• September 26, 2022

How is Ludo successfully taking over the digital gaming world?

How is Ludo successfully taking over the digital gaming world?

The game brings back many memories with many being added to the bag daily.  Ludo has been passed from generation to generation over the last many years.

The game was formerly known as Pachisi and originated in India. Ludo dates to our mythological stories and the historic stories of our great emperors and kings.

From there the game has traveled a long way to many countries across the globe. It is a skill cash game played with a board, colored coins/pawns, and dice.

Every Indian has developed skills for playing and winning Ludo over the years by playing Ludo at every social gathering, family vacation, and celebration. Ludo has always been a part of all our fun events.

An outstanding part of the game is that it is enjoyed by people of all age groups. From the little children in the family to their grandparents, the Ludo game attracts everyone and is popular amongst all.

Ludo is still loved by the people and is a fun way to spend some quality time with family.

A strong member of the family

With many games being added to the gamers’ list, the Ludo game still didn’t lose its spark and still has a generous place in people’s hearts.

The Ludo game is among those initial games that a child learns to play because it is easy, and the colors are attractive for the kids.

The game keeps you hooked as you keep guessing that what will be your and the opponent’s number on the dice every time you or they spin.

Ludo regained popularity with the introduction of Online Gaming Platforms.

History repeated itself and the game gained popularity in no time on the digital platform too. With the Covid pandemic affecting our lives intensely, online gaming was one way that kept us sane during lockdowns.

Online gaming became a lot more popular during the pandemic when people were house arrested and were unable to meet their loved ones.

Binging on the OTT platform and earning real money on the online gaming platforms were our saviors during the lockdowns.

Many online gaming platforms are coming up to help you earn real money by playing games online and AIO Games is one of them. Turn your experiences and skills into a money-making activity and save yourself some extra pennies.

There are various traditional games with some twists and turns on these online gaming platforms.

Whereas some of the newly launched games are also introduced that will be taken forward from this generation to the future generations just like our traditional games have been passed on.

How the time is changing?

These games are as fun as the traditional board and card games with some rules being different here and there. But thanks to these technological advancements, playing games has been much easier now.

No rushing or hustle of getting the equipment required to play games in place, no going out to play, no looking forward to holidays to meet and play, and a lot more comfort.

Ludo has been a sensation in the world of online gaming and will continue to be. Ludo is legit taking over the digital gaming era and is very popular amongst the youth.

It is one of the most played and relished online games. The game continues to be popular among all ages.

The rules of the online ludo game are a little different from the offline one which depends on the different online gaming platforms that you are playing on.

Moving forward, let’s look at how is the Ludo game gaining popularity on the digital platform.

1. Easy To Play

Ludo is purely a skill-based game and not a luck-based game as many people confuse it to be. The game can be played by 2-4 players and is addictive, you play one round, you would definitely want to play more.

Playing one round of Ludo is a joke, you just can’t get enough of it. The Ludo game is easy to play and really simple. One just needs to acquire the skills required with practice and dedication.

It is a stress-relieving game that you can play to relax your mind and you are not in a mood to use much of your brain. The game acts as a stress buster to your hectic days.

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2. Treat your pockets

With games going digital, you also get the option of making money while playing your favorite games. Various contests and tournaments are being held on these online gaming platforms which enables you to earn real cash and please your pockets.

Once you become a pro, you can earn a bomb for yourself. Compete with your opponents and make your place as highest as possible on the leaderboard to make money.

Isn’t that icing on the cake? You get to play your most loved exciting games, and, in that process, you can also earn real money and treat your pockets with such massive amounts.

3. User-Friendly Interface and attractive graphics

With technological advancements, the graphics used in these online games keep us hooked and makes it difficult for the user to leave the game.

The graphics are made so appealing to the eyes that the user would want to play a game again and again. Who doesn’t like to be captivated by beauty? These games have been given new twists by such beautiful graphics.

Apart from being eye-catching, they also have a user-friendly interface and any user be it a teenager or an old man, a tech-savvy person, or not a tech-savvy person, everybody can use it and play games on it easily.

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4. Cultural preservation

The ludo game is one of the most played and oldest games played in India. The game originated in India and was then taken to parts of the world with different names and equipment.

Ludo remains in the memories of every Indian. The game is persistently played by people of all age groups.

The game’s popularity took no time in getting skyrocketed when the game entered the digital world and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime.

The game is close to people’s nostalgic childhood rides, and it is still relished by everyone.

5. Convenience

The convenience of playing the game anywhere, anytime also makes it so special. You can live those days when you used to play the Ludo game with your friends and family during your childhood.

We all that because of our busy lives, we are not able to shed time to meet our friends and family to play our childhood favorite games together and relive our childhood.

But with games especially Ludo (one of the most played childhood games) going online, you can play with your friends and family sitting in any corner of the world.

These games are not time-bound, there is no right time to play these games as our moms used to tell us in childhood to wait for the right time to play games.

You can play them at any hour of the day whenever you find some free time for yourself.

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