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Joker Card in Rummy- All that You Need to Know

Joker Card in Rummy- All that You Need to Know

The Joker card has been one of the firstly discarded cards from the deck or used as a substitute for any lost card from the deck. But this card game values the joker card more than anything else. Any guesses?

Yes, it’s Rummy. You need to value those joker cards to win a hand in Rummy. Joker is integral to the gameplay and perfectly completes your sequence/set.

Joker cards were introduced as triumph cards much later after introducing the deck of cards. It is one of the most colorful cards in the deck, making it stand out from all the other cards.

The joker card doesn’t have a set of functions or points but has many integral roles. The value of the Joker card in Rummy is assumed to be one of the cards which can complete your rummy sequence or set and help you win the game.

Using the Joker card in Rummy requires a list of skills that allows a player to improve their winning chances.

Rummy is played with 54 cards, out of which 52 are the standard deck and 2 of them are the jokers.

How many Jokers are there in Rummy?

There are 5 joker cards in Rummy, out of which a player can use 4. Apart from these 4 jokers, a player can use the card selected from the stock, which is known as the wild card joker.

The joker card in Rummy is randomly picked after the cards are distributed to the players when the game begins.

For instance: if the random card for a joker is 5 hearts, then other 5s i.e. spades, clubs, and diamonds, can be used as joker cards for making sets and sequences.

Rules to use Joker cards

Ace these rules to ace the game of Rummy.

  1. A joker in Rummy can’t be used to extend a quadruplet. For example, if you have 4 suits of A’s then according to the rules, you cannot use your joker card to extend this.
  2. You can use your joker card to extend any sequence in Rummy. However, it doesn’t happen in the case of a pure sequence.
  3. This card can’t be used multiple times. You cannot use the joker card more than once.
  4. It is suggested to use the joker card to form high-value cards sequence in Rummy. Then you will have to deal with only low-value cards.
  5. Joker card can help you make both sets and sequences.
  6. A player must make a pure sequence to use the joker card to remain in the game.

Did the understanding of the game get better after reading the joker rummy rules? Yes, we think so. Let’s dive into some more essentials of the joker card in Rummy.

The joker can greatly help depending upon its usability at the right time. You should when to use the Joker card to ace the game.

Joker Sequences

While forming sequences, the joker card can be used to win a hand, you just need to use your skills and strategize your moves as to when and where you need to use the joker card.

It is usually advised to look for the open joker cards, (the ones chosen as the wild card jokers from the suit) to form any sequence.

Discard the rest of the cards you don’t need after you know the open joker card.

For instance, if 4 of spades is the joker, discard 5 of spades, 3 of spades, 2 of spades, and 6 of spades.

This will ensure that you don’t get rid of the right cards mistakenly. A Joker card can help you with a great win but if not used correctly, can also lead to a loss.

Types of Joker cards in Rummy

There are two types of Joker cards in the game- one is the ‘print joker’ which is in the deck and has a colorful joker printed on it and the second one is the ‘cut or wild joker’ which is unique in every game and is picked up randomly from the suit.

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Wild card Joker in Rummy

When the game begins, the players pick cards randomly from the deck known as the Wild Card joker. All the cards of the same value as the wild card joker in the suit also become the wild card joker.

For Example- If you have picked 5 of hearts as the wild card joker, then 5 of spades, 5 of clubs, and 5 of diamonds will all become wild card jokers.

If the card you have chosen comes out as the printed joker, then all the aces in the particular round will be considered the wild card joker.

In Cash Rummy, the wild card joker can be clubbed with the printed jokers to complete an impure sequence.

How to ace the game of Rummy with Joker Cards?

Here are some tips and tricks you can use along with your skills to improve your game and get closer to winning the game.

Rummy is purely a game of skills, the more you practice the more you will understand the art of winning the game. Keep reading, we have something for you to ace the game.

Here you go-

1. Your top priority in the game should be to make a Pure sequence- You need a minimum of one pure sequence to win the game of Rummy.

2. Jokers can make the game go in your favor or even against it. You must have a pure sequence in hand if you want to make it to the top of the game.

3. Discard the cards that are close to your Jokers. Like if 3 of hearts is your joker card, then you must discard 4 of hearts and an ace of hearts. Your opponents won’t pick up those cards and will eventually have to pick them up from the pile as they won’t struggle to make an entire sequence around the joker card.

4. Use your Joker card wisely at the right time. Joker cards help make hands and win the game, but you should be careful enough while using your Joker card. These Joker cards can either make the game or break it. It is essential to discard the joker card at the right time.

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