• September 21, 2022

Interesting Fun facts about Ludo that we bet you didn’t know

Interesting Fun facts about Ludo that we bet you didn’t know

One thing that’s common in every Indian household except the love and passion for Games is Ludo boards. Ludo board game is the most found thing after ‘jugaads’ in Indian houses.

You can find a Ludo board in any corner of the house waiting to come outside during any social gathering, vacations, night stays, and even during power cuts.

There is a similarity between the Mahabharata, Ajanta, and Ellora caves, Akbar the Mughal emperor, and the covid pandemic lockdown in India.

It is your very own and popularly loved Ludo. It makes a presence everywhere.

Ludo is one of the most played indoor and board games in history. The game was earlier the game of the royals, making its way to every Indian lane and house.

Pachisi Game. Have you ever heard of this name before? Well, ask your grannies. Ludo isn’t the name given to the game by us Indians, it is a name given by England.

Pachisi is the traditional name of the game. The game requires strategy and skills.

The game was traditionally played on a piece of cloth and not on a board. The way of playing games, rules, and regulations have changed over the years.

The game is named differently across the globe. It is played with a lot of variations too. The game is played by 2-4 players who choose the color they feel brings good luck to them.

Remember the times when Ludo boards used to get torn because of over usage and the battles that one fought whenever he/she couldn’t make it to the first position? Tapes fixed those because if you demand a new one, you can visualize your angry mom and don’t want to take that risk.

Thanks to digitalization, looking for Ludo boards is no more a thing. You have Ludo in your pocket now.

One of the best things that digitalization has done for the youth is taking gaming online. Online gaming is making our lives fun and stress-free. Relieving stress is a cakewalk for people now.

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There are many games available online on different traditional and newly launched applications, like Carrom, Ludo, Poker, Rummy, Fruit chopper, and Snake and Ladder, and the list doesn’t seem to end blog might. So, let’s throw some light on our heading.

These are some lesser-known facts about Ludo that you might be a little surprised to know.

You have been playing Ludo for ages, but we are sure you must be unaware of some of these facts about Ludo that we will bring to you.

Let’s See Some Fun facts about Ludo

1. Originated in India:

India has given the world a bunch of amazing games, and Ludo is one out of the slot. Not Ludo, though, the game was earlier known as Pacheesi.

The game was also known as Chaupar/ chopad in India. The royals initially played it.

Mughal King Akbar was a fan of the game and used to play it with real people, using them as pawns. The chaupar court of the king can still be seen in Fatehpur Sikri.

2. Patent rights to England

Alfred Collier is the man who named the game Indian traditional game Pacheesi, the Royal Ludo, by adding dice to it. Born in England, he filed a patent in 1891 in August and claimed that he had invented the game.

He succeeded in October 1891 when he had full rights to the game, and nobody could replicate the game. The Ludo boards were then known as Collier Ludo Boards across the globe.

3. Strategy based, not luck

Have you been blaming your luck for losing every time in Ludo? Sorry to hear that. It is a strategic game. The game requires skills to win and not luck.

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The game was introduced to examine the opponents on their strategic prowess but later, it became a children’s game.

4. Popular Globally

The game crossed Indian boundaries and was wholeheartedly accepted by people across the globe. The game entered the hearts and houses of people in no time.

It has been one of the most played games worldwide and continues to be one.

5. Taught in business schools

It has not only been a game for entertainment for kids but the game is also taught in business schools as a strategic game that requires skills and presence of mind.

6. Inspired Bollywood

There is a fantastic light movie made by the renowned director Mr. Anurag Basu which is named Ludo for the OTT platform.

The film revolves around 4 different stories of different people who end in the same climax. Just like the four houses of Ludo and the ultimate house where all the tokens meet.

7. The meaning of Ludo

We are sure many of you must be unaware that Ludo is a Latin word. Just because it’s easy to pronounce and sounds good, we didn’t go into the details of the word’s origin.

Right? So, Ludo in Latin means ‘I Play’. The naming ceremony of the game was held in England.

Amazed to know these facts about the ludo game and feel the urge to play it after taking this nostalgic ride of your favorite game?

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