• February 4, 2022

Let the speed begin with Indian Horse Racing

Let the speed begin with Indian Horse Racing

India is known for its traditional games & sports. We have different games like Ludo, board games, card games, etc. that have been played across generations.

And now with the help of technology, Indians can play these games online and win real cash too!

India’s leading e-gaming platform, AIO Games is serving multiple games with cash contests and what’s more, people have started taking these events very seriously.

Poker, Rummy, Call Break are the games that are making a special place in hearts but what if we tell you that now you can play horse racing games as well that can earn you a good amount of cash?

Yes, you have heard it right, AIO Games has taken a step further to add Horse racing to its elite panel of games & now you can bet on Horse Racing events.

Horse racing is a certified legal game in India and people are really getting this one to their kitty.

Indian Horse Racing is simple in nature and now AIO Games is the ideal platform to play it.

Horse Race betting is legal without a doubt, but the question arises as to where you can play this game to earn more money.

The answer – All In One Games! With all those card games, board games and fantasy, here we have introduced you to one of the most celebrated betting sports, Indian Horse Racing.

Now you can download the AIO Games app and start playing horse racing cash contests.

Pioneers of Indian horse racing

Age is just a number and as Indians, we have started adapting to technology in games. From the age of 18 to almost 60, everybody has got their own games on the AIO platform that can make them earn easy money.

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Horse Racing is very popular in western parts of the globe but now India is going to capture all the attention and AIO Games takes pride in being the pioneer of it.

Indian horse racing is available on our platform, and you can join any contest to earn online money.

We are an exclusive and proud gaming platform that is offering multiple games to players to earn more and add to that the arrival of Indian Horse Racing, has the making of the perfect combination.

You always wanted horse betting in India and now is the chance for you to make big from this game.

Let’s have the speed of winning with horse racing in India.

Action unfolds as we go live

Indian Derby Horse Racing is ready to jump in your phone. Go for the live stream of the Horse Racing via AIO Games app.

Don’t miss the action and pack your weekend with thrill and fun.

You just need to go a step ahead and you are ready to roll the Indian Derby action from your home.

Steps for live streaming:

And you are ready with the action-packed weekend

Why AIO Games for Horse racing

AIO Games is a trusted and experienced platform with multiple games and now with the arrival of horse racing, we are offering our users ample opportunities to win BIG! Let’s have a look on why we are the best horse racing platform.

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Not many platforms are into it:

As we said, we are the exclusive channel partners for Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC).

RWITC is India’s horse racing giant, and they have all the new thrills related to the game. With AIO Games in the picture, we will be going to take this sport to higher levels.

Quicker updates:

Horse Racing is such a sport that needs quick updates so that one can play from their home to make money.

AIO Games is allowing their users to have a quick update so that the speed will never let anyone down.

Easy withdrawals:

Withdrawing winnings is the most important part of the e-gaming business but even many big players are not doing great justice with this.

At the AIO Games platform, a user will experience quick and easy withdrawals.

Yes, we are ready with Indian horse racing bets, what about you.

Join AIO Games and let your skill get some speed to make you more money online. You just need to download the app and select your game to win big.

Download the AIO Games app Now!