• December 29, 2022

Is pitch report important in Fantasy Cricket?

Is pitch report important in Fantasy Cricket?

You might believe that the wicketkeepers, bowlers, and batsmen are the three main players in the game of cricket.

However, there is a lot going on that cannot be seen with the human eye. For instance, the coach’s blood and sweat, the selectors’ protracted disagreements, and of course the cricket field.

The cricket field is the only item that, in fact, has the true ability to influence how a game of cricket turns out.

You might be surprised to learn that the flattish strip that is mowed and rolled in the center of the field is crucial to the game of cricket and has a significant impact on the entire batting and bowling line-up.

Consider a pitch that is extremely dusty and arid. Due to the ball’s increased grip on a dusty surface, such a pitch is advantageous for spin bowling.

Therefore, when playing on such a pitch, the team with better spin bowlers will unquestionably have an advantage.

Knowing the pitch conditions is essential for both fantasy cricket leagues and tournaments as well as actual cricket games.

Why? Because fantasy cricket seeks to provide cricket fans with an authentic cricket experience. Players may experience the pleasure, excitement, and pressure of playing on a real field thanks to the interface’s innovative design.

In the same way that picking players for your fantasy cricket team requires you to keep an eye on their actual and recent performances, you must also be aware of the playing surface or pitch report.

For your fantasy cricket squad to outperform the competition, you must:

Recognize the pitch conditions

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Recognize the pitch conditions and be able to interpret the pitch report. The report would normally include details such as if there is grass or dampness on the field, whether it is hard, whether there are footprints or fissures, and so forth.

Independent Research

Do some independent research on the pitch’s performance over the last few games, and also consider weather forecasts because they can have an impact on the pitch’s condition.

You may quickly conduct an online search to obtain the pitch report and learn about the actual pitch conditions of the venue where your fantasy cricket squad will be competing.

Just enter the name of the cricket field that will be used for your future game when searching.

Now let’s look at the three different pitches you can encounter in your cricket tournaments. The various types of cricket pitch surfaces that may have an effect on a match include:

A flat pitch

There is no grass or water on these completely flat surfaces. These pitches don’t help bowlers and are good for batting. As a result, games played on deserted fields tend to be high-scoring affairs.

Choose three batsmen who are active and in good shape and who are performing well for lifeless pitches.

Top-order batsmen will face more bowlers and score you big fantasy points if you have them on your side.

Consider getting all-rounders instead of more bowlers because they can help you score more points on lifeless surfaces.

Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and Jos Buttler are a few players you should take into consideration for your team.

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Sandy pitches

Dusty fields feature a surface that is soft and unrolled, which greatly benefits spin bowlers. Spinners with excellent technique can take a tonne of wickets on these pitches.

You must have top-order batsmen who can handle the fast bowlers on your fantasy team if you plan to play on dusty fields.

Without top-order batters, your prospects of scoring runs will be reduced. Additionally, your squad needs batsmen in the middle of the order with excellent records against spinners.

The most crucial thing is that your squad requires more spinners than fast bowlers. Kuldeep Yadav, Imran Tahir, and Sunil Narine are a few players who are dangerous and deserving of consideration on these surfaces.

Green Pitches

As implied by the name, green grounds have a lot of grass and are more advantageous for seam bowlers. The seam bowlers may demonstrate their skill on these surfaces by using both swing and pace deliveries.

You should choose middle-order batsmen rather than openers on these wickets. If you want your fantasy side to succeed on green wickets, you must have more quick bowlers than spinners.

You can have two fast bowlers on your fantasy team, but you need more all-rounders who can bowl and bat. You can score runs with the help of these players, and they can even help you win the league.

Some essential players for green fields include. Jasprit Bumrah, Nathan Coulter-Nile, and Pat Cummins.

Playing fantasy cricket on your laptop or another mobile device is very similar to playing real cricket. As a result, the game’s regulations are unchanged. Even the criteria used to choose players for your team are constant.

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You need to be aware of the players’ most recent forms so that you can choose your team members wisely. You won’t be earning many fantasy points if you choose players for your squad who are currently having a bad season.

Another important consideration while selecting your player line-up for the next fantasy cricket competition is the pitch’s conditions.

When playing fantasy cricket, keep in mind the above-mentioned pitch condition advice and exercise attention.

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