• June 8, 2022

Is Poker a Skill Based Game or Luck based game?

Is Poker a Skill Based Game or Luck based game?

In India, Poker has been played by many users and offers a brilliant streak when it comes to the user base. E-gaming is booming day by day and hence Poker and Poker players are getting their dues.

Now the debate is that Poker is a skill-based card game or is it totally dependant on luck. This article will tell you how Poker is being played and what are the tips and tricks to win a cash battle.

Poker is definitely a skill-based card game but as we all know that every card game needs bit of a luck but in this case, one really can ignore this factor and play according to the situation.

Why is a game of Poker based on skills and not on luck? Well, here is the answer.

It is user vs user

Online Poker or offline Poker is played against all the players but not the dealer. Every player has got equal opportunity to change the game as per their cards and skills.

Playing Poker is fun and needs finesse to win. There are multiple types of Poker in the market and each one has its own elements.

Situation changes:

When each card unfolds, then players tend to change their strategy and makes another one. Each card has its own importance and after every card unfolds, player needs to play accordingly.

Poker is a game of calculations and strategies, and every Poker player plays its own game by reacting on situations.

Poker, a game of skill:

Usually, every card game has a luck factor involved and the case is similar with Poker as well. Remember, strategies, logic and style play the most important part in a Poker game.

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In offline poker, each player tries his/her level best to not disclose their strategy (Chal) and that is something that makes Poker card game interesting.

Many a times, we have heard a slang called “Poker Face” and this Poker face is one of the skills that plays a vital role in offline poker.


Now, Poker is being played online too and apps like AIO Games is giving 33 Crore guaranteed prize.

How to win it? The answer and the key to this are India Online Poker Championship (IOPC).

IOPC 13th edition is giving away the highest GTD ever assembled in Indian Poker history. There are more than 100 tournaments which provides multiple ways to win daily!

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How to eliminate luck in a Poker game?

Every card game has a bit of luck factor, and the same case is with Poker as well. But one can reduce the luck factor and can ride the success on the sheer skill, strategy and mathematics.

Playing regularly can increase your skills and you can earn real cash online.

Yes! Poker is legal in India and can make you win real money online. The more you play, the more your skills will be polished.

Yes, Poker is a game that has a fun element in it and takes a bit of time to learn and that is the reason one can make huge money out of it.

Download the AIO Games app and be a part of IOPC 13 and win daily. It’s time to flaunt your skills to win real money poker game.

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You can withdraw your money within a quick time and can be a part of 132 events.

Play well & happy Poker!