• June 8, 2020

10 ideas and strategies while playing fantasy cricket online

10 ideas and strategies while playing fantasy cricket online

You can get the closest experience of owning a real cricket team by playing fantasy cricket online. Contestants make a virtual team of real cricketers who will play an upcoming match. Find some best ideas and strategies to make a winning fantasy cricket team.

1. Select players who are in a good form

The current form of a player is more important than his past performances. This is why you must select a player who is in good form. He is more likely to perform well in the upcoming match because of his good form.

2. Toss updates

Keep a close eye on the toss updates on the day of the real match. Official playing eleven are announced at that time.

3. Edit your team after the official announcement

If your team has players that are not from playing 11, it is time you remove these players from your team. Add players who will play the real match instead. Finalize your team properly.

4. Choose your subs wisely

Uncapped players are cricketers who have not played an international match. You are given around 75 substitutions for 56 fantasy leagues. This means that you have hardly 1.5 subs per game. Avoid using subs in initial matches. Use them only when you need them the most.

5. Choose uncapped players

If you choose an uncapped player in your team, then you get a ‘free sub’. Use this privilege and choose at least one uncapped player in the fantasy cricket team to save your subs.

6. Choose at least one out of the top 3 batsmen

You have to make your fantasy cricket team in such a way that you will gain maximum points. Choose at least one out of 3 top-order batsmen in your team. Top batsmen will most likely perform well in the upcoming match. Therefore, it is a good decision to choose at least one top-order batsman in your fantasy cricket team.

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7. Choose more bowlers as power players

A power bowler will bowl some good overs in the match. On the other hand, you never know if a batsman will score good runs. So choosing more bowlers as power players is a better idea than choosing power batsmen.

8. Choose a top-order wicketkeeper

Choose a top-order wicketkeeper in your team as they are more likely to score points for taking some wickets.

9. An expensive player is not the best player

A fantasy cricket team should have batsmen, bowlers, wicketkeepers, and all-rounders. Every contestant is given 100 credits to make his fantasy cricket team.

Therefore, choosing the right players in your team is important. A young and good performer is a better choice than choosing expensive players who might not live up to their price tag.

10. Trust your gut

Trust your love for cricket and your gut feeling. Make your fantasy cricket team with confidence. Once it is made, make sure to enjoy the performances. Do not worry about the results. Having fun is more important!

To play fantasy cricket online, Download Fantasy App the AIO app. Use your free bonus to make your fantasy cricket team. Withdraw cash prizes instantly if your team scores the highest points. Have fun playing!

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