• March 19, 2022

Ludo Online vs Ludo Offline: Which One Would You Prefer?

Ludo Online vs Ludo Offline: Which One Would You Prefer?

Ludo game is known to be one of the most popular and simple board game ever to be played. The history of Ludo game goes back to the days of Mahabharata when the Pandavas & Kauravas battled in a ludo game (then called as Pachisi).

Times flown by and now technology has come in which has made games so simple and easy that people can even win real money.

With many real money games on the rise, people can now play these games and win big rewards.

Ludo’s popularity is such that you can see people playing it in trains, lunch breaks, car parks etc. No wonder many apps have introduced leaderboard and tournaments for many to win big rewards whilst playing ludo game.

However, the game’s got its strategy and tactics too! If one has to win big, he/she has to be smart and witty to outsmart his/her opponent.

But one question come to our mind as to which option should we opt for? Ludo Online or Ludo Offline.

Mostly, people preferred playing Ludo game offline as it presented them the opportunity to experience thrill and excitement especially when playing with colleagues and family members.

Games like Ludo do not fail on delivering important moments like excitement of winning or sadness about losing. This is all what Ludo brings to the plate.

Ludo Online:

Ludo online, unlike the offline version, has its own positives too! It will be very difficult for someone to transition from a board to go and play online as it might need extra tactics and more so, some better connectivity.

Also, online Ludo does present some good UIs, and all-in-all give a player some thrilling and simplistic gameplay.

Furthermore, online ludo can get you closer to the world. Just with a small touch of a button, you can play with someone from another part of the globe as well.

This could be very enriching as it could also enhance your gaming style and you can learn off the opponent.

Online ludo also gives you a chance to enjoy time with your family, peers and office colleagues and have fun-filled time.

Another major advantage that ludo online brings is that the game has its time limits and thus, your opponent cannot set his/her own time to roll the dice.

Moreover, one cannot cheat whilst playing online as compared to the offline version. Furthermore, ludo online gives you the chance to earn real money and also enhance your gaming skills.

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It introduces you to a new technological world that is filled with ludo maniacs, and you can try a hand or two with them.

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Playing Ludo Offline

Just as ludo online has its own merits, ludo offline too gives a player an interactive experience of playing and enjoying a game of ludo, real time!

In the offline mode, there’s no problem of internet issue, lagging problems or any error associated with the internet as one can play a game of ludo freely.

Here, you can play the game with your loved ones in real time and enjoy the moments unravel in front of your own eyes.

Moments like winning the game or losing in dying seconds or striking off your opponents’ pawns – one can enjoy them without any budge and there’s requirement of any mobile phone or a tablet.

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What’s more, when in person, you can chat or discuss with your friends about other topics as well.

Playing in real life allows you learn quickly and also makes you socially aware. Your mind is aware about your opponent’s next move and makes you alert.

Though there’s no chance of winning any real cash here, but more so, it brings you closer to your family and friends and that paves way for a healthy living.


At the end of the day, playing a version of ludo, be it offline or online, is all dependant on YOU!

Ludo’s popularity is such that many folks like to play in-between office hours, meeting breaks or post office as well.

Ludo brings in a sense of calmness and peace of mind. Offline ludo has its demerits and with the current scenario in the world, it will be nearly impossible for many people to play it offline day in and day out.

AIO Games’ Brainy Ludo presents a unique experience of playing your favourite game and also an opportunity to earn cash.

Well, it’s all down to you to choose your favourite pastime! Which one will you choose?

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