alone.

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That is why fantasy cricket is a legal sport in India and more and more players are wanting to play these fantasy sports.

So, for one who has less knowledge about cricket, he/she can learn that on fantasy cricket game. You gain some in-depth knowledge about the sport’s ins and outs as well as the rules.

Moreover, this could also help you gain an advantage over your opponent/s and easily win you some real money.

4) Meet opponents from across the WORLD:

When you play fantasy, you are not only competing with players across India but also across the world! Yes, cricket is a universal sport and it unites many through the daily cricket game.

Compete with the ones who share the same passion and excitement of cricket through a fantasy contest as well as brag about your players/team’s positioning.

Moreover, when you win, it will drive your mood and give your more confidence of winning big.

5) Learn about NEW players:

When you play daily fantasy cricket, you often choose players that have been in and around the cricketing scene for many years now.

The likes of D Warner, V Kohli amongst others are the likeliest names in your playing eleven. However, there could days when a certain newbie would take the limelight and you might not know about him at all.

With fantasy games, you gain further knowledge about the player and his performances in T20 World Cups.

6) T20 is all about EXCITEMENT:

In ODIs and Test matches, you might have to wait for the 50 overs or 5-days to get over for one to know the result of his/her team. However, that is not the same in T20 games.

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In these matches, you get all the factors such as excitement, thrill, sadness & elation. This is what it brings to fantasy sports too! Now, you can feel all these factors in your teams too!

7) Variable fantasy point system:

When playing Fantasy cricket especially during T20 World Cup, there are matches literally every day! At times there are 2 games per day!

With more games, comes more chances of fantasy games, and more chances of winning too! However, during T20 World Cup fantasy league, there could be a change in fantasy point system too & that could work in your favour or not.

So, prior to participating, make sure you read up on all the rules and regulations about the same.


With cricket dominating proceedings, it’s not new to see folks play this game 24×7!

With the likes of T20 World Cup coming up, fantasy lovers would cherish the fact of playing daily fantasy cricket games. So, use up these daily fantasy tips and go out and WIN BIG!