• August 12, 2021

Top 10 Most Chosen Players In Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League

Top 10 Most Chosen Players In Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League

The fantasy cricket game has become increasingly successful in recent years, with players from all over the world participating. This sport is extremely common in India, and it is connected to people’s emotions in the way that it captivates them.

Cricket online game does not allow you to be content with just playing it. It is an online sports game with strategy elements. You’ll need to put together a virtual cricket team using live cricketers.

You earn points based on their conduct, and real-life match results are available. The aim of this game is to choose your best eleven players from your squad, and these teams are in action on a specific day.

When you are playing Fantasy Cricket Online it is important that you choose the best team where each player is carefully examined and their past performance is taken into consideration.

Then based on the way they score, the points are added. So many people aim to choose only the best players.

Here are the top 10 Most Chosen Players In Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League

1. Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma has led Mumbai from the front with outstanding bat scores in the last seven tournaments. He was the third-highest all-time run scorer in the Indian T20 Premier League, and he was a common pick among cricket fan players over the years.

2. Virat Kohli:

For the better part of a decade, the India captain was the greatest batsman in the world. He is also the most successful player in the tournament’s history, having played 5412 games in 177 games as a testament to his brilliance during the Indian T20 Premier League.

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Virat Kohli is almost always picked for any match involving Bangalore in every fantasy cricket application due to his excellence.

3. Suresh Raina:

Suresh Raina has been a rock for the Chennai team since the beginning of the Indian T20 Premier League.

He became a fantasy cricket player for all Indian T20 Premier League teams due to his durability, consistency, and good score each season. In addition, he gains more points in his field and creates an appealing package.

4. David Warner:

David Warner is a name that no one can afford to miss from their fantasy cricket squad, since he completes the top four of the tournament’s highest champions.

In just 126 games, this hard-hitting Australian has amassed over 4700 runs and walks for almost every fantasy cricket team.

5. Chris Gayle:

He is a player that everybody needs on their team, and you can still count on him to be consistent.

6. AB de Villers:

Mr. 360 is a nickname given to this South African batsman because of his ability to strike a ball in any direction. He’s still a fantastic fantasy player, with most fantasy players putting their confidence in him during his team’s matches.

7. MS Dhoni:

The Chennai captain is an all-time favourite of Indian T20 Premier League fantasy cricketers all over the country.

He can still be counted on to score high, and even though he doesn’t score much on a given day, his excellent wicket-keeping skills win him enough points.

8. Sunil Narine:

The Western Indies spinner has been a hot commodity in the League since his debut in 2012.

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He’s been a big seller in fantasy cricket league circles up to now. Some may claim that he has now incorporated powerful batting into his arsenal as well.

9. Jasprit Bumrah:

This Indian bowler has also been the most sought-after fantasy cricket bowler in the Indian T20 Premier League for the past five years.

10. Andre Russell:

Andre Russell of the West Indies has been a part of nearly every cricket team in the last few years.

The all-rounder can gain fantasy points by doing almost anything during a game, including batting and bowling.

So there you have it, some of the best choices for your fantasy cricket team. Pick any of them and get the game started!

Dowload Fantasy App and start building your own fantasy cricket team for the upcoming match.

You have an option to choose your 11 fantasy players and play the game. Bring out the sportsman in you and win exciting cash prizes if you win.